Let-GO of this World

Let go of everything that you’ve believed in
let-go of everything that you’ve ever placed trust upon,
let-go of all the fears that have bonded you to a certain place, a certain position, a certain name in the game

Let-go of the Memories that occupy your Beingness ‘Here’ –

Let-go of the illusions on a future that isn’t here

Let-go of the desires that blind your action and the dreams that smash your wings

Let-go of everything that you’ve ever been to exist only in the moment

Let-go of the torment of a single human day

Let-go of all the pain that you’ve caused to yourself

Let-go of the dread, the anger, the tears and the bliss to simply exist Here as  Breath

Let-GO of this World – tomorrow it might be no more 


Let-GO of this World

Letting GO of this World


About Marlen

I'm a human being that has decided to live by the principle of Life in Equality and place myself as a point of support for everyone that's willing to birth themselves as Life in this world. View all posts by Marlen

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