The Principle is Here

Hi kids, the principle is: Living as one and equal here in every moment of breath, to birth ourselves as life in and as the physical. This is the process we are going through.

THe end of self documents are quite cool : link for multiply:

And sooo today I begin 21 days of no sweets meaning chocolates or desserts or all that stuff which is lots of sugar that isn’t really required by my body. Yeah this is a commitment that I have actually procrastinated but was funny finding out that the moment I am willing to do this there are other guys at forum doing the very same thing towards sweets. So yes, I realize that it’s about the sweetness of life but here we have to separate the point where we actually begin abusing and creating habits or dependencies on to something. yes only ourselves with our mind may fuck up equality while separating oruselves though deliberate self abuse. wow, that is strong yet this is quite a ‘light’ example of what we do every day with ourselves separating ourselves from all of life.

IT’s cool actually reading words that completely allow you to let gof of the illusion of individuality to realize hey, life’s here, want to merge as life? let go of the rest that you believe yourself to be which is finite, which comes and goes at death.

Once again chat session was cool talking about self interest all the way in the shape of suicide attempst and the apparent will of one being able to decide upon ‘life and death’, fears and once again sex and agreements and all that involves ourselves walking the talking here.

Sincerely at the moment I have not much to say. I’m enjoying listening for the first time the album of one of my ‘favorite’ artists – John Frusciante and…. yes it’s cool. I remember the times when moments like this I would be smoking to ‘feel’ the music a bit more or anything else. At this moment I’m breathing, writing, listening, all here without having the need to do or have anything else. That’s it.

It all really seems childish when one reads stuff like the end of self awareness. What’s left from there? lol – yet I still move myself within this and committed to stop and live in every moment as who I really am Here, no more self interest and fuck we all know how that’s like the biggest fear existing in a human, to lose what’s perceived to be the definition of self for something that apparently just IS and exists with no ‘rush’ as what we have defined life as: mixture of emotions, feelings, inner conflict and struggle, boy oh boy do we like to suffer, masochists are we.

That’s it for today. let’s commit ourselves to live and give away all our fears, let’s exchange the limits for expansion, let’s face what we’ve already created and realize who we really are beyond our outdated ways of apparently living.

thanks and enjoy


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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