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I was reading a book this morning with regards to ‘the purpose of art’ and I found in it something that I had somehow forgotten, how art is able to show humanity ‘the way back to the origin’ meaning, realizing that we are one and equal as life and living according to that. Yet I see that within the stuff I ‘create’ as drawing/painting is often chaotic, apocalyptic in a way and it’s been like that since I ever began expressing myself through art. I didn’t understand this before until probably a year ago when finally opening up my eyes to the world we are creating as ourselves. Becoming aware of the stuff I used to deny as myself – all the ‘dark side’ of humanity by sticking to beauty and light – was a definitive change which encouraged my expression of that which somehow exposes our nature, exposes ourselves. I can’t conceive painting something ‘pretty’ yet because the world isn’t that, I can’t draw happiness or the idea of unity yet, but instead I show the decay of human’s own demise in being the creators.

I’ll be focusing what I do to expose and express ‘my view’ towards this world through this that I do. Deep inside I know that part of my initial choice to be and become an artist came from this need to speak up and stand as that which humanity ‘should be’ the ideal of life, instead of the robotic preprogrammed egotistic world we’re living and co-creating at the moment.

It’s cool because I was speaking with some mates at the workshop and suddenly I began talking about Life being everywhere in everyone and anything yet we can’t see it all over as one and equal because of these physical eyes that create the illusion of individuals separated form one another. In a moment most of people around there remained quiet listening. Seems I have this tendency to speak up at times with such intentions, that same intention I try to express and depict in what I do – a drawing, painting, etching whatever – it’s like this commitment I’ve done with myself. i cannot and will not do and express anything that I see would be dishonest according to what is really going on. I cannot use art as a way to create new ways to divert people from what’s here, or to go into deeper conceptual meanings of ‘existence’ and ‘life’ as mere attempts of huminds to understand ourselves, just like we’ve done and tried and attempted for all this time.

I say it’s cool because you never know when by mere ‘casualty’ open up someone’s eyes and test their beliefs for a bit. Lol one mate was really trying to pick on me with all the stuff I say and he said he was quite amazed how I don’t get angry or frustrated or affected by any of the stuff he says with all intention to make me apparently ‘lose it’ lol – what I’ve seen is that there is no one that is able to ‘fight’ against common sense, you can’t debate that. There is people though that might be blinded towards seeing the actual truth and never giving in to finding that there’s ‘something else’ outside of their own created box. I realize I still live in my own little world at the moment, though it’s not like I need to go ‘out there’ or somewhere else to face myself everyday. Shit happens every day, you never know where you’re going to be and speak to next – and everyone, everything is you.

My friend just made his radio show exposing some situations with indigenous people in Colombia, they are exposing the government that kills and threatens them with military surrounding them, wanting to take their lands, their goods, their natural resources because of entering in commercial deals with the States or Europe. It’s interesting seeing how they also say ‘walking the talking’ in their own way and the consideration of life as equals, unity and supporting ways of life that are in tune with what they call ‘mother nature’ meaning this world. This problem is currently resonating and creating echoes here in latin america and the world. IT’s cool seeing that my friend now speaks frequently about it not being on creating resistance through demonstrations and creating flyers to denounce this, but beginning with ourselves, to support life and stop this kind of abuse within ourselves. This is such a cool thing for him to be supporting in such a free way as internet radio, that’s cool, he’s completely getting it. THough we know the ‘hard’ thing is to live the words per se.

I’ve been thinking how I used to create these images of myself someday speaking up to large amounts of people, directing ourselves in some way that would benefit all, lol I guess something like a ‘politician’ without being one. Well this is full circle with what I see is something I attempt doing through art, standing up, showing what I see that maybe not everyone sees currently and do something about it. Though it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘art’ but anything really, any moment, any interaction with another, any and all moments where you stop a reaction, a judgment, a deliberate non-life supportive opinion… we’re able to make a difference.

Ok have to work on stuff for school and I’m procrastinating that, and it’s due for tomorrow so I better get going to do that.


Let’s keep walking the talk


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