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So – just quick pointers that I’ve seen/realized

The point of seeing how words and the way we express them defines in that single moment if we are actually living them as ourselves or if they are simply coming from a point of ‘knowledge’ meaning = not yet lived as self here – 

So I can see that when communicating with another, when speaking to the camera, when chatting with someone how I can definitely see where by ‘default’ points can be ‘assumed’ rather than proven and lived – I can see how a certain ‘twist’ in the expression can make a difference from an honest to a dishonest starting point – 

I have seen how a particular word that I haven’t yet ‘lived’ fully as myself lowers the voice tonality or even the full expression of such word the moment that it is being said because there are still points of limitation, emotional/feeling attachment or simple past experiences attached to them which definitely have to be exposed for myself to stand clear – and make sure that I am not ‘fooling’ myself but making sure that what I am speaking, what I am expressing, what I am directing as thought, what I am directing as writing as self as the constant self correction that I live in, stands congruent with what I am living – this way things are simplified which is also the way to get to ‘Essential Points’ that yes are in fact non-debatable – as I was reading in Kelly’s blog – feeding each one’s opinions and egos to see which one ‘matches’ each other to form symbiotic or parasitic relationships wherein one idea is being constantly fed and usually not in the best interest of all. 

Also cool point to take into consideration is to realize that what we’re walking and doing and living as is going ‘against the current’ – this is why doing such physical statements as shaving our heads, deliberately not participating in usual system-life stuff creates a point within ourselves where we can more effective reflect upon what’s being accepted and allowed because we stand in it from ‘outside’ as an observer yet within it as it is people around us and ourselves included that have regular-every-day-matrix-life events and moments wherein by simple acts, simple words, simple visible points can start creating a point of awareness –

 I am already seeing this just by Sub4Sub, reaching people I had never imagined reaching because: I simply wouldn’t have ‘considered’ going to a channel like that which is a self-imposed and accepted limitation to ‘only’ considering looking at certain contents in channels and disregard everyone else’s without even considering the most obvious point of equality within this – I mean in the end doesn’t matter ‘who you are’ = you’ll be equally supported so, best is to get the principle in place as ourselves and get rid of anyone that is visibly not going to ‘give up’ their “life” for the best interest of all – we can do this as we go standing individually for ourselves within our world and reality – we become the directive principle in equality. 

So, it’s been quite cool to discover ‘the world’ of YouTube this way – quite cool and enjoyable to be reaching more people through words and expression and them being able to relate to it, or bash you for it, lol – as has been said ‘any publicity, is ‘good’ publicity’

okay – later!


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