Had quite a cool chat session where kinesiology was applied to M and it was surprising seeing how this tool is actually able to ‘bring out’ stuff that we are deeply suppressing within and therefore, it isn’t quite ‘easily’ seen because of how used we’ve become to certain personality suits or treats as what we are currently manifested as by our own acceptances and allowances imprinted in our DNA. Wow, simply fantastic though, I we altogether discussed how it is so easy to simply write A LOT but it is all USELESS without the APPLICATIOn that’s the TRICKy part my dear mates, this is where we really are ‘stripped down’ so to say and where our only feet to stand is self honesty in every breath which is one and equal as all life. HOw easy is to speak, how easy is to ‘word’ though, how tricky – not difficult, tricky because it takes awareness and attention HERE to actually apply ourselves in every moment – it’s up to us really and just as Fids said, we could write a whole SF bible-sized book though it is all useless without applying it.

We all revolve around the same stuff, relationships are to be considered as SELF relationships meaning, there’s no point in me not having a relationship if I so defiantly ‘avoid’ them, because then I’m only considering myself instead of considering ALL as myself, therefore it is to stop the judgments from actually creating resistance and therefore, it isn’t ourselves directing ourselves but merely clinging on to a polarity side instead of Embracing all as me, all relationships as me. If I deny/judge, I’m not embracing myself. Tricky, tricky, tricky specially when some of us have turned to the exact opposite side of a coin once we tasted the waters of one side, meaning, if having a relationship going to the opposite side of judging and avoiding and denying any kind of relationship because of wanting to make some sort of amends towards that which we experiences, which merely will bring us back to the same point to transcend it by actually NOT allowing ourselves to be against it, but embracing it so it doesn’t affect us anymore.

The body , then, is a great tool to assist ourselves. Muscle testing, fascinating. I never before considered that my body was ‘aware’ and so I remember the moment I first watched those human body interviews by the portal I was wowed by seeing that the manifeastation of a human physical body is able to TALK and is AWARE wow, lol, hadn’t considered ALL as ME as LIFE as who I really am beyond my personality treats and tricks

I basically explained the situation with regards to my back and feelign a heavyness and burden, specifically like a burden and therefore having a hunched back etc. WEll , let me tell you it wasn’t such a surprise to know that it was PAST stuff related, though it is about REGRET. Well tree of life had said something similar and linked to scapula points, though this time I see that I nailed it had to do with relationships, what is it that I regret? I came up after a while with possibly regretting using sex as means to be of value, of worth, to be appreciated, to know that I could be ‘liked’ by others because of how I actually disliked myself. I probably have denied in the present time that I also used to hate myself as a teenager, sometimes even as a girl because of my physical appearance. Always considered me like ‘an outcast’. Seeing myself in the mirror… I know that what I see in the mirror is not Me but the reflection, the other way around which literally tells me, I have been living a lie, lol. We all have but it’s interesting seeing this points we’ve taken for granted as seeing our own physical reflection and allowing it to affect us in a way of defining ourselves according to a reflected image on a piece mirror. So, I never liked seeing myself in photographs, never quite enjo yed that, wonder why i actually preferred to be the one behind the camera. . . BUt this is just towards the physical manifestation of myself but, this isn’ta bout regret. What do I regret? what is it from the past that I still regret?
Andrea said that I’ve gathered around all the emotional stuff from past in my spine so that’s why I experience it as a burden. Is it the typical ‘me’ being a bit down? what do I regret? I’ll have to really look, because this self acceptance could be one point, though I’m not really aware of it being boethering me that much. We’ll see.


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