Words as Mirrors

So – participating in Sub4Sub and the experience of getting into someone’s ‘mind’ as in visiting what their preferences, likes, dislikes, words are all structured that defines each ‘world’ as a person in a youtube page has been quite interesting – I’ve been getting messages from people they support what we’re doing and creating a sense of ‘relationship’ in a way with what I am expressing for all as one. 

I uploaded the video that explains some of my process on ‘Writing yourself to Freedom’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhKBz9FKlMA

  and, there is much more to speak and share about. 

I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency to ‘take things for granted’ in terms of me seeing something that I deem as ‘obvious’ or ‘already understood’ by people participating in something, yet – I mostly realized it isn’t, so I will be more ‘explicit’ in terms of what I see, what I am already ‘implying’ that seems fairly obvious but maybe it isn’t for others – so within this we go equalizing points of awareness in any possible situations. 

Okay – so, here people are finally calling for the annulment of the votes for Sunday’s governor and deputies elections – or ‘despotic’ elections – and so this is basically being promoted with stickers and self-made posters on the streets, it’s been distributed through email and yes, finally people calling to ‘dissolve’ the political/ruling class realizing this will be a ‘long-term process’ but realizing that: we have to start somewhere’ – that is definitive. Though, we’ll see, politics is such a filthy corrupted abusive and greedy thing here that they are probably Not going to give a fuck if people cross-out the whole thing and people that count the votes decide to ‘choose’ for them instead – I mean, really nothing can be fucking trusted in these cases and it doesn’t matter if people, vote or don’t vote – people are not willing to take self responsibility, everyone wants to have a ‘good life’ where governors ‘take care of their business’ which is a business held by public taxation processes spent in buying massive lands to then build fucking elite residential areas for drug-dealer mansions that are the only ones that are able to afford living in such places – We love complaining but the definitive will to actually say, fuck no! If i am complaining about ‘others’ as ‘people in power’ and whatnot, I have to start within myself and stop myself and change myself into a better human being – I mean, in the end that’s what we’re all doing in this process, simply ‘choosing’ – which is not a real ‘choice’ in the end, but simply the decision to live, to actually say: Ok – equalizing myself with my complain towards ‘the system’  – which is myself – towards the ‘government’ – which I have apparently voted for – therefore how to get myself out of that ‘equation of self abuse’ wherein I am accepting and allowing such points to exist, is simply by creating my individual equation wherein I stand as myself as Who I really am as Life here = I am congruent with my words, I live my words, I act on the best interest of all, I support myself as others,  I consider all in the taking of my actions, I commit myself to perfect myself as the being that is LIFE not a Pre-Programmed System. And thus, we begin ‘making sense’ of ourselves first, to then take on other points in the general/overall process. 

So, I had a cool chat with Lauri on several points, being specific on words and how to write ‘mathematically’ which I simply understood as writing a statement where All is considered – so I can see the ‘power’ of words, the implication of Words – and this is also seen in youtube wherein I leave comments on people’s profiles almost in a ‘flyer’ way, it’s like knocking on people’s doors with a proposal, and it’s cool to see that some actually reply to the message or send me private message on support.

So I see and corroborate for myself the point of how we live in a Matrix of Words and how we determine ourselves by the way we Live our Words, we present ourselves as words, how we choose words or the ‘absence’ of them in some cases which is also being a ‘word’ a silence trying to imply something – 

I mean I am seeing for myself how everything of a person can be seen just by the choice of words – and this is visible everywhere, at any time that you are interacting with the world -relating yourself to the world by communicating, seeing words, using words, being words, denying words, faking words — this is the point of ‘power’ that has to be Equalized for everyone to be ‘Equally Empowered’ within this world which in the end would mean ‘Equal Abilities’ which would even dissolve into ‘the way we exist as the Living Word’ – simple – self perfection can be achieved and we are paving the way. 

Thus, I see that is is pretty fucking cool to become specific and be aware of what we are entailing in the ‘choice of words’ in every moment – our mind is able to be ‘visible’ whenever we write and speak and expose this for ourselves and others equally – this is Why ‘Writing yourself to freedom’ is such an assisting tool that we can apply for ourselves for the sake of self immediate revelation and thus, support – 

I can see that determination and self-commitment creates the difference – I can see that the more I speak and relate to people that are standing as equals, I become more ‘confident’ with myself as a point of realizing: i am not alone, we are not alone in this and we are going to do this no matter what – this is how the group becomes something that needs to exist as the ultimate equalization in all ways if we are willing to stand as a principle – that has to be ‘ruthless’ in terms of what we will accept or allow within ourselves and within others as ourselves as it is in the small acceptances and allowances that this world has been created the way it exists now. 

So, enjoyed communicating through writing and being able to support and be supported with another though words in specificity 

This point of Self Support has also allowed me to see and be glad that there are other beings in this world that are walking and doing the same as me, willing to walk in equality, fully, completely – I’m completely up for the ‘no-middle ways’ – I’m simply done with accepting half-stands and turn-abouts and doubts and inconsistencies – that is accepting ourselves to be ‘inherently flawed’ instead of actually living a basic discipline to become self willed and act physically, be ‘mindless’ in walking this. 

Ok this is it – 

I saw a video from a self-proclaimed ‘Satanist’ explained how ‘the world is a prison’ and so I sent him a message as he suggested with that Desteni video called ‘Prison Planet’ – 

The more we ‘break the code’ the more we deal with unsorted points within this reality that need to be exposed, discussed, clarified and purified within ourselves at the same time we go walking through this. 

So, words and the importance of being able to express effective to live words effectively in all ‘dimensions’ that they represent within this world. Once again, communicate, write, write, write, a word, two then what follows is simply allowing yourself to reflect yourself upon your words – such a cool simple self-reflexion point. 

Going to sleep now – I’ll die well in dignity in my sleep. 

thanks for reading.


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