Things I enjoy: breathing cold breeze of air early in the morning at sunrise or sunset – feeling the sun while a chilli breeze comes by – this city has a very nice weather and the clouds seem lower than in other places- well, it’s the height of the city overall. 

This cold-breeze and breathing, walking – just great, it’s summer and I am simply fascinated by the chilly wind that comes through the window even though the sun is fully out. 
I am glad that my main channel and desteni español channel are in the 60’s of most subscribed diretors of mexico – that is really cool promotion –
I made a video about the hair and cleaning of the gulf of México with it – I just had to say this because I saw these points lingering in my mind yet not opening up my mouth to actually point it out – sort of held myself back from doing that because of the amount of people doing it around the world – but got to simply stand for what I say and made it today and posted it as a response to bernard’s video upon it – common sense and actual proof can’t be denied on this. 
I had a ‘flag’ point to look at while chatting with someone and that is ‘Humbleness’ I brought up the word yet it was interesting that he said how in humbleness he’s even able to enjoy his parents – lol – I found that hilarious and thus realized that I have created a different ‘stance’ with my parents, like ‘by default’ – It’s gone from me treating them as ‘equals’ but within the point of wanting to dissolve the hierarchical relationship, I’ve stood/remained in a ‘separation’ stance as well – so yeah i will simply keep an eye on it –
But ‘Humbleness’ itself is a very cool word to live as – just simplicity here – any acceptance of self considered as a ‘transcendence’ in your own standing as process, you take it as yourself here, can’t make you any’ better’ or ‘less’-than, simply here as yourself, giving yourself back to yourself – that’s the one cool definition of Self Forgiveness so – walking Self Forgiveness every moment is living in humbleness here, as self, directing, breathing, accepting, forgiving. 
I had some fun being alone and playing music and watching the collection of photos of my camera in order to possibly make something out of it all – 
Ok. This is short ‘cool breeze’ blog  – enjoy the simplicity of breathing – even more if it’s cool summer breeze – 


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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