Knitting the sweater

I just came back home from having gone out with V.  – the guy I met with on wednesday – as he wrote me an email where he’d explained how he had enjoyed the meeting and how we still had to talk about the usual stuff we used to talk about as art, music, books etc so I didn’t hesitate and proposed going out today so we did. And it was cool we went to the bookstore and saw some books, watched a whole book of David Lachapelle pictures and it all was cool because he’d read most of the books I’ve read. This guy was a great influence on me and the books I read so yes, and in others we definitely got to the same point by coincidence though, we didn’t speak much of stuff we talked about on wednesday and I noticed how the whole communication was quite different. I definitely enjoy talking on profound stuff though going to a bookstore wasn’t the place to do so obviously.

I spent most of time at my house these last two days just going out for walks to watch the clouds and breathe some air while walking in between the trees. Well, I see how it is beyond great knowing that there are people in this world that are as committed as myself to do this, to get this done. I realize that people I talk to still don’t want to give everything up and all they think they are, lol all we think we are indeed but I see that the deal would have to see the whole material and information to get the bigger picture of what desteni is, what process is about though this is something that I won’t communicate as imposition. I was talking with Niklas and it’s true, we can only go so far while doing this, it’s up to people being interested and actualy realizing things for themselves not only as information and knowledge. THat’s the deal.

Well, I also see how I enjoy communicating about people I’ve met because of Desteni and how communication beyond physical contact is the same because we are the words. Just like Bruce L. explained to me once, why would I want the image talking the words, yep, I stay with the words and I’m greateful for knowing all of the people I’ve met this year through desteni, wow, really, each and every single one supports and helps knit this sweater of self awareness. SO thank you all indeed

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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