World Rant – news, truths, blues and fools

I’m seeing many patterns on world and local events that are happening in the world, from global warming conscience, to international gatherings to apparently create ‘solutions’ for environmental-friendly implementations on industries in different countries – from CNN exposing Child Abuse and Pedophilia perpetuated by priests that were covered up by the current pope, the vatican being a money laundry –

 I mean the points about the church and the priests, lol, I remember talking about these type of stuff even when I myself was in a jesuit school, being first hand witness of how rich those priests were and how some of them wouldn’t really give a fuck about people obviously, and also suspected pedophilia from the main priest there, but I just speculated from once seeing him giving a spank to one kid, who knows –
 Anyhow, riots in Europe increasing and blaming governments as always, then news having to get down and low to be blunt about the economic situation that’s being faced in United States of America and how the unemployment rates simply are the worst in fuck knows how many years – it’s lowest, deepest sore they’ve gone through – same for Spain wherein you can see specialists giving at least 4 years for an eventual situation to stabilize. 

Here in Mexico, 40 million poor people while the fucking government squandered a lot of money for the sake of putting up a ‘big show’ while entire cities were covered in water due to the rain and requiring that same amount of money to aid people and reconstruct the city – all hypothetically speaking as we know that these events will probably pile up until it is everywhere. 
Every time it is more often I get a chain e-mail from family members of lost/kidnapped or simply ‘missing’ women and kids, where their family is obviously looking for them and using the internet and chain mails to hopefully get a track of them back – you see the picture of the girl, of a woman smiling while the email weeps that they’re missing and desperately looking for them. 
Rain is drowning entire houses, bringing mountains down with people in and beneath them, miners being trapped for several weeks inside a mine in Chile with people trying to keep hold of them and pushing the machinery to rescue them – that’s only 30 people and millions are being spent daily on this rescue – what about the millions that live as if they were trapped in a mine because they don’t have any food either, they have no one to take care of them or support them, they are mostly lost children that have to resort in the use of hard drugs to cope with hunger. 
Kids and Children these days in middle-class society, man, they live attached to ipods, ipads, iphones, looking weary at a world that seems to enjoy trapping each other in an artificial bubble of entertamement and complacency, being constantly bombarded and fuel by the images that run infront of the various screens that are looked at during the day with all focus and attention.  Kids and Children in lower class society, living up faster than ever, doing hardly hazardous drugs like compressed air to clean computers, smelling solvents and glue of the most grotesque kind just to get high – 
People around my age are simply blinded by alcohol, I use alcohol to clean the offset ink from metal plates, I pointed this out to one of the guys standing next to me in the workshop, voiced myself outloud saying ‘Imagine, if this is what alcohol does to this metal plate, imagine what it does to your body’ – yet he simply made a gesture of ‘discomfort’ and fade away, didn’t reply anything further – all I hear around is people talking about parties, people looking for parties, people talking about people getting on with other people at parties – people seeking to drink alcohol, people finding it normal to drink beer every given day – people simply wanting to end the day so that they can go and meet with other lost kids to go and drink off the day, following the slave patterns, resorting in smoking weed, drinking alcohol and some other ‘luckier ones’ going to buy themselves something to fill the void. Some others go seeking sex and filling their lives with masturbating to images that they are able to get at the apparently ‘uncompromised’ click of their mouse while they click their mouse to stop the dread of their day. We’ve all been there, yet there are those that would rather spend their time alone than actually ever facing a woman to do this in actuality, physically, here. 
Everyone complains about money, everyone has ‘no time’ for anything else, some people seem very busy, some others simply complain about having to be busy in their life – some others are simply lost and just passing by. 
We live in a world that we see is crumbling down day by day, environmentally, financially, politically, socially – decay is here and with it we have to fill the hole. 
Equality is the solution, because I have no hope for things to get better by themselves, but we actually have to get our own asses in gear to make this work. 
I’m having quite a situation with the workshop that I was before leaving to SA and where I used to spend a lot of time working – since I got back I’ve obviously forgotten how to do certain things as specific as I used to – I am not kidding, but I am not having such a ‘great memory’ these days, I don’t seem to remember events or people or names or whatever – so, I haven’t been remembering the techniques and have done some apparent fuck-ups according to this guy that used to help me out a lot in workshop and teaching me all the specifics – he somehow has turned ‘spiteful’ and always pointing out that ‘I don’t remember anything anymore’ That I will have to start from the very beginning again, and that it’s all because I went out for 1 year and so forth, he’s the person that always brings up the point of ‘me leaving for one year’ quite frequently. 
Today it seemed he really meant it in terms of being just plain pissed off that I don’t remember how to do things – lol another point that comes up is how my teacher from that workshop had pointed out ‘Now that you’ve been to another place and you’ve seen many things, maybe you’ll start changing the way you express and get to other type of things because, you do work well but you’re a bit repetitive in what you do and be careful that it doesn’t get to be ‘cartoonish’ okay? ‘ So I saw that also ‘affected’ myself not from the perspective of making me ‘stop’ doing what i’m doing but simply from realizing how their labor isn’t unconditional yet obviously and so facing the point of going there and seeing how I used to enjoy being there because of getting support from people and other ‘friends’ that i had there who are not there anymore. Quite cool to face this yet that doesn’t stop me from going there half of the time I used to spend before and it’s one of those points wherein I have to stand up and not subjugate to these type of attitudes that have gone from those of support to a type of ‘manage to do it on your own’ type of way – so, I’ll see how it goes, it won’t definitely create an experience within me that has a consequence on my doing and responsibility towards school. 
As I’ve explained previously, I hadn’t ever before probably experienced the type of regret in a way that I’ve experienced when studying art – I mean yes it’s cool, it’s a general light school in many ways yet in terms of actual practicality – this point is faced whenever I see myself spending time in school ‘creating’ – yeah I’ve done some stuff and stuff is in the making yet, 
As I see all of the above, as I live how it is at the moment, as we go uncovering the most hideous secrets of mankind, as we go revealing the truth of ourselves in any given thought, word and deed, I simply confirm what we are doing is the only solution to this mess that is Ourselves, our creation – one by one we go re-educating ourselves, considering ourselves as Life as the Value of Life that never was but that we have to create in means of equalizing ourselves to everything that is HERE and finally give end to the mind control wherein we’ve accepted that things have ‘value’ in themselves that is translated into numbers and later on into different currencies that separate humans further and further. 
In a world where our clothes are built by exploited women and children, in a world where the sea is our garbage bin, in a world where ‘good people’ turn out to be the actual evil in the world, in a world here poverty is caused by our inaction and submission to delegate responsibility to those we BELIEVE are in power – common sense we are all humans, we all require food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, other humans to share- simplicity in Equality is the key, we have to stop the ways of this world where over-whelming squandering occurs while millions could be fed by that work and money made. 
Many falls to the ground are required to make us see and realize that the solution is and has to be
Equality – stand as a brave part of the world to give to each other what’s best for all 
and stop the madness in the world. 


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