Drugs on War and War on Drugs

Here’s a point that I want to share with regards to the Media/Government/Drug Cartels trinity movement that is currently contolling, forming and shaping people’s opinions and views on what is being accepted and allowed here in Mexico.

The President is raising his voice and getting zoom ins in his national tv speeches whenever he wants to push people to accept the fact that the ir no going back to stop this ‘war’ and instead it’s the other way around: people have to support and joing the ‘fight’  – they’ve changed the lingo as ‘war’ resembled too much to the ‘war on terrorism’ that the north neighbor had and so people would react even more to it- so the current ‘fight’ towards organized crime which is translated to drug cartels and all people that is willing to threaten the authority of the government – and by saying ‘all people’ I’m implying that they want to change laws so that they are able to do as they will to ‘stop the crime’ which means that they are suiting themselves with the best legal written weapons to quiet down, kill or simply threaten anyone that is considered as potential criminal or a ‘suspect’ which has already caused regular civilians to be taken by the police within the excuse of being ‘suspects’ – yet it is the most vile abuse of power that has existed for a long time here, yet it is only around now that it is compounding even more. 

So,they want to change the name to ‘Fight for Public Health’ instead of ‘WAR ON DRUGS’ which is basically using semantics to lower down the volume to the current agitation that’s been going on for 4 years now, yet this year has been the most violent and with more deaths than ever before. 

They are planning to ‘strengthen’ the ‘social tissue’ – lol I’d say they will ‘strengthen’ the social issue´ by fighting against something without ever looking at or considering the root and cause of this problem in first place. Probably because in the end the government isn’t really representing people or standing in the best interest of all, but that’s only maybe, probably, perhaps – yes I am being completely and utterly sarcastic on this one. 
Politics as they are understood here with the puppets on power spewing out instructions that apparently people must comply to, is simply sickening from any perspective you want to see it. They see solution as ‘preventing the use of drugs’ – Fuck, you can’t have a permanent campaign to prevent the use of drugs! I mean, come on! these people, the so called investigators and ‘educated’ people in this country are simply placing an ‘alternative’ that works exactly the same as any other ‘war on drugs’, not being able to look beyond placing plasters to apparently allow the ‘cut to heal’ – 
They also propose or want or are being manipulated to advice people to embrace the military on the streets – this I just saw on cnn spanish – and fight with them against the ones running the scene currently which are these drug cartels – just for the point of sickening knowledge fact, one of the heads in the most important drug cartel here, is listed as one of the richest men in the world, that makes 2 for this country which is this oak and the gloriously greedy number one in the Forbes list which simply implies that this seems to be the perfect ground for all possible abuse and extorsion and money laundry in the world – why? Because we’ve accepted and allowed it – 
This year it’s going to be 200 years of the Revolution and 100 years of the independence – fuck knows we need a Revolución yet the ability of it to be ‘pacific’ is highly questionable as the nature of the cycles in the past here have shown that the apparent change has only existed through wars and confrontation with weapons- maybe now we can slow ourselves down and do a silent war on internet with individual stands, it’s already sort of moving this way as people are becoming afraid of going out at night to clubs in certain cities which will eventually lead people to stay at home plugged into social networks like this – perfect plan, isn’t it?
Simple events show that when there is something that people need to protest about because their own interest is involved, meaning their own money and the expense of it is involved, they are more than willing to create mail chains and move an entire city to not go to certain mall because of ‘high parking cost’ – I mean, lol – they complain about spending money on parking their car yet they go to shops that sell handbags for up to 9 000 dollars (or something equivalent to 90 000 pesos, I mean you could get a small car with that money) yet according to people,they could spend the parking money in something else – I also noticed that the general thought is spending that rather on ‘ice cream’ or the movies than parking ticket – though the parking company there raised their prices without regulation and thus are being sued and, well such a fucked up situation for them – A cool thing is that people would spend less time in the mall and thus buy less – fascinatingly though is to see how they love their cars, their money and their malls, yet they’re not willing to go to the mall, drive in their car and spend their money when they perceive some of their ‘rights’ ar being violated, then and only ‘then’ they will move their fingers to type and keep their assess at home and be solidary to ‘make a change’, when their direct pockets are affected.
What a fucked up world we’re living in – Basic Common Sense is overall lost here. 
2010 should be the beginning of the third great movement here, lol. And we’ll probably have to make some shitty excuse for everyone to stand up, maybe threatening to close the malls or the entrance to the United States of America or soemthing that will affect everyone to the point where their own egos and pockets will be hurt and finally join for the same cause 
Money created these problems, Money has to be the solution then. 
Thanks for reading the mexican rants


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