Quick note on con-dictioned thought structure

I was thinking this morning – yep I was up there thinking while making my breakfast and somehow got to the point of thinking about weed and how for example this current house I’m living in would be ‘perfect’ to smoke – as I had memories of living in my other apartment and not having a real actual space to do so thus always having some smell inside the house and so forth – then while pouring my coffee on the cup I realized how weed would’ve been something I would’ve definitely allowed myself to continue doing – oh yes I remember now. 

I saw a friend yesterday, a friend from my arts-school group, he’s quite fond of me for some reason and we agreed upon meeting on saturday – I saw myself ‘going in the future’ to that saturday and then I placed myself in the position of having to explain myself because he really only ‘met’ me the first year of school, that means 2006-2007 and a LOT has changed since then – though I still see him around school and asked to go out and get some coffee. I realized how he used to smoke weed and then he wouldn’t, then he would go into it again, back and forth – and it’s just the point of looking at myself ‘back then’ that triggered this whole point of looking at weed and within the thoughts I said to myself: ‘If I wasn’t living by a Principle of Equality , I would probably still be doing it’ – well, that’s quite a statement – then I created this image of myself still smoking weed in my current position and I would see that I would definitely ‘get lost’ in space-time and not get things done, not at the rate that I’m getting things done now – so pff I immediately bursted that initial mind-acceptance of ‘If I wasn’t living by a Principle I would still be smoking weed’ – and thus realizing that such bullshit can’t be accepted in my world, even less if it’s such condition using Logic as : IF -THEN – SO. 
Then come here and check out a comment of someone that posted in my 21 days of no weed video which was interesting because I was just thinking about this video and my commitment before looking at it, lol obviously a comment saying ‘you look miserable’ lolol fantastic! 
So! the point is to see how I have committed myself and disciplined myself to stop something that I have taken as part of walking this process of Self Honesty along with all of you walking the process as Desteni Group, standing up for Equality and simply saying NO to our Mind Self Indulgences – so, this is a quick note to reveal how these thoughts when running wild can create justifications that doesn’t stand AS myself but that are placing a separate point as ‘if, then’  I make and create this statement of stopping all these addiction points as myself and thus no longer accept and allow myself to create a condition to what I stand for- a Con-diction. 
So, hereby I correct myself – I stand by a Principle therefore I place Equality as what’s Best for ALL over preference. 


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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