Breath Walking, Activism and Art rants

I realized how important it is to be active within what we’re doing, we are definitely supporting each other directly simply by sharing our experiences and latest realizations through writing, videos as it is a way to strengthen ourselves within our process, we push each other as a group to stand out, to commit ourselves, to become the examples that we need to be within our own realities to then expand this point into reality to be eventually creating Equality in this world. 

So – today I went to see one of the ‘most important’ mexican artists known worldwide here giving a conference on the work he did on this particular museum that holds a vast collection on prehispanic or oops should I say ‘precolombian’ art to satisfy the current conventions, which he used for the sake of this particular exhibition – his name is Carlos Amorales and he currently works in Holland he’s one of the main players in mexican contemporary art worldwide. 
My starting point of going there was to freshen up with regards to the ‘art scene’ here in mexico and what is going on with the contemporary art and the exponents – I can say that I got bored with listening to the two guys that have the function to present the work, to create the dialogue with people and regulate any ‘out of the context’ complain that migh come up within this open forum discussions – I see that my standing was that of being open to seeing what his proposal is, yet I didn’t see a definitive proposal that I could possibly be interested on within art with regards to what I would like to do which is more of following this line of political statements — lol I am not kidding or exaggerating about this but when he was speaking, he was looking towards myself as if he was talking to me on the public, lol – well, maybe he’ll consider shaving off the hair he’s got left only on the sides of his skull. I see that before I would’ve tried to talk to him just for the sake of that ‘contact’ – lol I did do that with the one that I consdiered my ‘favorite artist’ which I then allowed myself to be my role model because of the fame and acknowledgement he’s gotten worldwide – gabriel orozco – these two guys were friends and worked together – interesting to note that both come from parents that were artists and thus already had the basic support for them to stand within such positions almost in a similar way on how royal-bloodlines work – the same with art I see – Anyways, even though I saw that direct eye contact for most of the time while I sat there listening, I simply immediately left after the chat he gave, I saw that my starting point of wanting to ‘remain there’ was simply to be noticed by him or some other people or possibly strike a conversation or anything – not really intererested, so I directed myself back home. 
My conclusion is that I’ve observed the same with other artists I’ve seen, they all seem to be much more ‘human’ than what the industry wants them to be, they seem bored and tired of having to have their stuff to be justified so that they can remain within the system and be ‘examples’ of ‘great artists’ within the art system – his attitude was rather ‘pacific’ and playful at times – maybe he’s got quite a cool life and so the vision of himself and his art is quite ‘mellowed’ and not encompassing any particular vision on the world, but more focusing on the current trends of art itself. 
Cool point is that within the role of ‘being an artist’ he’s able to criticize and point out things towards particular institutions and yet not be ‘judged’ or ‘punished’ because within that role you are able to do such a thing – yes of course with its respective limits according to not getting up to the neck of those in power – Anyways, so, I just went to see where I will be standing in the next few years with regards to the ‘art’ profession I took on and have to finish.
 This city is polluted with political propaganda, malls look like advertising spaces, simple spaces where people can satisfy their rampant needs to spend their money on something that will apparently entertain themselves and make them feel better or maybe and only maybe actually buy something that is of first need- I noticed no ventilation was around, so I left as soon as I could – Some elections are happening in two weeks here and all I can say is that people have to cross out their vote- not voting allows organized ballot corruption to use your name to the benefit of those that have paid them to add votes to favor them. 
< < I still have much to write and share with regards to being back into the Matrix specifically related to germany and what I saw and how I experienced myself there -but one of the points was going out for walks, I enjoyed that a lot there specifically in the places where I spent the last days which is a small town near Dresden called Radeberg – this town I’ll take on as example to explain what I saw and observed, but I see that one point of support is being able to go to a small forest to walk, I mean, fuck that is non existent in my reality within the context of a ‘city’ or ‘near my house’ so I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can definitely say that I missed walking, like actually moving from place to place and so that’s a point  that I’ve enjoyed here once again as well – whenever I was here in my home city I’d go walking twice a day, during sunrise and sunset specifically. Since the day I arrived  here, I wake up at 6 and go out for a walk around seven – it’s been of great support and I can see it in my body as well which is cool – and it’s interesting because I see Katie’s been supporting herself the same way, so definitely Breath Walking is the way. Highly recommended by process walkers in the matrix that have no other physical activity – it is simply and accurate for both mind and body – I recommend Walking Self Forgiveness as well, and also the point of awareness on the position of your body when walking, the thumbs, the movement of the arms, the back, the pace, looking straight forward and most important breathing, blinking, directing, here, here – every moment.  


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