Electrical currents – near death experience –lol

I didn’t share the other day, last saturday as I was coming home from a concert, I came home alone and requested a cab to pick me up at some place to take me home. As we were driving, we went  near by the tracks of the train and in one moment, one single moment as the taxi driver was picking up his radio-talkie to connect to the taxi-base there was like an electrical current transmitted through the waves to the entire car – it was one single ‘shock’ where everything was for one split second white and a huge buzz was created yet the car kept running – I was simply just talking with the driver when it all happened and it was really just fucking astounding because even the lights in that area we were passing by went out and the car simply was intact, nothing had happened and we were trying to figure out what had happened – we assumed it was an electrical current being ‘caught’ the moment that he pressed the button to communicate through his taxi-radio talkie and thus went straight to the entire car -  pff!! In that split moment I probably thought ‘I’m fried, this is it’ but fortunately enough, plastic tires saved our lives I guess otherwise that wouldn’t been it.

It’s fascinating because I completely ‘forgot’ about this split moment wherein I saw how fast things can happen, how unadvertedly events go by to the extent of being able to actually be the end of you – I mean, electrical currents on to a car, pff how bizarre! and the train wasn’t even functioning at that time – So I hadn’t actually spoken or written about this single event until now. I obviously tried to figure out what had happened along with the taxi driver but we could only figure out the electrical current around there being pulled by the radio-talkie and that’s it. Plastic saved our lives.

So, I wanted to share this just to point out how fragile life can be I mean, in one split second if a lighting strikes you, you’re dead and gone and that’s it. Fascinating how such ‘timing’ was there, it was a very very odd experience yet we are fine and I simply said pff I’m still here, cool – how fast can your life be gone, literally gone in one second, fried to death.


Anyways. Thanks for reading.


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