Accelerating the Process of Death

 I’ve been fascinated by Death for some time now and it is now that I realize that with having Shaved my Head it was giving Death to my Self Definition – It’s been quite cool to see that even before I had shaved my head or the point of shaving my head, in my ink drawings I was already depicting beings with no hair and those were drawings that I’ve used as a point of ‘feedback’ for myself with regards to where I’m standing in my process. 

Hair had been one huge point of self definition throughout my life – I am now very certain of what I’m doing yet I never precisely wrote what I felt when I finally shaved my head on january till today that someone asked about it on fb. 

I did experience resistance at the beginning to shave my head, even more so when I saw that most of the people at the farm had already shaved and I hadn’t, I was still resisting doing it – then I sat on one of the discussions wherein it was said that we would do this for the rest of our life, which I initially reacted to with even more resistance towards shaving it – though I placed one day and that day we did it – and with my hair I saw ‘the old me’ being shed off the top of my head, literally the past and all the generated dna through days or years even of myself as the past, as that image that I defined myself as which came to an end. 

Giving Death to ‘the old me’ is giving Birth to Myself, the one that is standing along with beings that are Equally Standing for the same Principle, and thus allowing me to realize that we are not alone, we are all walking together within this Process and thus, we give up our participation within a System that is shaped and molded according to ‘how you look’ to spend our lives dedicated to establishing equality in this world as ourselves, individually pushing ourselves every day to speak out and stand for those that have no voice or vote in this reality, because of our own accepted disregard to life itself. 

So, within having Shaved my Head I have given a physical step and declaration not only to Stand for Equality, but to give Death to Myself as the old preprogram functional robot that had existed as a bunch of definitions as preferences, fears, likes, hopes, desires and a yearn to someday become ‘someone’ within the system – lol, I am giving death to that which was based on self interest and self glorification to stand for that which matters which is not Personality but Principle: Equality. 

And so we all stand – here as equals as one. 

Thanks to everyone that’s joined in this Worldwide Non-Profit Campaign to become a Living Declaration of Equality. 


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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