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So yesterday i went to the radio show and it was cool. It was a challenge because my friend’s show is more like an ‘intellectual’ kind of program, always inviting specialists on social matters and they always – usually – bring out all these theories and studies which in the end, rely on the same points we get at forums with regards to what is here and how society and money is currently leading the world, yet most intellectuals disregard our point of creation through thoughts, based on our accepted and allowed and defined as ‘natural’ ability to be constantly and continuously judging, defining, naming, separating everything that is by our mere desire to have everything in its ‘right’ place within words. So to begin talking about this we made clear that this had nothing to do with any theory or ‘school’ but with practical terms of living life here and realizing ourselves beyond our thoughts. Well for such a short period of time we focused on main points such as realizing how we’ve created our world as ‘our image and likeness’ meaning, who we think we are we exteriorize and according to that, we live and create -co create – our world. Taking the ‘other’ into consideration as ourselves and realizing that such thoughts we experience within ourselves as judgments – for example- is complete separation.

Also went through how we created our on jail – so to speak – by setting all these rules, all these attainments to be, to seek and to think we can be more than who we already are which is pointless and a waste of time. I made this point very clear, that we have to stop going into the mind to live here because that is complete separation from what’s here. We discussed how personal experience and ego of the mind misguides the meaning of words and so, that’s how we lose ourselves lost in translation in a way, because we are not living the words in support of life, but we merely are tagging, naming and defining for the sake of making it all appear to be ‘in order, set, done, filed, dissected, in place’ which is completely robotic and system-like. Lol

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of word system and immediately think of people with briefcases all dressed the same ways with working business suits, ties, same haircuts, all lined up to go to work

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see an executive-business like job as a nightmare for me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see a rich-business man as the epitome of system worker, therefore, defining him as lifeless and mindless from the perspective of not seeing how he’s allowing to guide himself

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as judgment towards people as high executives and business man as blinded by greed

Well probably some of the words we spoke got into the minds of people. My friend confessed being quite ‘shocked’ in the inside of him while discussing this because of his personal life at the moment. THis is where I wanted to get really, to step beyond their little worlds of theories, books, names and useless information that is usually discussed there, so we could get as raw as possible: the stuff we create ourselves as our thoghts, here, no hocus pocus – this is my most used word these days hehe – so all is here, breathing, here, directing myself, here. here here here people! and so Ale from Chile listened to the show and he enjoyed it, that was cool, one spanish speaking forum member listening to that

So that was it, cool experience

Today I spoke with this friend Luca from canada. This is a friend I made through the net some 8 and a half years ago – wow – and we used to discuss a lot of white light bs, he got me into MANY of the stuff I was related to -pleaiadians and the lightshowers ring of enlightment shits etc, lololol – well ehm ehm, ok and he used to tell me about his dreams of other realities and him giong there and experiencing this and that and having contact with aliens and whatnot lol, I truly once got to believe that he indeed was someone special because of how he wasn’t in the system, he dropped out of school at 16, made a metal band and he is getting quite famous there and yeah all that i thougth he was just ‘dreaming of’ he actually made real but then, he got very involved with white light, some church that allowed weed as ‘sacrament’ lol, and he was the one that got me into being a vegetarian for 2 years and we used to dream of walking in the stars or something like that.

Funny how things have changed. He’s married, has a 2 year old girl and he’s only two years older than me. I had stopped talking to him because I had once shared a desteni video with him and he got to scared of losing himself as a lightworker so he denied that and told me almost that was delusional. But strangely so, today we got to speak and I explained what i was ‘into’ at this moment. So I explained that I was into realizing who I am as all as one as equal and applying myself within this. He ‘gets’ these topics right away yet he still gets too much of that ‘higher consciosness, multidimensional realities, time travel, astral projections, etc’ which is clearly of consciousness and so he gets quite into mind experiences and believing they are completely ‘for real’ – even though he criticized me for joining a ‘demonic possession group’ in facebook, lol, he was quite shocked by that so I explained demos are merely our own accepted and allowed personalities that will take over and posses ourselves into showing what we have become. I gave him the link to today’s Osho’s article on judgment days – hehe – as revelation of who we are and so becoming possessed by such ‘nature’ that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Yep. He said he would read that

He agreed with everything I said with regards to this and then he shared with me an incident that happened in 2005 where he was merely cooking and so he got spice in his eye and while washing his eye in the sink,, he bumped his head in the corner of the cupboard and so since then, he’s been having severe pains and sometimes gets dizzy and gets like facial paralisis. See I share this because he revealed that he actually procrastinated going to a doctor because he really wanted to ‘leave’ this world that very same year and he wasn’t giving a damn about his human physical body, he was placing all of him as only ‘spirit’ and within so, living in complete separation from his body.

Now he feels he’s completely screwed up within that because he realizes that he has to be here, that he wants now to stay here as long as possible to raise his kid, to live life and be the best and live those words as he had always said  – he would always say and create this high expectatives of himself getting somewhere ‘high’, he realizes that he’s fucked over that extensively. I see he’s dropped many of his white light dreams and so his wife has also supported this ‘grounding’ so to speak. for example, he was the kind of guy that would meditate and so I shared my perspective on meditation being separation and he said that his wife thought this way as well, so yeah I enjoy bringing the common sense, the simplicity. It is really really cool dropping all hocus pocus from people’s minds to see what is here, it’s so simple yet it seems everyone forgets about it!! yeah I mean, when i first got into Desteni I surely wanted to get some ‘recipe’ that had some hocus pocus to have some ‘spice’ in life. When realizing all I really am is the breath at first seemed so simple, even nimious but then realized that all this was perception of the Mind as the mind doesn’t want to be taken to a secondary place within its own place in a person’s life as being ‘the king’ lol, meaning, it fights for its own surival by thinking only breathing is toooo simple. Lol well breathe, you are here!

Ok so back to Luca, he is now interested in caring for himself, his body specifically so he will get an IMR (magnetic resonance in the head) so he’s able to know if that bump in the head is causing all that dis-ease. See how placing more importance in what we aren’t even able to see as our ‘spirit’ and disregarding life as the physical gotten us. wow, well it’s never too late – so we like to think – and it’s cool he’s opening eyes. When I shared what self forgiveness is he said it was funny, because many people have been telling him the same -hence we really are one single being lol, that is cool yep. I really thought in the past I had this special connection with this guy because I had met him in such a trivial moment through the internet – while he was merely downloading one of my songs through napster lol – and since then we’ve been in contact. It was also cool sharing how important kids are and how he sure has fun enjoying his kid, and how she will -for sure- get this education based on realizing life and being one and equal etc.

So, it’s time to face ourselves. Judgment days are here and we are the only ones able to support ourselves, there’s no other way so that is quite fair really.

So here’s a character in my life that played a definitive role in taking me into white light knowledge and info and thinking beyond my 3d existence.



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