Process Support on ‘Anxiety’

Okay! sharing some Self Support on Anxiety which I shared today.


First points I suggest is seeing how you created that ‘state of mind’ because that’s what anxiety is, an ingrained mind pattern that becomes a physical energetic experience as a point of existing in the idea of self within the expectation of something, existing in fears related to losing the idea of self thus always trapped between past as self definition and future as the projection of eventual outcomes that one is creating upon living ourselves as the pattern/personality program we know.

Thus, a point that create this anxiety is also upon caring what others have to say, think about oneself thus in essence fear of loss as the idea of ourselves, fearing losing identity, and in the end fearing losing trust in others which is something that we’ve all gone through – mostly been ‘stabbed in the back’ or people talking about us, being rejected, etc –which then is the source point for the apparent ‘flaw’ existent within us that makes us apparently unable to ‘fit in’ and thus becomes a point of stress and concern and worry due to being attacked by others, being criticized, judged, ridiculed – all types of bullying and experiences that kids experience throughout school years which is the first usual environment for kids to start relating to other members of their same society that are the same age – we all get our first ‘taste’ of our world in the school environment, so it’s quite common to get these type of let’s call it ‘disheartening’ experiences at an early age through school mates.

So, once we’ve identified these points within our life through a Process of self-intimacy, self introspection and reflection, we can then realize that we cannot remain victims of our self-created Anxiety as the bunch of fears base on insecurities, ideas of being ‘inferior’, not accepting ourselves and all these points that pile up as the the wanting, need and requirement to keep a certain ‘image’ of ourselvest towards others – we wanna live in ‘peace’ yet we wanna be ‘accepted by others’ – and in this world, those points seem to be something one ‘strives’ for which has to stop and be changed as soon as one realizes: Oh, I exist as a point of anxiety! So that’s when Self Responsibility comes in – we cannot blame anyone else or seek a quick fix – we’ve created the systems ourselves breath by breath thus, breath by breath we de-construct them within the process of Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty and standing here in every moment that we recognize or even experience ourselves going into an experience of ‘Anxiety’.

So, we have to look at ‘How I came to create anxiety within me?’ and this is where Writing yourself to Freedom comes in, and how we get to the core points to apply Self Forgiveness on.

Anxiety is living as the expectation to begin with – it’s not living HERE in the moment as breath and existing as the idea of yourself that is projecting into the future an outcome of some particular point of which you are creating an expectation upon.

Anxiety is definitely tied and linked to events in your past to which you are still defining yourself – it is as simple as being able to identify where you began this point of Anxiety and then realizing ‘Oh! I’m still defining my anxiety according to those past events that I’ve experienced in my life that I still hold on to as ‘who I am’ as ‘my past’ and thus, make sure that I have that point of self definition in place as the ‘source of my anxiety’’- and thus it is as simple as identifying this point of identification within yourself as your past that you can apply Self Forgiveness and let go of, completely, totally – the past is mostly ‘here’ to fuck with us – I will share my tree of life interview because I am mostly sure it will be of support as it talks about this point of anxiety.

So, anxiety is time related – past/future that keeps you bound to the infamous ‘Now’ of the mind, the Now of consciousness instead of the Here as Life point as Breath! so, it’s very simple to see how the anxiety is created when one holds on to a point of self definition as our past, as a future projection with a desired outcome that ‘matches our criteria’ so to speak – it’s all in the mind, and we do it to ourselves.

Now, what is cool to investigate is what of myself is it that I am still trying to hold on to in relation to ‘who I am’ and what I ‘represent’ to others – the ‘symbol’ that we’ve become as consciousness systems, as programs – all of that is held between points in time that we’ve defined ourselves as – an entire stretched-over time mindfuck so to speak that we simply have to stop, forgive and let go like the wind and remain here as life.

So, I would definitely recommend to you that you take on this single point of anxiety as part of your process, until you can prove to yourself that you can direct yourself here in the moment in self honesty – that is not existing as the idea of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you have to be’ and ‘accomplish’ for yourself or anyone else for that matter, but move, live and direct in the moment.


