I had quite a busy day with school stuff, nevertheless it was cool to test myself while giving the class today on XVI siécle churches in Mexico, the first ones created here lol. Anyways… I see ‘my country’s’ story and ever since I learned that story of ‘us’ being ‘conquered’ by spanish people I realized that was the cause of this complete submission that has become quite a ‘trademark’ in latin american people, subdued by an apparent greater ‘force’ as those who had weapons and diseases to spread around, forever disrupting civilizations that were already here based in knowledge and respect for nature  – yet, they were well trained and supported wars in order to gain power . The deal is how something that is part of history – something that happened 400 years ago, is able to determine and curse an entire nation. Of course, this is just a tiny bite of the whole ‘sins’ we’re carrying as what we accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Everyday, even with tiny details, everything falls into pieces and more people start realizing things that possibly some years ago wouldn’t even had crossed their minds.

Today discussions were focused on art being and having the use to depict and create ways to ‘get back’ to unity, to this whole that we once were. i got the image at this moment of that very first molecule/particule in existence and then separating itself and ‘evolving’ – I see it merely as a process of separation that seemed to never end, but it does: we can only go that far from ourselves, lol. And well, what I thought was quite cool seeing that the very first principles and reasons for art to exist came about oneness and equality, the ideal state of man and I see how history has been created and ‘gone through’ to get this point. We’ve been here before, we’ve done this cycle other 11 times and here we are now, finally realizing that we are able to STOP and realize ourselves as life before rebooting again.

Things are getting quite stiff as the world revolts with an economic collapse, as people go facing themselves in every moment with the least expected events.

I explained my purpose with what I do as art at the moment and it was cool exposing myself and my individual endeavors through art as a way to depict humanity as the responsible one as co-creator of this reality as ourselves. I had done this before like when I declared myself in the ‘Via Mystica’ a year and a half ago declaring myself in my way to somewhere out there, all light bs. Well this time I said I would like to give continuation to this personal process where I use art as means to create an awareness – if possible- in people watching that specific image – be it still or in ‘motion’ – to see themselves in such representation of a human being within this world we’re destroying without considering it is ourselves, that the esence of who we really are is all one and equal, yet we live in our dreamland within our heads. So as I was discussing that I saw many faces actually resonating with what I was explaining, no one actually denied that it could be possible to do this or criticized this ‘project’, only got quite curioous on how I am going to pull it all out once it has to go from ideas to the actual work. Well it was cool explaining to my class how I had gone through this personal process of realizing what I’m doing now through my expression over the years. My teacher only suggested I see what I mean with expression according to my own definitons.. hmm lol

Well points opened up but nothing as severe as not being able to stand by my own words, and yes I really thought there was going to be more questions on this, some girl sitting next to me only said: cool topic! and that was it. Lol, we’ll see

Let’s keep moving on!


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