On ‘The Middle Road’ – Me-die-crisis

Middle Road = Self Deception

There are No middle ways in Equality, there are No Middle ways in self-application – half assed self application is self deception and still wanting to remain in a ‘safe-heaven’ point within our lives – with these ‘allowances’ that simply take us back to base 1 where we started in a ‘failed attempt’ to take on a point which was doomed to fail because we weren’t fully taking it on and actually Willing ourselves to do it – whatever it is that we face and decide to stop or take on within our world. 
As simple as that. 

 I have noticed that whenever I have taken one thing fully and completely as myself as an equalizing point within my process, I stick to it – and there are others that I have half-assed willed myself to do and thus stick in the ‘Middle Road’ which is the road of ‘bumps’ where these ‘allowances’ are created and where I do not go fully to actually stop or take on a point specifically – 
Middle road rings to mediocrity, me-die-crisis – So, lack of Self Commitment is one single point we have to recognize as a disease in our behaviour, as a point that we have to stop completely for once and for all because it is in such half-way, half-assed application that patterns are allowed back-in, it is in that half-assed- half road taken that  back doors are taken, it is in that half way half-applied moment that we give permission to the preprogrammed mind to take direct control over ourselves, over Life 
So- we really have to realize how much we fuck ourselves up every tame we take a middle stance and don’t go fully and completely into it. We already know what’s best for all, we get to know ourselves and our patterns through this process thus, what’s left to know beyond having the basics on how we work and exist as ‘systems’? What’s left is to take on Full Application as Life as What’s Best for ALL to stand in Self Honesty and allow bullshit no more.
Thus, let’s stand here and commit ourselves to will ourselves to a full-determined and self willed living action to go All the way = full road  and walk the whole road until this is DONE. 
Thanks for standing up


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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