Equal Value within Human Beings

As I was doing dishes in the middle of the day, Bernard came into the kitchen following a conversation with someone where he was pointing out to not apply any adjectives on anything we see such as defining what we see within a defined value-system saying ‘That’s a beautiful flower’ because within this we are not regarding everything as Equally-Valuable -thus, we are participating and existing as the point of ‘distinction’ that can be manifested through a simple thought, a simple statement that we accept within ourselves which separates us firstly from that which we observe, eventually creating a judgment of Value the moment we define in thought that which we see with particular adjectives that rely on appearance, on ‘worth’ and value that is existent and perceived through the Eye of the Mind.

Right after this comment was made by Bernard, whoever was in the Portal excitedly declared something about this point working like the ‘Equal-Money System’- so as to Establish an Equal Value System within Ourselves wherein we Value everything and everyone we see as Equals. Hearing this turned on the lightbulb within me as something that I hadn’t actually considered to be applied within ourselves, yet it works exactly the same way – as within so without-

Everything we have tagged and defined with a specific Value comes from a pre-existent perception of some things being ‘more’ or ‘less’ than others, therefore we Accept the initial point of Separation by simply allowing points of ‘more’ or ‘less’ value to be applied onto something/someone. Therefore,just as we are here to Establish an Equal Money System, we have to Live this Principle as ourselves within our own Worth/Value System that we’ve created and recreate every time we judge something/someone as ‘more’-than ‘less’-than ‘in contrast of’ by using particular adjectives and words to describe something within our own set of parameters of how we value things – The New Paradigm to view this world as ourselves is to Establish a point of Equality within and as our Perception which is trickled by the Mind every time that we observe something/someone.

Bernard said that these judgments will keep on coming as that’s how the mind exist, thus what we have to do is simply to Stop Participation in the Observation, in the thoughts and all the chain-reactions that comes forth- this has been explained a zillion times though it is interesting to see how a simple point such as the acceptance of ‘Our own’ Value-System applied towards anything/anyone we see is Creating and Manifesting this Reality we live in as the current Money System and the rest of the Hierarchy that stems from it –

So, this is a single simple point to take on as ourselves in our own participation within this world, to Stop the current value-system as the set of judgments, perceptions, beliefs and ideas we’ve created upon something/someone and bringing it to an Equal Value System where everything we see is Equal as Ourselves, Equally Worthy as Life – then ‘Value’ in itself won’t mean anything else than the ‘Intrinsic Value of Equality’ within all Beings as Ourselves –
Equality begins within ourselves –


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