Enjoy writting

 I  actually enjoy writting. I think i know this verywell as i have kept journals since 2000 i think… keeping track on everysingle day almost … the journals ihad always talked about the relationship with others, the thoughts feelings and emotions within me.

I now enjoy writitng, as i’ve always really enjoyed writting because it’s me, it was always me talking to me for real… i used to hide my words in a scribbling styel you know.. i’ve always writtein in english in journals, mostly, because i never wanted my mother or anyone to find out what i was writting about and reading it all.. so that’s why i wrote in english using a rather crooked handwritting.. sometimes it’s even hard for myself to undrstand. So hiding behind hand writting and language eh! yes.. indeed…  since theni enjoyed very much writting in english, thinking in english, talking to myself in english.. why . dontg’ know.. but anywaysl. the deal is: i enjoy writting! i really could write and write all day, self honesty stuff.. it’s not hard for me i realize… not that much… and words flow from my fingers now.. not thinking to much how to place an idea, just typing… along… sigh… so what do i have to do with all those journals now? i see the old me everywhere there… i see the whole scripting of me…. being a sentimental person, an emotional person… an “in touch with self” person.. but i really wasn’t in touch with me but with the preprogrammed personality i was/am.. right now wanted to yawn.. oh no won’t allow that but i gotta go to sleep anyways. Finally yawned i was in the realization of me enjoying typing, writting with pen on my journal for long time now… so this isn’t that difficult to do anyways.. enjoying recognizing what and who i’ve become in this UCF, scripting myself that i s… how i was meant to BE

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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