Death knocks at the door with No Money to behold

So, my sister and parents went out to have something to eat and she told us the story of one of her friends being in the hospital with several ‘bruises’ all over his body, they say he’s got very few thousand platelets in his body and they say that it was due to ‘stress’ – my parents said: oh poor man! well, he’s definitely below 30 and so I asked about his life-style. 

My sister explained how he would have two jobs because he had to keep up his family’s economy as the father had left them without any financial support and thus, he had to fend for his mother and sister – thus he worked in an overnight shift at a hotel and would have a second job after the hotel night-shift and thus, his basic physical rest wasn’t properly established nor his eating-habits – he would also have to maintain a relationship and the basic commodities to be able to live in this world – So, I said: well it’s quite fucked up it always boils down to money – 

So points like these where your physical body says ‘I can’t no more’ to such an extreme where blood transfusions are necessary due to not giving proper care to our physical body is something that can only happen in a system that pushes beings to the brink of death due to living in Survival Mode -this guy is the perfect example of how millions of human beings are simply not taking proper care of themselves not because ‘they don’t want to’ but because they don’t have enough time or money to do so – this is how fucked up life has become! and even more when he’s trying to pursuit a dream of ‘getting married’ without having proper money/income for that – this is how Money fucks up Lives, literally – this can’t be more straightforward in relation to how this ‘god’ decides who lives and who dies – doctors still don’t know what his health conditions really are – and this is another one! why? Because he’s in the government’s health care which, to say the least, is quite deteriorated in terms of services and overall attention, I mean if they don’t have the proper care = people die! and this is so with anyone there. I heard of this girl giving birth in this governmental institution and because of not giving the proper BASIC support in terms of following a natural birth process, the girl had to get a cesarean insection because the baby was already ‘over-due’ due to the badly supported natural birth process! – thank you government for spending taxes on fucking political propaganda and massive concerts to keep people ‘happy’. 

Anyways – so these are just two basic examples of how MONEY and the structure it exists as is NOT Supporting LIFE AT ALL – it is killing people, pushing beings that are certainly willing to live to push themselves to the brink of dying because of not having enough money! and well, we don’t even have to explain how people with absolutely NO MONEY are simply ‘off the map’ in these stories where no health care, no job, no food is in their daily schedule – HOW can we ‘Live’ like this? IT is Insane, it is the ultimate fuckup – We can’t keep supporting the ‘holly-wood’ lie ‘life’ that they pursue to live –

Where is Everybody?

An Equal Money System will Stop this Madness that we see as ‘usual’ within this world. It is NOT how things should be – and this can be changed one by one. THanks 


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