common fears

In one of my classes where we discussed the current system we’re living in and how we as ‘artists’ exist within it and what we are able to do, I realized why we are in the position we are right now. Everyone fears to get out of the safety of the system, it’s about the mentality of ‘oh I know it’s fucked up, but at LEAST I got my stuff, what I want and that makes me ‘happy’ – I see that there’s some that get the idea about what needs to be done but I see no one really talking about standing up individually and that is the point, that is the breaking point where all cookies crumble because see, no one is really willing to give up on themselves, on the idea, belief and perception of themselves.

This time I listened to their perspectives and usually when we discuss these kind of topics, it always ends up without any practical, real conclusion – just like any other fucking knowledge and information round up leading no-where. I do kind of see that our teacher -the one replacing the dead teacher- kinda ‘got’ what i explained last week because she was talking now on seeing our participation within this individually and beginning from our own perspective – kind of getting it but,  fear is still roaming the heads of every one because that very point of fear is the one that directs everyone to submit, to not dare and stand up – and it’s all within the very same system we support! who is doing this to ourselves – no one but ourselves – yet people deviate too much on media and politics and stuff that is merely use to divert even more the realization of: I am here, therefore I direct myself.

Fascinating how some kept saying that it is VERY difficult to get out of who  you are – and I shared some points of view on that and when I said ‘common sense’ as a reply to teacher saying something about directing ourselves as individuals, etc  – just to reassure the fact that yes it is about direction but in common sense. And some guy mumbled some words like ‘common sense is shit’ something like that and I did have a reaction like ‘oh fucking fucker’ well he’s the typical kind of system that nags and bitches about everything, yet overhearing his conversations with another someone, he spoke merely shit – so Ok – confronting the kind of people that isn’t willing to first stop their heads from judging and labeling everything that is said and done in means of placing themselves as ‘superior’ as ‘all knowing’ – and it’s like the general law around, grounding too much to history, to concepts, to all those ‘oh great ones’ that have gone before us placing such knowledge and info traps to keep us mindfucking ourselves without seeing the OBVIOUS as being alive, directing ourselves here – end of discussion. BUt oh no, it all ends up with such feelings of despair of being into a shitty system, finding no way out therefore, becoming even more and more alienated.

Conversations go from polarities as points of view, everyone wants to make a statement of what’s important and of value to THEM without ever considering a one and equal starting point on that. That is basically it, it seems too ‘outrageous’ for them to see that all is one/the same/made of the same and therefore merely paving the way for separation to reign here.

Ok these Bernard’s words would’ve fit the situation perfectly – yet we know how us humans like secrets and mithologies and misteries and the whole hocus pocus around the mere existence of life, wanting to make it as ‘something more profound’, something else apparently than what we are. Oh great surprise when realizing that this ‘bag of bones’ everyone is, is what and who we are in the moent – no soul, no higher shit, no nothing – and that is all we got apparently – yet we tend to disregard the breath of life as existence here as ME as myself. And so I can’t imagine what will happen the moment we all find out what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist while being in separation from ourselves.
I see that all people talking shit about others will then realize the self disgust and rejection they owned that lead them to speak in such ways of another, completely disregarding the other as themselves – and it won’t be pretty but fucking necessary of course. And I couldn’t agree more –

Everyone ponders their memory, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their oh so precious identity – that is the very starting point of self interest – not giving a fuck about another – and is also the curent way we are creating our world.

here’s B’s words :
Information is always temporary

Knowledge is always useless

and fear indicate trust in knowledge and information

that which is temporary and useless are the building blocks of that which is temporary and useless

thus– this equalize all to one point — there is no answer

only I remain

and if I is not here — but knowledge and information is — I am truly fucked

til I am not I am

then I remain

eventually I get it

I remain

and all I’s is me from the perspective that I will end up in the lives as the lives of the other I’s –till all I’s get this and stop creating as knowledge and information an existence where all is separate individuals and unequal in all ways


I see

I see me — here

and where ever I find myself — I see me — Here

and when I trust me every where as Here

I see everywhere is Here , because I see me Here

then I realize

I create here and everywhere through time


If I do not stop the Way I create me

I will alWAYs be what I have become

only I decide

only I –the responsible

only I – the consequence


all support that may be given has been given


2 points remain

I stop me and all as me

or death do

and I return to time again to face me as me

thus continue as I create Time

in this I see Me alone –yet –all me’s are Here in other Times I will visit if I will it




be stopped

that is what remain

and when I stop

I stop all in all ways

and thus

we are all here — stopped

by ourselves

then we as I see — yet we will see

still individuals

yet not who we are now

as who we are now — is not here

as everywhere

is here

and that

we are not yet


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