To see the inevitability of Facing Self is to see the Beginning of the End –

One experiences one’s own created truth – what is ‘the Truth’ of man but that which he is not able to accept and see as himself  –  Why is there this ‘need’ to seek for something else, something ‘greater’ if we haven’t ever even dared to see what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become in the most simplest of our every-day acts – look within and all around you – "split a piece of wood and I’m there" – someone’s watching -fear of god, fear of self – it’s consciousness speaking –

Why haven’t we really dug in the mud to really See what it means to be a Living Being One and Equal as Every single thing that we disregard and take for granted?  Why have we always turned our faces when seeing suffering and disgrace? Is it that we run away and are actually scared to see what exists and lies within ourselves? The killer in me, is the killer in you. We can’t keep denying that the ‘outside’ experience of this world is also ourselves.

Why is it that we would always tend to seek for something/someone that would ‘save us’ without ever asking the cause of such need to seek and find an eventual ‘something/someone’ that will apparently solve our lives and ‘lead’ us to the ‘Greater Picture’ – without ever considering that we were falling for the same shit as just a nice-picture, we’re so predictable and programmable. 

All the Desires – The "unreachable happiness", the never ending quest to ‘fulfillment’  – the ‘Eternal Soulmate’ for a ‘sole purpose’ – which was to bind this system as pro-creating, cloning ourselves and extending our ‘kingdom’ –  ‘all the Money in the world’ – lol, without ever really fucking understanding that Money is an invention –  blindfolding ourselves whenever we stepped on our own trap and disguising it with disgust in words that would numb and seclude that part of ourselves as ‘our reality’ – surviving, COINtained within a system that works around poles and parities – why is it that we never developed Common Sense? we simply never dared to see the obvious, the Truth – I could say that we always dug ‘too-far’ disregarding that which is obvious and in our face – we’ve always followed the ‘White rabbit’ but never really Saw beyond our Eyes – I didn’t, now I realize.

Why have we always felt the ‘need’ to make-up something ‘beautiful’ for that which is inevitably raw and flesh-driven, savage in nature –  why is it that the word ‘fuck’ and ‘love’ are able to mix and blend together rather well within our minds – yet always ‘masking’ and charging the word ‘love’ with a specific imprinted experience that would ‘beautify’  the raw and fleshly-driven experience that caused such word to exist in first place? seek sex – everyone’s seeking, everyone’s sickening whenever they fall in-and-out of love- believing that self is pitiful, believing in ‘ups and down’ as a ‘normal’ experience within life – believing that even the hate, distrust and disgust for this world is merely a description of self’s inner-experience. 
We are always realizing that we are in ‘deep shit’, that we are suffering and broken in thousand pieces – yet never daring to pick up the pieces and mend it to then see the whole picture and who we are ‘then’ – what is Real? – We’ve made our fears Real by believing in them to be real in the first place – the simplest mindfuck ever to come ‘alive’ as our creation. Fear of another – Fear of Self – we play this out as the ‘most instinctive’ defensive mode – we fear ourselves.

Why is it that raw words and the bare truth has always been ‘banned’ and regarded as ‘immoral’ – morons and Mormons all fall for it Equally – morality as the ‘mother of polarity’ which caused good and evil to draw the picture that we’ve become – chewing existence yet never fully understanding how we digested it as it became shit to come-out of the single outlet that we bare – Anu knew it very well, 

Why  is it that everyone drops jaws or walks away whenever One is exposing Self?

Why is it that evil is able to turn around as Live – we’ve never seen the obvious – why is it that we’ve allowed ourselves to be controlled and driven to be eternally fucked, repeating cycles of experiences that is obvious isn’t supporting us in the most simplest forms – we never even wondered if such boundaries and limits are Real – Why have we accepted and allowed ourselves to limit ourselves? Why then we have people still reacting to the most obvious points of how we’re existing as Mind Consciousness Systems – as walking symbols, words, pictures, ideas, emotions, feelings and all that is able to be created at the slowest pace – one thought at a time – within our own Mind. Yet we accept this as our ‘Nature’
Within that which we were taught, trained, tamed and eventually enslaved for, we missed the point of what Life really is. Anything that is able to change, you can’t Trust. That’s why the obvious is seeing that I exist as the Consistency of my Breath Here – inflow, outflow – it’s what bounds me to live, never changes – only me going in and out of the awareness of my breath while entertaining myself and creating an experience to ‘fill-in a void’ because we use our minds to keep us ‘busy’ and ‘entertained’ – why is it that Silence doesn’t come that Easy within you?

  Why is it that Speaking and Writing became a Matter of Communication?
To fall in traps and follow the mind of another, copy-paste patterns of pre-established rules within the already laid-out programming of our existence as consciousness – limited to say the least –
know-less and be-more – why haven’t we ever Lived our Words?  – we can’t even get to a single understanding of basic terms and words to ‘grasp’ how we are words and we are structured as words –
We’re still limited to interpretation, we’re trying to make the gap between one-another as short as possible, yet the underlying dishonesty exists in all.

 Why did we always allow and accept uncertainty, self doubt as the common-denominator of every single day – why have we accepted and allowed ourselves to fear a system that is being powered by ourselves? –

Our own demise lies within our own mind as our apparent ‘secrets’ and desires which are always the same – and are even of similar ‘nature’ as the ‘secrets’ that others ‘keep’?- why have we become so fucking predictable? why have we ever thought that choice is really an option to take? Choice has never existed -at all. Input-Output only gives you possible outcomes, we were programmed to never step-out of those ‘possible outcomes’

Why haven’t we seen that what’s Here has always-been Here – there’s No-thing new – yet we deluded ourselves into thinking that this was possible in many ways – nothing is Original but Self in its Original Point.

