band-aid children’s reading campaign

Share what happened some moments ago – It was cool on getting a video response from this woman that I got to contact through a parapsychology group in YT and general sub4sub on clarifying a misunderstanding in relation to some sub4sub comment, she has a shaved head and as such shared her point of being aware of us as Desteni and being bald and aware of videos on breathing/ 21 days and so on – she seemed quite ccool and definitely support her immediate standing to make a video and show herself just to clarify this point – fascinating. 

I had a cool encounter with whom I can say is a ‘friend’ now considering he was my ‘boyfriend’ for some time and thus I met him yesterday downtown and had some coffee to chat and showed him some videos that I’ve made, pictures, some Desteni videos in spanish and it was generally cool, much more open to it than before and I realized man things on judgments/perceptions I had made upon him back then when we broke up in relation to his preference of using drugs and delving into that ‘world’ – he still does that but he’s overall been a common-sensical guy with a very bizarre and plain odd way of expressing his analysis on humanity and social systems – He still does and shared some pointers that pretty much get to the same points in common sense and could settle things in very basic terms we could ‘agree’ upon.

Then he told me how he had gone to this campaign for kids in what we can define as ‘poor neighborhoods’ near downtown to foment ‘reading’ which turned out to be the same project my other friend is in-charge of – and it was quite cool to see that he actually enjoyed being with the kids and how he was surprised on kids that age being so ‘advanced’ compared to how we existed at their age – 

Okay before I continue – this is very interesting – I am experiencing lots of ‘movements’ and ‘buzzing’ or ‘twitching’ in muscles and as i go ‘recalling’ the moments different parts ‘twitch’ slightly -like just now on bringing the memory and knee twitched, then sometimes arms – all the points and the general ‘pumping the blood’ ‘sound’ experienced that is a constant whenever I am silent enough. 
Okay – so we discussed on how disgraceful it is that even projects like this one that have a cool starting point such as fomenting reading on to kids that are generally zoned-in/out infront of tv screens, locked up in their homes because it is generally ‘risky’ to be around those areas of the city – are not an overall solution and are definitely not getting to their ‘end result’ as planned, because this project would have to involve the parents/family of the kids themselves to actually take on this point ‘as themselves’ as well within supporting their kids to read with them and encourage reading as self-enjoyment and form of entertainment besides tv – but! we are talking about people that are mostly working all the time to barely make a living- so obviously no fucking surprise that Money is the reason Why projects like this one have to be ‘sponsored’ by the government itself to place a nice band-aid on to the problem which is Educational in itself – 
If ‘Education’ was a proper one, then reading would’ve actually be impulsed by the schools themselves and supported as part of the overall environment a child develops within as part of the system – yet this is obviously not so and most-likely the other way around which entails that most of those kids don’t live stable family-structures as house and family members themselves, and are mostly used to ways of ‘taming’  -which is this guy’s preferred word for the process of indoctrination of human beings within the system from birth to .. well almost death – and thus they are already at a very early age limited, repressed, fearful to speak, completely submissive. Most of the ‘poor people’ feel ‘ashamed’ to express themselves, they ‘hide-out’ and tend to keep quiet, don’t raise their voice and some barely even speak – 
So, after having discussed his experience with the kids in what I saw that he’d actually enjoyed his experience of going with them and enjoying the activities and time spent with them, i was lingering around going today with him again with the kids. And so early in the morning I got a message from my other friend, the one that organized it letting me know the time and place and so I decided to go. 
Didn’t know what to expect but it was ‘okay’ – I didn’t get to actually do something in specific with the kids, I just approached some to draw some puppets with them – yes ‘drawing puppets’ on paper bags – they did made different activities for them like puppet-theatre, a play, some other more involving physical activities and finally getting the books that are given by government for each different let’s call it ‘street’ or zone of that ‘poverty zone’ which will be having these activities wherein people that are paid by the government to foment reading on to kids are responsible for putting-up activities and show to make the ‘donation’ of the books as something interesting and fascinating – they are trying to do their best and trying to make the kids enjoy, and they do but the final point of the ‘reading of books’ at least wasn’t pushed today – and most of the kids I asked about reading- well some were too small to even read yet, and the ‘older’ ones were first too shy to speak, then after a while of asking questions they said they didn’t like reading at all and how they would watch tv in their ‘spare time’ – one of them liked drawing but judged his drawing as ‘bad’ compared to his brother’s and thus, ‘gave-up’ – so i definitely talked upon that and encouraged to take it on again and practice, practice, practice as that is what’s required with drawing – 
 Then all the plays and activities for them came and well, overall it could’ve been like some children party in a way and I definitely have my doubts on the final results of this campaign as I see the root of this point been far more intricate than just impulsing reading to kids, but actually an overall need for education beyond measure – in all ways – Some even ‘numb themselves out’ of the game, judging themselves as being ‘ashamed’ or ‘shy’ or whatever to speak-up – these are patterns that are obviously total fucking ingrained from generations after generations – and it’s obvious to see how it will take much more than one campaign to foment reading on to kids to make them actually pick them up a book for themselves – 
There were some rasta guys that arrived there singing improvised rhymes on kids and the campaign and the world which I found pretty cool, kids are really into music and enjoyed that yet, within it all it had a sense of just ‘wanting to get it done’ – not from these musicians but from the organizing team and, I don’t fully agree with the ways used to deal with kids – it’s just another ‘teacher-student’ set-up because kids are used/indoctrinated already to that set up, thus it’s almost like not being able to change the rules because then control wouldn’t exist over the kids and because kids are so unpredictable and unconditional expression, the system makes sure they stay in place, they do as they want them to do  and follow the instructions to the T – any point that ‘deviated’ – ex kid running on the ‘stage’ or wanting to deliberately make the actress trip or something, would be nicely ‘sat back’ to their place and so, having to follow the rules in the end. I did wonder that ‘maliciousness’ of this particular kid wanting to make the woman trip on stage – I saw ‘the future’ adults they would become: fearful, suppressed, controlled, abuse, only seeking entertainment, selfish, isolated, ashamed, shy – many points which already exist at a very young age – now picture them becoming teenagers and adults – pff it is quite obvious to see how the fuckedupness is transmitted from gen to generation – 
They were quite grateful that my friend made a drawing for two of them,sort of like the ‘almost in puberty’ kids that relegated themselves more from the group of infants and thus felt like ‘too old to play with them’ yet they wanted to be part of it in a way but! were ashamed! So I spoke on that ‘make your voice be heard’! and stuff like that – It is obviously kind of hard to see any immediate results, let’s just ‘hope’ that the books that have been provided get opened frequently to be read by them and actually creates a change in these kids entertainment resources – 
We’ll see – I’ll keep sharing more later – quite late at teh moment 
Okay – share later – thanks


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