Getting new place to stay

So, I went to see the house i’ll be living in in Mexico City, it is certainly quite a difference from where I was previously living and more ‘challenging’ as I will be sharing the house with 4 more persons and so we’ll see. I got to choose one of the two rooms downstairs and after three times of flipping a coin and choosing eagle the three times, I got to choose – (yes our coin has the eagle devouring the snake and ‘the sun’ on the other side of the coin which is the aztec calendar) -The girls I’ll be living with I sort of ‘knew’ from school, and the guy is younger and I didn’t know him previously – anyhow, should be interesting to live there- It’s cool in a way because it’s a spacey house, it’s got a patio with huge lemon tree and some granadilla tree from the neighbors, and it’s virtually across the street from school so, that’s even cooler in terms of ‘security’ considering the area and mexico city. 

So that was on friday and I did the whole trip of going back and forth in 12 hours, got here and had my resonance chat just in time and then to sleep – I had a headache and then realized that I was probably just requiring some water. Fridays and mexico city is fucking busy, I spent 3 hours on the bus because some area got flooded and so we had to go through some other place… luckily enough I had my laptop so I worked and watched some fringe in the meantime. 
I simply ‘moved’ I didn’t create any further experiences on the whole thing of moving in metro, bus, walking, too many people – everything is quite fucked up yes, that’s what I can say. 
An example is that the house I’ll be leaving in is actually from a family that has to rent their house to get some money to live because the ‘father’ lost his job the moment that our beloved president decided to shut-down the electricity company that ran the service for mexico city and instead, replaced it with the federal light company – so people were fired with really fucking unfair liquidations and thus, they were on strike and they have been in strike for a long time – things seem rather difficult and this family is simply moving to a much smaller place around there to be able to sustain themselves. So, I will be living in someone else’s house that had to be left due to unfair massive firing that’s happened over the last few months. 
I took a cab to go to the metro station and in less than what… 6 minutes that the ride took, just by asking mr. cab driver how he was doing in the job he simply blurted out that it was really ‘low’ and that now everyone was getting the bill to pay water every month for at least 3 times more the price they used to pay before – I just couldn’t believe it, I still have to and will eventually be verifying this myself but he seemed very concerned about it –  just desperate and concluding he will not be able to pay the bills that month until everyone goes back to school and job ‘stabilizes’ – I thanked him and went out of the cab – then went into the train, looking at the city, gray, lots of people, breathe – I listened to some interviews loaded in my ipod and so that was supportive for the ride. Then just wait till the next bus trip to my home city, went to an internet cafe, did some sub4sub and emailing, went out and my return trip began. 
I have to say that I reacted upon talking with one of my new ‘roomies’ that one of the is simply a cynic selfish person, that she doesn’t give a fuck if she spends one hour taking a shower, using loads of water and that apparently communicating this point to her results in her being even more cynical and blunt about it  – so pff… I did notice her attitude but, pff we’ll see what happens. The guy seems okay as well as the other girls – I have said that I am definitely not up for them making ‘parties’ and shit like that, but we’ll  see – I can definitely see a ‘change’ within my approach of living there – probably before I would’ve pointed out every single detail and eventually would’ve done something to end up living alone again, but that simply isn’t sustainable. I realize that the apartment I lived in for 3 years and where I even ended up living all by myself was quite a luxury in-fact. So, living in this average almost province-like house will be a cool way of giving-up my comfort zone which I have been so used to here in my parents house. 
I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to react in anger upon knowing that I will be living with someone that is a self-proclaimed ‘selfish’ and ‘self-interested’ person that doesn’t give a fuck about taking care of water
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think before hand that I will be having problems with her
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to even in thought already ‘despise’ her because of her words and application as it was mentioned by this other girl, without even seeing it for myself first hand. 
Well, practical application of this will be in terms of ‘money’ – if water rate is up and I definitely see that she uses more water than the rest, I will definitely speak-up no matter what – I will definitely establish principles there, and I am sure the majority will be up for ‘what’s best for all’ and that won’t be debatable. So that’s cool – lol I am probably going too far already, but just settling the ground for whatever might come. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being ‘disturbed’ in this new place by unexpected ‘events’ taking place there
I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to desire living in a crystal bubble where nothing actually happens and I live in constant comfort zone. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist the idea of having to live with a person like that girl – I simply stop and don’t allow myself to create any further ideas upon her, as they are at this stage only that, ideas. 
It’s funny, one of them asked me about me shaving my head and I said why I was doing it yet she didn’t ask any further about it, only shared how she’d had her hair with different colors and then how she was just going to finish school, get the title and then join some travelling group that go making any kind of demonstrations around the country, lol pretty much circus-caravan-like. 
Anyways, talking with the owner of the house got me to be now ‘close’ to what’s going on in mexico city, quite fucked up but this kind of shitty injustice for all has to stop with Equal Money for All – yes, that way people won’t have to go living in strike every single day of their lives and actually start living, not having to deplete their lives to fight for something that  must be given as an equal right. That is Money as a Life Right. 


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