Why haven’t we seen that life has been doomed by our mere disregard of ourselves as Life? Oops, we only ‘missed One-Point’.

Why is it that we never saw that We are the Answer to all these Questions? Why did we never realize that the answer has Always been-Here – yet never took Here as All into consideration, basic point of Oneness –  always needing a proof, a certainty to exist, a certain knowledge or scientific record approved by fellow slaves to keep-going, to determine and finally: ‘mine’ everything in means to find ‘the ultimate truth’ – the core – the atom – the cell –  the essence – the nano-point of existence: it’s always been ourselves – always, in All ways.

I’m tired of believing, to be-‘living’ in a world that is trying to keep its holds onto that which has never been real, existing in fear all the time, feeling ‘inferior’ to a system which is always to be blamed for – yet never taken fully self responsibility for. Tired of trying to ‘save’ that which was never lost anyways – but simply existing  within a delusion of ‘disempowerment’ and kept ‘working’ by our own running of thoughts, by our own sexual desires, by our own greed and desire for more – by our own acceptance as the mind as who we ‘think’ we are. We’re so fucked and tamed in our own mind-frame, our ‘precious’, our creation – never to be judged or the system would collapse in offense –

What is there to save of a man that hasn’t ever considered himself as Life, as One and Equal to All – but instead disregarded every breath while rejoicing in the sauce of the thoughts that would ‘spice up the life’ – same shit – always merely revolted: only changing colors, pictures, scenarios – but the essence and cause of such nature has always been the same: self deception, self dishonesty by merely not having ever considered Life in all its forms and ways as ourselves –

Why has there always been ‘something’ missing? We are the ones that we’ve been missing within it all, we as who we really are – relegating ourselves, ‘miss-fitting’ ourselves,  denying, suppressing and submitting to an  ‘order’ to keep our own chains and shackles in place, never-minding the underlying Control within it all.

Safety entails danger, love entails hate, eating implies shitting etc. etc. etc. – we have been trying to create a magnificence out of that which is plain and vulgar – we tend to  want to be nice when we see that the holds that keep the niceness are merely a shield to keep surviving in a ‘jungle’ where everyone wants to be the king of the jungle, developing ‘ways of life’ which are merely survival "skills" –  without realizing that what kills is also alive – what is able to be killed – is able to be eaten – then we know and see the chain that we’re part of, the enslaved, the enslavers of the slaves – we’re going nowhere – it’s all Here anyways –

 We’ve always sought for a ‘god’ because of thinking that ‘he/she/it’ the oh magnificence form-less energy would be the only one to sort out this mess – we’ve dismissed ourselves as gods, as creators, as co-creators in every single moment as pictures go by in front of your own eyes – we’ve missed ourselves all the way – we’ve trapped ourselves in wanting to find a ‘meaning’ to Life.

We hide and trap ourselves in our own ‘over-wrought’ conception of self, limited and determined by our own interpretation which is always mind created – self created –

The truth will never be pretty, will never be something that one would ‘wish’ or ‘desire’ to experience – yet the truth as the True Nature of Man as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, lies within every single human being – who else will face this but ourselves, Here – flesh or bones – dimensional or not – we cannot stop what’s already been placed in motion – we are only able to stop our experience through it and eventually stop the endless cycles that has kept this cage locked, in- place – beautifully powered by our own thoughts, feelings and emotions – always ‘In-Motion’ –

To begin to see how the system works and how we’ve been programmed, how we re-create ourselves as our Structural Resonance is to begin knowing the cage we’ve placed ourselves in and actually tried to make it ‘pretty’ looking – to hide the real nature within – nothing has ever been what it seemed to be, everything’s always been the same – there is no point in trying to disguise the obvious, there is no point in hiding anything –
Imagine your life fully-exposed for All to See – that life that you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be and create and participate within – seeing all that you’ve done on to another as yourself, never-minding the consequences that a single-mindedly act could bring = Self Exposure, seeing our Truth.

To believe that there is something ‘worth’ living for is deception – because everyone’s lost trying to find themselves as ‘worthy’ and ‘of value’ – therefore seeking a purpose, a value, worth in something that exists in separation of self, because one hasn’t got the courage to see what been self created as ‘life’ as a path to learn lessons, to seek reasons to live, to experience, to ‘work’ for – yet denying the inevitable to come: death – there wasn’t anything of worth or value in a system’s experience. It’s just that, served a purpose – done –

We’ve never driven ourselves down to the bottom of the pit to see what remains after all that which we thought to be real is gone – therefore never real in itself if it’s able to be ‘taken away’ or ‘destroyed’ – why is it that we’ve never been able to see the Life Essence is the Substance which permeates everything and all – why is it that we’ve missed it All?

 Why didn’t we ever realize that if we are able to Die within a certain “Life” Experience, then we were never even real – what is it to ‘miss’ within this world beyond all that we’ve already missed as ourselves, as Life – We’ve placed worth and value onto that which was never even valuable – we’ve placed names onto things in order to name and define that which then would become a point of thought – a desire, a judgment, an opinion, all knowledge and information to keep us entertained, to make belief there’s ‘more to discover’ – without ever really knowing what caused this desire to ‘discover’ in itself.

We’re fucked beyond our wildest imagination – and fuck, that’s way too far already – if our images as imagination would materialize – we would’ve been all dead and severely damaged in always long time ago. Why is it that we fell for ‘benevolence’ without seeing that the word evol is entailed – evil, evol-love  – good-god- all programs/words/symbols – all running in our minds and within our physical body keeping consciousness alive –  a construct, a point of belief, a point of creation that went ‘out of control’ –

Time to turn the light OFF.


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