To Vlog or Not to Vlog – There is No Choice

So I will be sharing here some of the points to walk through as Self Support in relation to ‘Vlogs’ specifically and the points to walk through as in relation to this. 
So – few words that described a point of ‘fear’ existent at a non-conscious level that tested out were ’emblem’, ‘condescendence’ and ‘denomination’ – I’ll be taking on the first one here.
So I discussed these words in vlogs that I will be uploading if considered as supportive- the ’emblem’ is standing as a representation point meaning in relation to ‘fear’ that is in the back of my head so to speak when coming through as expression as myself in front of a camera as being speaking in the name of ‘all’ as statements that are able to be understood and applicable to all as principle. So the ‘fear’ is of being sort of like a ‘spokesperson’ representing Equality – this word ‘spokesperson’ actually was ‘renewed’ in my vocabulary and awareness through a message from some guy on youtube saying that ‘I should be a spokesperson’ – and so the fear of speaking up and becoming a point of ‘representation’ stands as a polarity to the actual desire to do and be so, yet still within a certain ‘role-playing’ which I am still separating from myself as my standing within the same principle I am living by and walking as in my daily life. 
So, the correction point is simply expanding myself as talking in front of the camera expressing words that I am living as myself – that is the ‘tricky’ point because in that mode of being observing myself and my expression through video recording, I can see the moments where I go into speaking about something that I can’t yet relate to in a ‘vivid way’= livable way/living the words as myself and so, I simply go on with a bit of hesitation wherein I try to ‘keep up’ to my own words because it’s not Here as Myself – and that’s when the ‘shifting’ happens in the moment of communicating. 
So that’s a cool point to look at and thus realizing that such point as ’emblem’ exists as an idea of myself that is being created with regards to ‘how’ I have to ‘come through’ as such a stance within that defined ‘self-created role’ – because in the end it is simply about Self Standing here as the understanding and living of Equality itself to not allow myself to deviate from this basic point of sharing common sense and go into the ‘idea’ of what or how I should be communicating myself towards ‘the world’ – very basic yet substantial point as Equality implies All- one and equal – Within that expression there is no need to place more ‘value’ or ‘worth’ on to what I say, it is not ‘less’ or ‘better than’ or ‘less than’ – it is simply how things are which is what sharing as self taking all into consideration is – 


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