trash festival

I went to this ‘festival’ to make art with recycled materials, with objects and stuff that is usually waste and it was all presented as the ‘best next thing’ here though, just as any other attempt to ‘make a change’ we see a poor event that was created possibly with the desire to make money and get a good profit out of it for the organizers. Quite a bummer actually, because you could see the name of several sponsors in the entrance though, the event had many spots with few very few things that were really ‘worth it’. Art made with trash has been done before, but here we could find pieces that certainly looked still like garbage so let’s say that it was a bit ‘sad’ in a way seeing how even ‘efforts’ like these fail due to lack of enthusiasm, general apathy from everyone around here and poor organization. Why? Because of money. I’m sure they got loads of money from all those sponsors to make a cool festival though, I bet they took most of it for the organizers’ pockets. Funny how I later knew that the main organizer, this girl who is friends with my friend, lost her laptop at the event, lol – things comeback right away. My friend and I were just discussing how much would she get from the organization of the event and next thing we know is she’s ‘in the cry’ because someone stole her laptop. OH well. So going to that was an experience to add to the day before where I decided to attend this open/free concert at downtown in order to get out a bit and try to enjoy myself though, as I shared in chat, I just didn’t enjoy myself because of the music talking about bootys and taking it out and whatnot. Certainly I see how most of people there were just drinking or having somethign inside that would ‘cheer’ them up to dance around and enjoy, or just dancing to the guy next to them to hook them. OH well, I tried though I enjoyed about 3 songs and wanted to leave right away, but I stayed up almost at the end because I got a raid back home with some of the friends with A. Well how do I feel about it? I felt like someone bitter tryign to have fun, lol… though discussing this with others I see that it isn’t that, but merely knowing that I do not have to try to fit somewhere where I know that it just isn’t the place to be.

Well I’ve been going out and seeing people and it’s quite a change with me from staying all time at home. Some people are glad to see me again and wonder ‘where was I’ lol. It’s great indeed ‘going back’ into the world with a whole different perspective, it is great, fuicking great actually rectifying, making myself even more sure that there’s nothing else I’m up to but just being HERE, process of self realization, seeing how SELF/ I is living, how the world is moving, which are possible ways to move myself around.

What I’ve noticed – and this comes from about a year ago – is that I’ve known stories of people that got so into drugs that are currently sent to rehab by their families. Some others seem to be frozen in time, going round and round the same old stuff, seeing how people get stuck, completely stuck in the same old shit.

For example, I saw people at this ‘festival’ the general feeling over it is lack of enthusiasm/apathy towards the organization and the people that went there. I was discussing with A. what we would’ve done if we’d planned this… he suggested getting people to c reate their own instruments with garbage and damn, well ideas are always there but see how MONEY moves things, of course art is one thing that obviously moves with money as well. THe genaral feeling of MONEY CRISIS is also in there. Everywhere, spreading, slowly but surely, it’s beginning to kick in around here.

OK more to come, cool to go out and see the world.

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