Equal Money = Breath Orgasm

I am walking through the current lesson in SRA from which I won’t ‘reveal’ much yet all I can say is that it’s been quite amazing now having tools to link something apparently ‘ordinary’ or ‘insignificant’ in our daily lives such as the choice of clothes we were determining ‘who we are’ as mind consciousness systems – I have been able to trace back points in my life that I have constantly rather ‘suppressed’ about my past – other points wanting to re-live those events and memories every time I wear or use specific clothing items – simply fascinating as this point of ‘suppression’ or deliberately not wanting to ‘remember’ certain phases of my life because of the ‘mindset’ I was in and thus, just by having this point of ‘attachment’ as ‘not wanting to look at it’ or ‘suppress’ it, inevitably creating a point of definition that I am still holding ‘as myself’ yet not consciously aware of it which is something that I then obviously hadn’t ‘seen’ for myself – really cool stuff and enjoying revealing these points to myself. 

Within this I can say that after having known the ‘system’ I was carrying in my back and my choices and desires in my head are completely able to be explained – I always considered myself to be like a ‘male’ because I would be thinking in sex constantly, frequently and while growing up I would be quite open to talk about it and I would exist in that constant desire to get a ‘kick’ out of being somewhat ‘flirting’ with males in my environment yet being quite ‘tough’ to handle with as I would feed on these ‘power games’ – lol that’s quite cool I didn’t keep myself quiet when I had to share something and explain points or bring another’s opinion ‘down to earth’ – this mostly happened in school where I can see that the mechanism of it in itself is that of forming, shaping and conditioning people to mold according to the system, according to rules and ways that others adopt from each other and thus, handling the ‘group’  as a more ‘manageable’ group of people – if such common grounds as ‘school’ didn’t exist, the ways of thinking and living, experiencing, expressing and generally ‘living’ as a human being would be very diverse and thus, difficult to manage/control within a system – this is why school becomes your ‘second home’ wherein you learn to cage your mind in a set of how the system works and all the way up to the latest degree you’re able to take, you’re simply feeding, perpetuating and ensuring that you ‘form’, and ‘mold’ yourself according to the ‘ways of the system’ and, we’ve all accepted this as ‘the way it is’. 

Anyways – deviation from point to point but all is relevant really -So I went out to have a walk downtown and met a ‘friend’ of mine from the past and once again, realized that each person according to their ‘background’ and ‘experience’ will interpret and understand the basic points such as ‘Equality’ and ‘Oneness’ and ‘Equal Money’ based on what they can ‘refer to’ within their minds – so, if a being’s life has been ‘limited’ to now only perceive/understand Equality and Oneness due to a drug experience, that ‘experience’ will be the ‘reference point’ that they will take on as their ‘understanding’ of ‘Equality’ -when in fact it is obviously not as it is based on a chemically-induced experience that they’ve made as a ‘real experience’ or ‘awakening point’ from which they will then ‘confirm’ as their ‘understanding of oneness’  – so, it is vital for people to know and understand that these experiences are not real at all, that they are all mind-experience based and that they haven’t actually ‘experienced’ oneness as it is simply ‘what we are as a whole’ and any ‘experience’ out of it is simply the fusion of your three mind layers creating you a ‘god-like’ experience. 

The levels of self-induced deception are quite daunting when discussing basic points with a regular guy from my age that’s been exposed to certain information, drugs and self-induced experience mostly with the named ‘sacred plants’ and whatnot due to the level of ‘attachment’ in an apparent ‘spiritual way’ it creates with the user and the ‘experience’ which is a mind-creation in its totality and considering it as something ‘enlightening’ as human being – yet when talking on most basic matters, the point of how this world, this reality, the physical, ourselves as individuals work and participate in the system is almost overlooked – as simple as not being able to say that Energy is the equivalent to Money as Money is the Equivalent to energy and that thus, this system as ourselves as a ‘whole’ let’s say a ‘human physical body’, is simply existing in a constant illness wherein the energy is Not being distributed to all cells equally – thus, what does Equal Money imply? Making sure that we all as Equals support each other as ‘breath of life’ as who we are here in the physical, giving to all cells, all components of the whole as the physical body, the basic requirements to live and function in this world as one, as a whole, as a group of cells that create tissue, that creates muscles, that creates different systems up to the embodiment of one being. So in a way, lol, 
Equal Money = Breath Orgasm – the way we make sure that the money is distributed equally to all and not just spent on one single ‘flickering’ as when masturbating where giving away your energy is the same as overfeeding only one particular group of cells or one specific organ or one side of the body creating an obvious ‘illness’ in it by not being equally distributing energy, oxygen, nutrients and everything else that the cell needs to survive. 

So I saw that this explanation that I took from the cool discussion by Bernard here: http://www.desteni.co.za/a/human-body-is-the-equal-money-system and yes, it was cool explaining this with very simple and ‘able to relate-to/with’ facts in order to explain how an Equal Money System would work and how it relates to our basic-origin point of it all which is Equality and thus having no need to even bring the consequences or outflows that we are all aware of and living within the current system as the basic ‘origin’ of such sickness/illness as the inequality of the system we are living as a ‘whole’ is being created and perpetuated through our participating with the energy that runs as money to divide and separate. 

Another point is there’s this ‘quote’ form one president here – apparently a good one even though it is well known he was a free-mason lol – that says: ‘El respeto al derecho ajeno, es la paz’ and can be translated as ‘The respect of another’s rights, is peace’ the word ‘ajeno’ means something that is completely ‘separated’ from yourself, something/someone that is ‘unknown’ and ‘unrelated’ to you – so he’s basically saying, we better ‘respect’ – see the use of respect as system to perpetuate and support each others’ enslavement as ‘individuals’ with apparent ‘free choice’ as the design of respect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udp5_vAmQnw – the individuals and nations and ‘another’s ‘rights’ or ‘free will’ or ‘free choice’ and live in ‘peace’ -read ‘harmony’ or ‘avoiding wars’ or living in a constant state of ‘tolerance’ while compounding the frictions that eventually turn into wars – between individuals and nations, and religions and whatnot as we now know. I mean, this phrase is perfect follow up for ‘divide and conquer’ yet it is such a worshiped quote and completely indoctrinated into beings in this country from a very young age without even fully ‘grasping’ what it entails in its core-essence as the perfect support for the illusion of ‘free-choice’, ‘free-will’, ‘human rights’ for all the wrong reasons – 
So, lol it was cool being able to dismantle this on such a fucked up quote that we have only ‘accepted’ as ‘magnifique’ because: we’ve been told so in school and in the country to consider it as it. 

So – this is my sharing at the moment on how to explain with basics the Equal Money System as many others have already been explaining in very cool and simple ways which is simply building different ways to approach the same point, this is so considering that each person is currently living as a defined and limited background and reference-database according to the environment they live in, country, language, culturally speaking, economical status, education, family, religion and all the etceteras that shape and form the separation in this word. 

Because Equality is a ‘get together’ under basic grounds that no one can deny participating it, just by the fact that we all breath brings us all within requiring oxygen to survive, the basics – money as breath as ‘eternal well-beingness’ for all human beings – breath orgasm – lol

thanks for reading. 


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