Perspective on Education – Current System and Prospected Equality System

The current educational system isn’t considering different skills that human beings have for different ways of learning and thus, any being that cannot follow the current established ways is relegated as having some type of ‘learning disorder’ which is ludicrous considering that we all as human beings are capable of educating ourselves when being supported effectively. 

Different capacities in learning abilities is not considered within the current system that simply exists as a cookie-cutter that trains people to play the game of survival game through becoming a ‘someone’ in this world as a point of career that is mostly pushed due to people having to ‘make a living’ through money. 

So, here you found how through rhyming you were able to develop your vocabulary – that’s a cool point that can be taken on to support people with developing effective vocabulary. I can speak for myself when I say that I learned English mostly through music as well, through lyrics of songs and later on through tv shows thus this was a support point for what I was learning at school -where we were also supported with music and films at times – so, I would definitely like this point to be expanded not just for the learning of a particular language, but for all types of general education that, in an Equality System, will be focused on the development of clear and effective vocabulary as well as maths which are the base foundation of how this reality operates. 

The rest of useless knowledge and information will simply have to exist as a point we can refer to – just as we do now in points like wikipedia for example, yet not having to store all of that and ‘learn it’ – best is to keep practicality in education as the current system is merely supporting the ‘dumbification of man’ through boxing everyone within the same type of learning/teaching procedures making sure that the mind is simply a sponge that absorbs information without giving actual space for self-reflection and introspection upon one’s world and the information that is given by the teacher on a particular subject. 

Thus, a lot has to be worked upon with the Educational System – which is more like a current training facility where people get tamed and delimited to only function at a very limited level to remain subdued to the ‘greater system’ and function thus only as a battery within the system. 

As long as we remain within the current ways of the Educational System where indoctrination takes place, where common sense is banned and where ideas of progress are fed upon everyone just to grow within the delusion of being part of a system that is ‘moving forward’, a system that is ‘becoming better’ when in fact, each time is simply creating human beings that are passive and only function as sponge with lack of self-reflection and actual active participation within what’s been taught. 

Within an Equal Money System, Education will not only be as a ‘training’ stage of life, but it will be an actual equal sharing of some beings with other beings on how to live effectively, how to consider themselves as part of a collective wherein all actions, words and thoughts affect the whole and thus the importance of Taking Self Responsibility within this world for the best of everyone. 

If everyone gets these basic points taught at school as base foundation for the rest of the actual information and knowledge acquired, kids will start placing everything they learn through the Equality Equation wherein they’ll develop common sense and their own reflection upon the information that they’re giving and if it’s actually ‘worthy’ within the context of living Life, of actual support and not just rubbish to exercise the mind and be indoctrinated for the benefit of a closed and outdated system as we are currently living in. 

We cannot allow the current Educational system to promote the disregard of human beings that have different learning abilities from being told they are ‘inferior’ or the opposite, considering beings that are effective systems to be regarded as ‘intelligent’ just because of complying to the rules and settings of the system without ever questioning them. 

We have to become Life-trainers/coaches within equality, that would be a cool definition of what a future Teacher will be. 


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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