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So this time is the first year that I don’t go and ‘celebrate’ a xmas with family per se. I did my part last night while having that dinner with parents, sisters and their hubbies (hobbies or hobbits, at choice hehe) and well what I’ve realized is that merely having the convivence and not being against it is one way of just being here. I use to be kind of the grinch these last years at xmass time until I realized how in creating the opposite I’m fueling the mere idea, belief and creation of such days.

I did have kind of a hard time while getting this particular call from a family friend form the states and her telling how she’d been in church singing christmas caroll and she asked ‘did you go to church?’ lol I said no lol. Wow it was kind of tough because she was actually the woman that I spoke with about the money sistem and what religion does etc. Didn’t know she would believe in such stuff, wow, lol and there I go speaking in a really blunt way what this world is because of religions and the institutions we’ve placed in power due to our need for a guidance. Oh deer.

I actually managed to not go to visit the whole family to eat today and it was cool talking with people through computer and organizing my possible/probable visit to another state this weekend to stay with some ‘friend’ of mine. We’ll see

While communicating with this guy V. he expressed how ‘I’ would move his pieces of the puzzle, how I would completely move his world as what and how it has always been. I made clear that it didn’t matter if it was ‘me’ or anyone else, but he merely was seeking and eventually found another perspective of all that he’s ever thought about life and existence and what we are doing here. Well, within this I see  – with him and others that I’ve talked to so far – is giving up their ‘precious’ meaning, accepting the fact that the ego is a delusion of the mind, an idea, a creation therefore something that isn’t real, something that will just cease to exist. This is the mind wanting to create an imperative and important place to keep itself ruling over the physical, making it as if it is ‘the real deal’ when in fact, the physical – the ever expressing physical – is what IS, what has been and what is here without any need for definition or conceptualization from a limited mind which we are and which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become. Sometimes it is still awkward for me to see people that refuse to see, to hear, even though they have ‘the clue’ of what is going on here. It is  – yet again  –  a known thing that we tend to exaggerate things, to complicate ourselves in trying to find the meaning, the source, the ‘truth’ to life when LIFE just is and any limitation comes from our mere perception, an opinion, a thought which creates and divides what innocently just IS. How we’ve all collectively fucked ourselves by our own hands – yes, algo ‘god’ included  – but also by our own acceptance.

I must say that I got blushed and a bit weirded-out by having too many subscriptions in a day for my miniexperimentalfilm channel, I really was laughing nervously, lol, and doubted of my ability to make people enjoy what they see because I know that it is quite a challenge to create visual materials                                                                                                                                                                 


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