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It was a usual december pay day when people gather in lines around ATM machines to get their dough to spend on the pretty stuff they want to give ‘their loved ones’ by thinking that it is a way of celebration. Yes, I hadn’t talked about this usual times of the year and how I used to be so determined and defined by it as me being ‘affected’ by it and therefore, becoming quite sad and depressed and whatnot. Fuick it really is weird seeing how people around me claim to be sad, feel terribly lonely and depressed… I’ve explained them how it is all about wanting to be in such states but it seems awfully nice as well as they are all into creative roles and they think that being sad/ lonely is cool inspiration. Oh well, all I can say is that I’ve stopped all the unnecessary suffering or melancholy as a complex ball of memories and thoughts that made me feel miserable and sad and yes, almost like a grinch of xmas as well. Well, soon enough malls and streets will be covered with people in the streets trying to buy ‘the perfect unique gift’ for someone they ‘estimate’ and care for which eventually ‘prooves’ that such particular person isn’t careless about you. That’s what our world has turned into: buying things to others that you supposedly care for as a way to say that you care for such person while forgetting everything else about why are they compulsively buying in the first place in such days around december, the real fact is completely a scam and a sham and yes, it’s part of who we are as well.

I had plans to go visit my friend Y. and see how he makes his internet radio program that airs live on mondays and he agreed, then he said that his co-host wasn’t able to make it and so I kind of co.hosted it and was cool because this woman that makes art and works with children was interviewed and we explored how she gets to play with kids and then make art together as a way of expanding their awareness. We discussed how important is to not limit children, to play along with them, to see that they also have an opinion that counts when many think that they do not have the right to speak or an opinion ‘formed’ as we usually consider them as ‘voiceless’ for not being a ‘grown up’ within this world. This woman is actually self-considered as political artist and well, she explained how it is impossible for her to not be political within what she does as we all live in this world, in this society and therefore, it is her role to represent the world we’re living in, our context and our situation. SHe explained how – while kids are freely exploring their expression while painting – she enjoys talking with them and asking their opinion on usual events in our society and what their families think of etc. So I realized that there is already people working with kids and seeing how she enjoys herself working with them and how she considers that working with kids is great because they aren’t square minded-all structured as adults makes things easier and fun, she talked a lot about playing and being it all fun so yep, it was cool being there and getting to know people who are involved within this radio free project where usual topics that are sometimes hidden from mainstream media are covered and discussed with experts in the topics there.  I also got to meet the owner of that radio and they will have some project going on with something about being ‘ecologic art festival’ and they invited me so yes, I realized how that which ‘I do’ is about also having contact with people and moving myself to get here and there and having a voice that can be heard over a media such as the radio. I made clear how important it is to see and consider kids as the future of humanity and how not to impose fear into them is vital for their expansion, to support their formation and bringing up in this world. Art as a way of free self expression where no limits and no boundaries are impossed, art as a way to create a bridge between parents and children to be one and equal and explore and play and communicate each other beyond the usual parent-authority roles, a way to entertain and most important, to create awareness because I do not want and won’t allow children to continue numbing themselves in front of tv sets for hours following the flickering of the light in a monitor that causes them to lose their sense of life. Let’s bring back that touch to kids, art is a great way to begin with. Cool inspiration by this woman.


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