Socialism in the 21st century?

We KNOW we have to stand YET we don’t.

 I went to this conference from a friend of my friend Y. and it was about Venezuela, very very important: SOCIALISM of the 21st century.

OK so this guy lives in Caracas, Venezuela several months a year studying the current situation there, the “new” model of socialism that certainly has no precedents in history – mostly only Russian communism and the revolutions in Cuba etc, but this one is cool because it is the people standing up for themselves and creating this organisms called Comune Counsils – consejos comunales is in spanish – where certain amount of people gather and take responsability for a particular thing within the social organization regarding ALL of the activities/areas that a city requires in order to function. It was a quick description of how this certainly comes from the support of Chávez and his current agenda.

First of all, to place things in perspective, let me tell you that the god-media here has the task of making Chavez look like the devil himself, like someone that is plain dangerous and the epitome of a terrorist, a threat and that’s how mass-thought is formed, following what that old anchor man in the news tells you to think. Anyways so having the opportunity to hear this guy that is german but lives in caracas and currently is stayin gin my home city for a couple of months is actually a very cool experience, hearing for the first time someone that has followed Chavez ‘regime’ from a very analytical perspective. Darío – the conference guy –  says that he was quite skeptical towards these emerging systems and ways of creating a new form of goverment that is truly by the people without any delegation of power towards representatives, but representatives themselves.

Let’s say that from my point of view this new ‘model’ that is currently functioning in venezuela since Chavez arrival in 1998 and just two years ago went fully on with the creation of these Commne counsils where the people from certain area – being it the city or rural place – organize themselves in order to stablish the land, the distribution of resources according to that which the government designates for them. This is the tricky part that I see as not fully functional because, MONEY is still the biggest role here of course, being delivered by a government that actually cares though INDIVIDUAL GREED is still existent and Darío exposed some cases where corruption from the past would be kept just because it’s what they’ve been used to, so NO GOVERNMENT SYSTEM will CHANGE ANYTHING until we WORK with ourSELVES INDIVIDUALLY. How to practically stop? STOPPING GREED and desire for MONEY, stopping the dishonesty towards ourselves, stopping the craving for power over someone else that is also ME. See as Darío was talking I would be checking the points within a Self Honesty way, oneness and equality implied – and some of it was cool, made sense, working through cooperation, unity, etc. THOUGH we must take into consideration the CULTURAL background towards this.

It was really amazing seeing all the points to take into consdieration in order to create these COMMUNAL way of living. Darío said that Venezuela’s goal is to make these comune cities where it would all be organized according to these sections of communal counsils BY the people FOR the people  – aided by the government – where all would be given equally.

See this is an extensive topic but let’s start with something. We currently have the classes, the inFamous struggle of classes that Mr. Marx explained and the explanation of our current lives to be exact. WE sometimes don’t see how conditioned we are to live in a capitalist world. WE don’t realize how much we’re used to having someone UP ABOVE and someone DOWN BELOW, always. What would happen if there were no ups and downs anyways? Because see, in Venezuela we still have a ‘power’ which is government. yes it supports the communist way of living yet, we can’t deny that Chavez promotes a certain way of thinking that isn’t entirely made by him, he merely acts like a ‘transmisor’ for these current ideas to take into consideration and to place into action.

Another point is seeing how I went there to this conference with the starting point of getting PRACTIAL solutions towards a ONE And EQUAL way of living in a country, though people there were mostly sociologists and other intelectuals that merely take this as a ‘lab rat’ experiment, probably thinking ‘oh it’s interesting’ though not actually thinking that it would be cool for US here in Mexico, for example, to apply and take this model into application.

See, why CULTURAL background hasn’t been taken into consideration? IF we did this communist shift here in Mexico for example, as I’ve said already long long time ago  because since I was about 12 I was aware of this situation and all I would say is: “WE would have to extermine everyone and build this country again” because I saw how rooted the CORRUPTION was infused within all levels of social classes. EVERYWHERE you are able to see and taste this corruption linked to money, to power, from a minor to large scale. It is frightening really so if we suddenly decided to give all equally I guess there would inevitably be people obviously refusing to do so – just as it happens with the royal assess everywhere when they see their thrones debunked and about to be set on fire –  but then there would be people wanting to be on top any way. So another link of the day is Desteni’s video on how reptilians were right:

SELF INTERST will keep us SELF-DOOMED people!!! 

THis is it and this is what fucks even the most heavenly one and equal plan for living, the greed, the desire for power, status, money, being ‘above’. ANd when this is a common and usual practice amongst the economical way of a country’s life it is HARD to take it off just like that, we would really all have to DIE and then be reborn to set us completely free from this unless we are all TRULY willing to stop all self interst, and stop all past re-enacting from the usual-accepted desire for power and status. See? It has become a WAY of thinking, it has become a life-style “wanting to be the best, having the best, easy, fast and accurate” welly well my research colleagues, all I can say is that the panorama isn’t cool at all. THere is a LOAD of things to take into consideration and itwas way cool assisting to this brief chat with Dario, Realized many points on how to take this communal system into application. Not easy, it’s just thes same question once again: How to dismantle this atomic bomb? And we are it

I’ll continue later.

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