Sharing Self Realizations upon Walking Process

This is a reply to a youtube user that makes music and shared his views upon Desteni to which I replied further expanding upon process.

Cool! thanks for sharing that. Interesting when reading the description of what hip hop has done to people, I can relate to what we all have placed ourselves as at Desteni, quite similar indeed. Most of us had some type of addiction, we were mind-fucking ourselves with light and love and other beliefs of the kind without taking any direct responsibility for ourselves in our world, or even caring about the world at all because we were busy just alienating ourselves even further from ‘here’. 

And now all of us are standing, quitting drugs, habits in our life that didn’t support Life but mind-systems and patterns that enslave ourselves to make the same mistakes over and over again – and we have since then instead placed ourselves to support others, to share, to realize our equality through sharing, writing, vlogging, etc – it’s been fascinating, we talked about ‘the Misfits’ we all were /or are still lol in our worlds, we’ve all got that point in common and so now we got a cause to be so, to be ‘in this world’ but Not ‘of’ this world if you can identify the difference which is not acting and complying to the set rules that had lead society to the current downward spiral it is going to, with our participation of course as the human race that has disregarded Life.

So! Instead of being misfits feeling sorry for ourselves and relying on drugs and relationships and people and creating dreams of attainment, we’ve placed ourselves down to earth to take self responsibility, to start forgiving ourselves and actually apply and live by a Principle, to stop the illusion we’d lived as and direct ourselves to actually stand for that which matters, which is Life! Life in Equality – and thus, we gave ourselves a purpose that I am actually very grateful for because, fuck knows what I’d be doing now if I hadn’t had stumbled upon Desteni – probably still getting high on weed and being in an obsessive-compulsive relationship and seeking a way-out outside of myself because that’s what I was doing before starting applying myself and the Process – which is how we call the point of getting ourselves to actually correct our living-reality through Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness. 

Giving myself time to write is very important – I used to write before beginning my process for myself, it would be mostly emotion/feeling bs that fed my teenage dramas lol – but then as I grew up I would describe my relationships, my secret mind in there and thus nowadays i can go back to read that and see what the fuck I was living because, I really got black-outs from the time I was doing weed and having these type of emotional turmoils, that writing supported me into identifying the patterns I have lived as and thus stop them, identify them and stop them because if it’s a program we all know how the program-cycle ends. This is how we go stopping and correcting, taking the full road on Self Honesty – this is a constant-living application, each moment you live you take/make a decision – and thus, we make sure we live by a Principle, not giving head and value to our self interest and deliberately do what’s best for all –

 Whenever we fall, we make sure we stand up again and forgive ourselves for our ‘fall’ – this is what we do and give to ourselves, as you can see it is something that doesn’t require any type of ‘belief’ on to anything, it is about seeing and living and identifying yourself, getting to actually ‘know yourself’ through your own process and the walking thereof. It is fascinating to say the least, I’d like to even make all my writings my ‘work of art’ because it is through my writings that I am changing myself, wording myself out in the world, it is how I’ve communicated with beings and thus created the major changes in my life –

 Desteni is about Living Words and placing ourselves AS the Living Word, that is the task we’ve taken on and thus, lots of shit will come out as you walk your process, when you start seeing where one has participated in bullshit, deception, lies, intrigues, envy, jealousy, greed, lust, victimization, blackmailing and all types of abuse and self interest that we’ve accepted and allowed in our world – so, we open up the can of worms, we see and get to the bottom of it until they all come out which doesn’t come all at once, it is a process and as such worms will come out and come out, sometimes even reproduce while letting them out but we make sure we leave the lid open to not keep any more deceptive treats within ourselves. 

We were pondering how there is only quite a few people actually applying themselves in this process, I assumed that it is because it does take guts to live in Self Honesty, takes courage and lots of Self Will – but everyone can do this, everyone can realize the Equality point existent as who we are and thus start doing their part for the overall solution in this world. Fascinating, when I support myself, I support everyone equally – this is how it works. See for yourself, probably just by me writing this today at this moment I can support you and others when identifying our point of Equality which is realizing that we all have the same problems, the same ‘life’ yet in different contexts and scenarios that are created to separate ourselves – nonetheless, we are all in this world and it’s obvious we all require the same to live, we all have our patterns and experiences as the mind which is the same for everyone thus, we share ourselves and open up points to look at within another – it is very cool to do this in a group where everyone is committed to do this for Life, AS Life itself. 

What else can I say? It would be cool if you give your grain of salt to the sea with vlogging one day or opening up a blog, you can share your experiences in the hip hop world and what you’ve seen actually supports the unification of man and what destroys man – also on the point of how girls are portrayed in society, yep it’s nasty how it works, the objectification of women is not acceptable to say the least so, exposing it would be cool as well – anything and all that we go realizing within our worlds we share, we speak out because that’s how it works – living words, seeing and pointing out facts that are adding up to the mess of this world instead of adding up to an Equality Equation – so, we have to actually unite in this. 

On the point of the portal, yes it doesn’t really matter to believe or not to Sunette being a Portal – though I have to obviously point out that my own experience within having lived at the farm for one full year has demonstrated at all times the Fact of her being an Interdimensional Portal and the rest of all points Desteni stand as – and yes, we are all potentially able to be portals thus this doesn’t have any ‘relevance’ at this stage because we have to sort out this world, we have to sort out our reality and that is done through actually living-acts here on Earth – so ‘going out of your body’ for everyone would only add another ‘dimension’ to the problem because the problem is not ‘there’ but here, and Life is not ‘there’ but HERE and HERE is also the dimensions, we’re just not aware of it. That’s why stopping the mind is mentioned a lot, because within that we are then able to actually birth ourselves as Life in the Physical – who we really are, not a mind preprogrammed system, but actually be Here in all ways – Thus, I do recommend the How to Be a Portal Series because it gives a very very cool ground and foundation to understand what Self Honesty is, what is recommended for one to live by and what are definitive points to stop and correct in our day to day lives – that series has 50 videos, all of them important and that is Sunette explaining herself as well so, it’s one of the coolest series from the Desteni Material. 

Okay! I expanded myself a lot, I’ll probably share this that I wrote on my blog, as I wrote, might be supportive for someone someday some-time

Thanks for sharing and we’ll keep in contact

Check out the forum as well, I suggest you do go there and read whenever you have some spare time, why wait till next year? we can all combine our activities with our process, reading ourselves and reading each other – 




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