No school – virus threat

Last night got a message from my mother saying that she’d seen  on tv that there would be no classes in any of the schools here in mexico city – including the University – so… today I decided to go check myself and yeah, no classes. It was interesting going out and seeing everywhere around as if it was a sunday morning – not a friday one which is usually packed with heavy traffic etc. – and so I came back and turned on the radio and they were talking about this influenza epidemic on each radio station, lol and they repeated ‘it’s important not to fall in panic’ and they were the ones moslty creating it – anyways. It’s a drag not having school as I have stuff to work on in the workshop though, I had time to translate some more videos. Yep basically translating most of the day – lol well I made some food and it tasted really good – decided not to participate on any of the collective fear going on around here and I decided to stay here as going back to hometown would’ve been quite a drag with this whole situation and people fearing each other from sneezing.

This is proof that without Tv I am not aware of the collective fear that’s been pushed into  people – of course yeah I have to ‘take precautions’ maybe but it’s all about ourselves in every moment really – we know viruses and these kind of epidemics are specific, so it is all part of the process here and yeah there’s been like 20 dead already – or so I read – and some guy already asked in the Desteni Español channel if I know something about it, so I translated some video on diseases and bacteria and shared with him the perspective on it all being specific. School’s not opening tomorrow either and fuck knows if it will continue closed on monday or what – so yes, I’ll be here in my bunker-home – and that’s all folks.


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