Responsibility when living in groups – feedback in action

Following the feedback on the last entry by Jozien, I proceeded to ask the guys living here for a meeting tonight, I came out of school at 10 and so I told them that we would meet at 10 –  one of them said ‘oh it’s right on time, I had already forgotten’ – so we sat there and discussed some payments and then we got on to dividing the tasks like taking garbage out and sweeping and cleaning the kitchen – also points like making sure the gas keys are properly closed, door is closed, not leaving food to rot in the fridge, clean the table after you eat, putting away the dishes after washing them and so forth other pointers – it was cool, I definitely would see some reactions and would encourage the being to speak about the point instead of just keeping quiet – so it went alright I mean, I made clear that I have done things because I see it’s what’s best for all to live in a proper clean environment – they get it no one could say the opposite, so common sense non-debatable. Yay, so it’s cool, the first step of giving direction is done and taken – now will be the actual walking of the points and people taking responsibility for them.

I am writing here and I’ve had a headache that began as slight since yesterday and has now intensified a lot, got some nausea as well and generally not feeling alright in this very moment. 
I tested out a word, ‘dead’ came out – which is quite similar to deaden so pff have to look at that, it is probably the outcome of over a week of certain changes and experiences, etc – I had a similar physical experience when traveling, it definitely didn’t feel cool in the physical -right now pain is sharp and so, going to sleep soon. 
So, gave direction to the points that require direction, used some ‘humor’ to ‘soften the blow’ here and there so that I woudn’t come through as a dictator – lol – though it is what’s best for all. One of them had to get rid of a stinky rot soup that he forgot outside, fascinating no one wanted to stand up and say: yes it is my soup, I forgot about it’ – he couldn’t remember, yet he ended up getting rid of it to which he ended up being quite disgusted – I saw how people don’t take consideration of garbage men – who I definitely respect and thank for their labor every time I take garbage out – because some others suggested to just place it in a plastic bag and take it to the garbage – I simply said Not to do that and to consider the people that work with garbage. 
Anyways, cool I took the lead upon directing this to place some actual responsibility-sharing points when living together. 
Alright, going to sleep 12:00 here. Thanks oh! and obviously katie’s video was supportive on this point as well, look it up: living in a destonian community – and!! definitely the example of living in a farm served as a way to show how we do things – writing notes everywhere
okay thanks for reading, die well. 


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