Okay got a meaning in Spanish of that word now to expand the meaning I had gotten in english and it’s literally when someone speaks in a ‘smooth manner’ and it’s called ‘labia’ which comes from lips which is something similar to gab as well – So, to place into context I tested out as the word that would describe the way that stands as dishonesty in the manner I referred myself within an email exchange and thus, realizing I was still coming-through not as completely directive but holding ‘specialness’ on to that person which is jorn and that all happened through a ‘birthday-greeting’ email wherein I can see that I am still trying to come-through as ‘nice’ or having an ‘idea’ of know the person which is in fact not so.
So, cool that the point came up and was able to identify for myself how a pattern can be repeating wherein a ‘smooth bridge’ for communication is created with a starting point of holding that ‘idea’ of the person as ‘who he was’ in a past moment and wanting to then still ‘hold on’ to that to be able to speak in a different manner as in being more ‘smooth’ or ‘gentle’ and not completely directive – yet at the same time sometimes going ‘over the notch’ to direct someone or myself and thus not equalizing that point to not go into extremes. 
This word ‘glib’ can also point out how I was completely aware of the initial ‘dishonesty’ as in having a ‘special regard’ for someone in separation from the rest, I still allowed myself to do that from delusions of actually being causing something ‘beneficial’ for another, or being something ‘cool’ thus, if one is not completely clear and equal in all ways in every communication point = the opposite will come out as a fruition, just like any other participation within polarity and not having a clear starting point. 
It was very cool and supportive discussing this which made it clear how I wasn’t – once again – fully being directive with a person that I existed in a ‘relationship’ with and thus, allowing that definition to create separation with evident outflows that simply point out that my initial intention was ‘glib’ –
So, very fascinating to the point word which I didn’t even know in English and the meaning of it describes my way of expressing which comes-through as deceptive and thus, caused the opposite initial input which was that of being shut off for what it was. 
Why do we use glib? what does glib lead to? ability to manipulate, to sustain an idea of yourself as how you perceive yourself having to be and do with certain people – which is obviously separation and fucked-up – to beat around the bush, because of fearing being harsh, because of wanting to create within others a certain impression of yourself which is based on ‘nice words’ which can’t really support you because the very starting point of them is a lie. 
Cool eh? Imagine these type of events going on everyday between people, the famous white-lies and how it gets to a point of constant hypocrisy that is then accepted as the general society-code and thus people smile at each other and the moment they turn away back to back, they put out their hundred dollar smile and sometimes even add a remark on the person as a judgment -I am describing particularly what goes on around in a society like the one i live in, it’s rather nasty  – yet, I was doing the same which in the end doesn’t matter ‘how much’ or ‘what level’ as that which wasn’t considered was the starting point of the ‘greeting’ part.

This clarified for myself into understanding what I had allowed myself to play-out disregarding equality in that moment as communication with beings equally 
Cool – definitely stopping the unnecessary bs for the sake of ‘being nice’ lol 
Within this process and specifically on ‘special regard to people’ -equal directiveness, no special regard and as we discussed ‘brutal’ and stone-cold self-honesty – that is the only way to start equalizing ourselves to all and stopping yet a cycle that had already happened for the sake of maintaining a status-quo which in the end leaves to stagnation and not as an accurate communication point.
Ok. thanks

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