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I went downtown and encountered the father of my best friends from childhood on my way, I really thought he wasn’t going to recognize me but he seemed to be glad to see me and so he made the remark on my bald head that I looked ‘nice’ and stuff. Then I explained the point why – just to place into context he’s a psychologist, leftist, communist, and current teacher of psychology in the university so obviously some points rang his ears and told me he was working on some workshop using some of Osho’s stuff and that I should send him ‘what I have’ and he’ll send me what he does and get ‘somewhere’ from that – so I got his email – quite a weird encounter and yeah the kind of person that you know is analyzing your every movement lol – 

Then went to change some money to pay for my computer – one woman simply took my place in the queue while I was making the line outside of the tiny money exchange place that had this hot heat coming out of the air con inside  – pff  she just did it like that, ruthlessly – I tried to say but she simply ignored me – I knew I would’ve gotten mad so I simply let go of it – the girl on the other side an american girl simply looked at me like saying ‘wtf with this woman’? but yeah, I simply won’t make a fuzz about a tiny detail – almost every time I get a ‘thing’ with queues and people, they don’t seem to respect that – the same at the bank where also another woman behind me complained about the bad service- pf. Overall education and efficiency is required here. It is really noticeable at times people just wanting to ‘guard’ themselves, like going through life scavenging somehow. 
Then came and had cool chat wherein I saw that I restricct myself from recording videos whenever there is someone in the house – I prefer doing it when I’m alone and how I enjoy whenever I am alone to do stuff that I don’t regularly do when they are here like playing guitar, singing, recording myself, playing some music or whatever-  only fear of judgment can exist as the reason why I don’t do this when mother is around. 
‘Mother’ I have such a not so cool relationship with her, she is still somewhat kind of ‘resentful’ probably because of me not playing ‘daughter’ anymore but more like another habitant in this house – and yeah, her voice tonality shows that like ‘resentment’ or something – though for some reason I am not interested in knowing or discussing as I know it’s part of her process and thus, she’ll simply have to walk through it  and apply herself as she’s mentioned. 
My father made a remark simply to not go out to the street wearing shorts to what I replied why not? He said ‘People are real fuckers’ meaning ‘men are fuckers’ and yeah of course I’ve seen that but saw that he fears that himself because of what exists within him anyways – so that was quite revealing yet too ‘protective’ towards myself which shows they still treat me like a 14 year old as their ‘little daughter’. 
Anyways, I saw some hype programming in the history channel – yes I can’t deny I get sucked-in these kind of documentaries on the universe, earth and the nowadays popular-on-heavy–rotation programming depicting 2012 and the so-called ‘nostradamus effect’ where they explain how all the cultures, science, drug trips, ancient knowledge of different origins and technology predicts 2012 as the end of humanity –  I just scratched my head and yeah it’s cool to see how all the programs wouldn’t see any further than 2012 and everything’s already been explained so, fuick! we really can’t say this or that as definitive, so I simply found it interesting out of curiosity but that’s about it. I’ve always been fascinated by end of the world stuff so that’s the kind of entertainment I get sucked in on tv lol- yes I would also watch on ghosts or demonic possessions or u.f.o’s when I was a kid and obviously always fascinated by the apocalypse and nostradamus specifically -quite cool because it is not so common that I place myself to watch tv but I just enjoy looking at people matching all their clues to the ‘end of the world’ – fascinating.
Then I watched some ‘alternative-news’ that are coming-through as revealing the interconnectedness between the government and drug cartels like ‘formal’ connections between drug cartels, president, the justice system and the army – like on actual formal meetings establishing their monopoly in the country etc –  yeah the four musketeers and well, what else can I say? that simply confirms the obvious and it simply enhances my perspective on the fuckedupness of this country even more – then get the news from the recent visitors from the us that they got racially profiled here in mexico three times – pff – what can I say? ‘Fuckers”? Complaining is just something I am tired of doing, been criticizing this all my life I can’t simply go on ranting about it – I simply stand as the change that I am and simply inform myself of what goes on and how things go escalating, but continue with my established application and that’s it – everywhere there is some form of abuse – it is tremendous, and all I can say is that it will go escalating
Hey it was interesting looking at how in this history channel programming they depict 2008 as the ‘crack’ year in the US economy – fascinating and all matching to what was predicted one year before that through the portal. From there Equal Money was regarded as a solution, let’s see how long it takes for everyone to just realize OH! duh! If i support Equality, I support Myself!
lol – important news on equal money and the microchip as well which is cool clarification for all those that feared equal money just because of the chip – sissies lol 
So, that was the day – enjoyed walking before sunset there was this nice fresh wind- the weather in this city is just great, quite sunny yet partially cloudy, and this fresh chilly wind going around almost constantly at certain times of the day – I saw one man selling a kite and I remembered how I have wanted to fly one for a long time … it only forms part of my artwork as the depiction of ‘freedom’ and ‘innocence’ – I sure enjoy the wind on my face, I am definitely ‘happy’ when the wind is blowing, I just close my eyes, breathe and let go, I’d like to be a leaf being blown by the wind! cool breeze! 
Moka is sleeping here – yay
I went to a museum and I formed the idea of wanting to see something ‘inspiring’ for Equality – to my surprise there are several things on the 200 years of the revolution and somehow the was this expo of french graphic artists with french-revolution as topic – so equality, human rights and so on was in several pieces, cool – but yeah, not much really ‘amazes’ me – my fav one depicted a bald had just seen from above – no face, just bald head and the insinuation of the back. That was cool 
Then saw some erotic 1920’s collection of photographs that were taken in europe around that time and traded in the black market as what I assume was explicit pornography – interesting, I could relate to what I saw to which I simply realized – ‘yeah there’s nothing new under the carpet’ –  and glanced through all the collection of intercourse photos and went out. 


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