Everybody Knows

Here drinking some hot chocolate, cold is kicking in this season with a good laugh at us

I tried to go pay the light of this apartment and first I had to wait for my turn number 00 and let me tell you that from number 85 till 99 and going back to my turn, I saw about 3 ‘irregularities’ in the process of people taking turns in order to be attended. Yep, corruption it is dear reader, Mexico is one quite famous country for having it amongst government institutions, light department is one of them. One lady sitting next to me decided to speak up when she saw this other woman approaching the man behind the counter in one of the assitance modules and just skipping the protocol ‘yeah what the hell waiting for a turn like all these people sitting here for an hour, I’ll just go straight to him’ – she must’ve thought. Well this woman next to me got heated up by seeing such act of corruption and it was cool in a way because everyone saw how the man behind the counter tried to justify this woman and I wondered what he’d got from doing and participating in such a blunt act of corruption like that. I could see both the male and female police men only nodding their heads in disapproval of this situation. Later on another man tried to infiltrate and he made it, then another one but this time the female police went and urged the person with the right number to go into their turn for assistance, I could see her disgust towards corruption being in our face. I felt like a sheep for doing nothing but then I had see nhow the woman that decided to speak up also had a way overheated temper and so, it wasn’t the way either… after waiting about 3/4 of an hour to get my turn, I realized that I didn’t have to pay until next time so I had literally wasted my time though while being there I saw how tv operates in the morning, waking people up with the ‘latest’ news/knews as if knowing how many people were killed and attacked today solved any problem but feeding people’s desires to see the suffering of ‘the other’.

And the topic of the day was violence towards women by their ‘own men’ wow. In tv they said that every 30 minutes a woman experiences violence from what they call the situation of ‘sleeping with the enemy’ meaning, their own partners/husbands. Well it was pretty hard realizing this though it is a matter of ‘cultural acceptance’ towards male dominance in our society. Yes it isn’t only ‘machismo’ as I had explained before, but also the fear of women towards the ‘tough sex’ etc… plain fear and conformism towards what is already known but not cool, fearing stepping out of abuse becvause of losing everything such as ‘the family’ created by both partners, or properties or ‘god’ knows what is it that keeps themselves tied to these situations. Wow. One hears that girls in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua are killed and that it’s a government mafia that ‘no one is to discover’ because there are ‘big names’ involved… though we were discussing how there have been as many – or even more- dead girls in the state of mexico, meaning around mexico city. And no one blabbers around that topic that much, wonder why as well. I didn’t even know that there are also man that have disappeared and killed as well, just like girls.

See this topic came up in my last ‘art theory’ class today where we were supposed to ‘give a conclusion’ and perspective on a book on post-modernism and ‘the age of the void’ meaning the times we are currently living in. I have mentioned about this before, about how I see not many people participating with real actions to take and how to use art to ‘do soemthing’ towards this situation that as I explained to my classmates, seems like an unstoppable train that keeps on the tracks without knowing when and where it is going to stop.
We, surprisingly, discussed violence and ‘human nature’ oh dear ‘god’, the fucking human nature. It seems that everyone thinks that violence ‘will always exist’ because it is ‘human nature’ and so I tried to give my perspective that reacting to someone that apparently decides to do something on to you is not the way to go and that it merely gives a following to something that is completely unnecessary. People tried to bring up such things as ’cause of honor’ and bullshit like that, thinking that vengeance is a way to ‘defend ourselves’ and others went down to thinking that vengeance is a way to bring ‘justice’ to reality. Well, I wasn’t amazed hearing these perspectives as I see these kind of thoughts placed into action every time that happens something that involves ‘taking revenge’ and using any means to ‘dignify’ themselves in order to make a statement of ‘don’t fuck around with me or you’ll get hurt’. I listened to perspectives though I finished my perspective with saying that until we don’t realize that anything we are doing on to other is ourselves, until I/me/we don’t realize ourselves as the ‘infamous’ OTHER as ME we won’t make a change because we will only continue fucking ourselves literally. And I didn’t get anything but a serious gesture from my teacher, I said that all we have to do is stop, even explained the bump with the cown in the supermarket example of one of Desteni videos lol, and I explained the case when bieng with A. once int he car and something happened that A. got pissed and yelled at the other car and then in one stop moment, the guy from the other car stepped out of the car and wanted to hit him or something, I said that you never know where a reaction that someone starts may end up in. My teacher even admitted that she sometimes curses at someone that almost crashes with her or gives a ‘bad turn’ etc… I said that a change is able to be made within those refractions where one is able to stop the reaction and stop the ‘chain of violence’. A girl replied to this that it isn’t that we have to completely STOP because she sees it as somethign thtat we still have to ‘let out’ and so that we only have to ‘channel’ this reaction on to something else etc, as thinking it is impossible to actually completely stop the reactions within instead of exerting them on to another. Well, what’ll take for us to completely stop and see that we are able to make a change by stopping.

