Vlog day – and inspiration

I had such a cool day today, for some odd reason it was me simply directing the points in the moment – I made three vlogs just because i saw that I had things to say to all three videos I watched on points wherein abuse exists. I didn’t do one of my reports for school though I wanted to get this ‘out’ becuase it is in the moment when it’s done, the moment, the opportunity to do it was ‘here’ and thus took it and used the time wisely for that. I can still clearly see the points wherein my expression isn’t fully ‘HERE’ and know exactly what type of information and thought I’m accessing in a single body movement – a single insecurity, accessing of knowledge, a single point of pretension – etc – though when it is here, it is fucking actually here. I made a photo last night that I realized had some echoes with one of my favorite paintors, maybe I have talked about him here before, David Alfaro Siqueiros – he’s been an unconscious inspiration for what I do – portraying slaves and the harsh life that humans have to take on when living and accepting to live in this world. I created this photo and realized this actually expresses the point that I want to place myself as: ‘the scream’ – the shout out for humanity I called it yet, it is obvious that the overall ambient of it is gloomy and becoming stone-like – this is a warning, a very graphical warning that I enjoyed placing as myself and for the first time, taking my own image to make something that represents myself so it was quite a ‘deal’ within the actual comfortability to use my own image for an art-point in public. It is as if I resonated with the picture and felt that now I had to actually shout out, so did these three vlogs and realized that this is what I actually enjoy sharing and doing so, this was cool to do. Then I had to go to school for the rest of the day and I saw how I tend to get along with people, and people sympathize with me quite easily, it’s cool yet without any actual ‘effort’ to do this. I wore a warm hat because it is getting quite cold here, yay, and it’s funny how a couple of people said ‘oh  I didn’t recognize you with a hat on!’ lol – and some others simply tried to make fun like ‘oh now you’re cold’ – anyways. Last hours of school there was a talk on Siqueiros – the guy that I will also probably talk about with regards to my final investigation within artists as agents of social change. He’s been definitely an inspiration from his art work to his actual stance, literally fighting for what he believed was ‘power to the people’ – I immediately ran to hear the talk and showing of his artwork in a huge projection wall-size they placed in the patio at school, fascinating I enjoyed going through his life and the events he had to endure to stand up for his ideals, a real fucking revolutionary in many many ways – a definitive Inspiration I can say and just by looking at what he did and how he never gave up and continued till the day he died, it became a point of reference for myself in what I want to do and how I have to do it and become equal to his stance which is quite a fucking stance, such presence, rock-like, dignified, having gone through jail and wars and suffering in the physical that shaped his astounding work -And so, this point, this surprise point marked quite a cool day wherein I took the points and gave direction to them and the ‘stand’ is more ‘me here’ for some reason – more decided and obviously more open to share and speak up mostly – fascinating, can’t pin point the reason – Matti’s videos were quite an inspiration 24 hours ago as well so, thanks to all who stand in Equality with us walking one and equal here, one, two, one two – we go standing and making the necessary noise to fucking stop. Mexico has acquired a ludicrous and even laughable debt of 100 years.all I can say is… lolWe have to create another way and stop the enslavement of future generations – unacceptable. Let’s use what we can and what we have which is our own words to expose the lies we’ve lived such as money in this world. 

I express more in these vlogs – thanks also to Jeanne that was a cool inspiration when reading her comments in the women-harassment video – thank you


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