I have dealt with points of stressing over things, that’s mostly a point of self judgment in fearing being judged, criticized, ‘doing it wrong’ and thus literally not fully trusting myself as self movement as ‘I am here and i direct’ but instead as a point of ‘I want to be and become this or that’ – You’ll get the explanation on the video – that you’ve probably seen already ‘anxiety in the end times’ which is the design of anxiety speaking – so it’s all about the idea of self nonetheless, letting go of everything you’ve become and remain  as what you are in the moment and simply continue – by ‘letting go’ I mean not holding any begrudge/emotional/feeling type of memory on to these past events that might’ve created the point of anxiety within you – dissect each event to the core in self forgiveness, that’s how I’ve stopped that point of nervousness and anxiety mentioned in the video.

So, here apply that point of getting it done till the end as well within yourself, be your own project parallel to your other creations – support yourself nonetheless as this is the actual way to walk process in reality – you will definitely have to face the world and live IN the world with other beings and prove to yourself that you are no longer defined by this point of essentially ‘anxiety’ – and realize the simplicity of stopping – takes diligence, takes dedication – literally squeezing all drops of beliefs and ideas and perceptions within you related to ‘your con-dition’ lol – and free yourself this way.

Then after some time of applying yourself you’ll realize how you’ve actually slowed yourself down to the point of eradicating this energetic experience as ‘butterflies’ which is nothing but a self-created system through fears of the mind and beliefs upon others towards yourself and vice-versa: all separation that has to be stopped! – I can’t trust no one but myself, thus Self Trust is developed wherein I make sure that I live by myself, as self acceptance as self-recognition of what I’ve walked and I’ve become –

Suggest also on seeing the point of maybe/possible there being a point where you were stressing over ‘keeping yourself up’ and you built up a lot of energy that then manifested as this point of ‘anxiety’ as those butterflies-energetic churning inside you triggered in the presence of certain familiar-events, certain symbols in your reality that you’ve associated with the idea of yourself towards others, the idea of you to keep and remain as ‘for’ others and you own self-created points of definition

Also look at ‘Fearing other people’ and an attempt on what may/ may not happen according to your self-point of definition.

"Marlen — the cause: Manifested anguish due to petrification. A suggestion is to observe your world and the experience over the past seven months — events that had taken place with beings(s) within your world — that caused you to exist within much anxiety and fear that occupied your thoughts constantly and continuously — causing conflict within yourself — not being silent within you as you, not being here.

In other words — you were participating in thoughts, anxiety and fear towards others ‘affairs’ — meaning making your concern about others towards you your own — always worried about ‘your place/position’ within other’s world — fighting to maintain a ‘place’ or ‘position’ in others’ world instead of being comfortable with just you here, alone within your world of you.

So — stop fighting inside yourself, being worried about what others ‘think’ of you and whether you still have a ‘place’ / ‘position’ in others’ lives from the perspective of them still ‘accepting you’, still ‘needing’ you and still ‘wanting’ you.
When are you going to start accepting you, being comfortable with you within and as you — instead of chasing after others, always existing in worry and concern of whether you still ‘fit into’ other’s lives?
Fear of being independent Marlen, fear of being comfortable with you, accepting you — still needing others to accept you, instead of you being acceptance for yourself.

One CAN definitely stop this and become that point of stability and silence and being ‘quiet’ here through application – as I’ve been proving this to myself.


So, look at lack of self acceptance,  constant anxiety through mind participation and the suppression of it actually acknowledging the existent of this conflict within yourself – as the constant ‘thinking’ that creates and manifests the physical experience

You have to really get yourself out in the world and prove that you can stop your mind from going into this pattern that is certainly self-created and thus can be self-changed and corrected with stability – not fearing others, not fearing yourself, not having any judgment upon the environment and relying on your basic point of BREATHING.

Do not accept and allow the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ that are self-created – who we are as breath is constant – who we are as life is here and remains the same, moving, functioning -  anytime you see the same points emerging again and again, you stop the timeloops from the past and the future – create, express and start living Here in and as the physical, as life – no more fears.





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