WHile I was reading this book for theory class all I could see is a description of human beings, ourselves in these times where everything has died and only the ‘personal realization’ stands with flags such as new age and the desire to be someone original, cool, ecological and light of thought. Well it is a 220 page book talking about everything that we already know from how we exist, I won’t tell all the shit we are already in because we already know it, we don’t need to read it from a book but it’s interesting how this book also talks of the post-modern society desiring equality and the future standing up to the government and all the rules that have lead us to this almost-extinct capitalism that is merely keeping the ‘b0unds’ together by mere fictional economy as we already know. Readin such a book was even a more hollow event as one would wait that at the end there’s some practical assistance or ideas or contributions in how to make this situation change, though it ends up just as any other chapter ends throughout the book, there’s no idea of how to stop this, how to take the wheel and drive this train which is art which is our world, our society into a new curse that will preferrably allow us to express ourselves and regain the fulfillment we thought we’d lost for such a long time and only tried to find it in every single manifeastaion in separation of ourselves, all we’ve done we’ve done onto ourselves, there is no ‘doing onto another’ but myself. I see that discussions on topics like this always end up having everyone with long faces as if defeat is the only way to ‘stand up’ and even more being the last class within this topic there were no ‘great’ solutions discussed or even a ‘how to practically apply the knowledge’ perspective that could give effective ideas or solutions. No noe wants to take responsibility, we are too ‘happy’ just going to school, placing our asses in pieces of wood standing as a stool and hearing the teacher as if he/she had the ‘ultimate word’ towards what is art and what is not. Oh fuck, and it seems that only a good laugh is the golden closure for topics like these, it seems that we, us the very ones that read the book applied such explained indifference and decire to keep the ‘stability’ that we perceive in our lives. One guy even said that all those images of violence that come up in such sensationalist journals that show the ‘gore’ side of violence were completely aloof of him because ‘they didn’t happen around where he lives’ lol, we all laughed at this though it is just another ‘humor’ add-on to something that we see as ‘far away in the distance’ because "it doesn’t happen in front of my house, because it’s not around the corner"-

Well School today was a joke as most of tuesdays were because it is when I have my ‘theory’ classes and I say it’s a joke because in art history teacher just wanted to ‘get the curse program done’ and so we went through entire pre-hispanic cultures in about 15 minutes each so, go figure. Then in communication teacher didn’t make it to the classroom… we wondered where was he, I joked he’d be having a social meeting while having his beloved cigarretes one after another as he does while he’s in classroom – seems I almost ‘got it’; when i went downstairs after having spent almost 2 hours waiting for him to come, I see him comfortably talking with his mates in the school’s cafeteria, lol well, I didn’t know what to do. I could’ve gone and asked him why he didn’t make it to the classroom but it was already too late, I had already been waiting for the entire class time so it made no sense to me, I decided to pass on by, what is there left to do in these sitautions but breathe.

All I can say is that

Everybody knows the situation we are in
eveyrbody knows that the government is corrupt yet we don’t do anything
everybody knows that we merely run after survival and money to go through our ‘lives’
everybody knows that we are seduced by sex and allowing ourselves to be driven into consumption of about anything that might have a ‘shiny’ package that would look ‘good’ on me.
Everybody knows that relationships merely exist in order to not have to face ourselves here in every moment
Everybody knows that the desires for sex and comfort are something that gnaw the very beingness here yet we still hang on to them. Everybody knows that there is no cure to stop the laziness, the procrastination, the faith and hope for a something else to ‘clean up our mess’ yet we decide to hang on to what we think ‘might be the solution’
Everybody knows that revolutions are killed the moment the ‘change’ is converted into another side of the same system coin
Everybody knows that time enslaves, that greed kills and that ‘falling in love’ make us the biggest suckers in the world, yet we decide to become part of the gang
Everybody knows that this world is falling apart, yet what NO ONE wants to KNOW is that WE are ALL this world, all that exists is ourselves

What’ll take?

Very cool video by Matti I share because I enjoy the last frames: It’s inevitable. Stop is the only way


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