Money = Self Support

Being in an Equal System implies that everyone will take care of the ‘System’ at an equal level of Responsibility. This Implies that the Equal Money System is not going to be merely another way of ‘governing’ but a way of Living – it won’t be another solution within the pre-existent System – it has to be the establishment of Life as Equality as ourselves as a new way of living where it is common sense that ALL will eventually be part of it – there can be no ‘Equal Money System’ with people not being part of it, otherwise Equality in All Ways wouldn’t be possible.

Equality implies that every single person has agreed to have the same ‘Human Rights’ as everyone and applied at an Equal Level – which means that people will have to work and support the System that will be unconditionally supplying Life Support as well –

How does Money as we know it will disappear and how Money will be taking the Value of Life and how this Money System will benefit All? – which is due to the fact of Life being the ‘Value’ upon which money will be based upon. It is Common Sense that if Money becomes ‘Life Support’ as an Allowance for Earth’s resources to nourish ourselves, we will be existing in a Self-Support System where Life – considered in an interim way as ‘Money’ – will be given and received Equally by all as the materialization of the Equality as being One in Fact as Life.

This current system is running by the Participation of Everyone in it. Therefore, an Equal Money System will be no different from that perspective: everyone will have to take a point that they want to take responsibility as a part of the basic-foundation and/or structure of the system in how it will work – It would be completely useless to merely make everyone have ‘Equal Money’ without having the infrastructure to have Everyone on Earth being able to get the Basic Needs as Products and Services – they have to be equally available for All –

Money implies ‘acquisition’, ‘buying’ – therefore this Equal Money won’t be based on the point of ‘possessing’ or ‘acquiring’ – the concept has to change into Supporting – this implies that you have no ‘power’ over that which you are getting with your money, nor will it make you seem have more ‘power’ than others – it is simply accepted and allowed by you as everyone else to get the basic requirements to keep living. These points have obviously been denied and had been ‘altered’ in purpose within the same way the system works, for the purpose of separation, imposition of power, control as limitation which has supported the same point of always wanting ‘more’, wanting to be ‘more’ which is the basic point of separation in Equality.

Why is there a Desire to be ‘More’ if you are All? You can’t have ‘more than All’ right, in fact: you can’t ‘possess’ yourself, because you already Are It – this is the point that actually ‘eliminates’ the idea of power, control and the desire to possess. We are working now with the basic programming of the Human Being, how we’ve been existing merely as ‘survival points’ that are used to ‘fight for a living’, to be used to ‘being abused’ because we’ve been submitting ourselves to a System that is based upon that to ‘survive’ – We’ve been supporting a system of Self Abuse. Now to take this point of Self Abuse into actual Self Support, Responsibility as Yourself has to be taken into consideration.

We can’t merely see the Concept of Equal Money System as a point that will ‘solve’ everyone’s lives, no. We are presenting this coming from the Understanding that we have to place an Interim System that will be the Materialization of an Equal Basic Structural Support as Everyone to establish this System, because we know by now that the human race has been existing in a point of self-centered as personal-interest all the time, so we have to taken on the point of why this is the actual mind-set that has fucked equality as who we really are.


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