Work: an approach within the prospective Equality System

From my perspective – taken on from having also read part of basic marxist ideas which is based upon communism and egalitarianism – work is the activity taken to exist as a dignified equal living man on earth – Work is the activity that man takes as a link to its immediate context of reality which will enable the continuation and contribution of human life in this world. 

The first type of Work that indispensable – and paradoxically enough the least fairly remunerated – is agricultural work which is in fact the basic activity that every man should take on to learn how to support themselves by learning how to grow food from the earth and rear animals that will provide also necessary meals for a human being’s life, as well as getting to know how to obtain and administrate basic natural resources that can be transformed as energy sources for living purposes. 

If a human being is given money as life support from birth to death – man won’t be living a life that is basically planned and staged to go into the labor-world where man will have to be going through stages of competence and accumulation of specialness to ‘beat’ others and get the best job and position in the job = best remuneration compared to others – man will instead take on work as a point of Self Support and not of ‘survival’ anymore – how?

If man remains without taking on a particular activity that is involved directly within its society and environment, man will go back to the alienated stage – which is how we are currently living in – wherein only a group of beings on Earth take on the agricultural tasks and the rest only works to obtain the necessary or more than necessary money to get those basic goods without having any idea of how they came to be ‘food on our table’ and thus, exist in a dissociation from what it actually entails to be ‘humans’ living on a living planet that gives life-support unconditionally through all that grows in the soil and plants and trees as well as from the animals that feed upon the same soil, plants and trees. 

Man has to get back to the basic stage of learning living skills and abilities as well as the re-evaluation of how life is intended to be lived wherein a certain amount of time is dedicated to performing an activity that will provide goods and services that are required by other humans in this system and thus give back to the community/ system what man is getting unconditionally from the community/system itself – as well as getting extra assets from any type of job/taks/profession/skill taken on to obtain more money than the already equally provided money as self supprot – and thus, the rest of the time is used for actual recreational purposes, exploration of self expression as life through education, studies, learning skills, communicating, sports, etc.

So this basic point of communication – communal identification with other human beings within seeing what’s required to do and create and support to make human life on earth possible – is what we can regard as work as that basic activity that man takes on in tis world as a self willed action in consideration of himself/herself as part of an eco-system that works as a collective wherein every part of such eco-system takes on a specific task/activity/job/profession to make available a certain type of life support within the system and thus ensure its functionality and effectiveness for all within the dignified living best for all standard. 

Work is what allows man to interact with fellow equals and thus creating and developing the sense of interactivity, the sense of identification through what’s common between beings leading to the recognition of equality within realizing one’s existence as part of a collective/ part of a group/ part of an ecosystem that understands that Human Life on Earth requires everyone’s participation to create a dignified life for all on Earth – and that the result of people not working equally would be detrimental for all equally – which is what we have now in our current society wherein even if the majority of people work, the inequality in the remuneration of the work creates the same unbalance within the system that creates points of deviation in Equality resulting in abuse, crime and exploitation of life for the sake of profit making or in some cases, the obtainment of the basics or scarce needs to survive. 

Thus Work within the Equality System will be an activity that will enable man to co-exist effectively as a dignified living being due to being supporting himself as part of a collective, as part of an eco-system, as part of a group of human beings that interact with each other and other life forms within the same world that requires basic maintenance to keep the system going. The importance of an Equal Labor System within the Equality System resides within the equalization worth and value of man within its performance of any job/taks/activity/profession that man decides to take on within points that Support Life – and that is an important point to take on wherein common sense have to be understood. 

What supports life is thus that which is related to basic sustenance, creation/production/manufacturing/distribution of products and services and third-party necessities that could be termed as luxuries or third-type of needs that will be regarded as part of human activities that enrich the human experience on earth – thus all types of entertainment, industries and activities that have been existing as part of the profit making machines and serve no purpose in the equality equation as what’s best for all, will no longer exist and thus an entire system reform will take place wherein human life is re-evaluated and considered upon its most basic terms to actually then explore what Life really is without having to equate ‘life’ = working for survival where currently ‘living life’ means having to work an entire life to get to live. 

Instead of this, work will exist merely as an activity to enrich human’s experience on earth, to learn to support life and each other within our own labor force as giving to another what we give to ourselves and thus, recognize ourselves as being able to be agents of change within an environment and capable of creating points of Support for Life, points that facilitate an effective and dignified living in this world not only for man, but for animals and plants equally – thus man becomes the point of custody to take care of himself equally as all other life forms understood as the entire world to actually ensure that all resources are reforested and distributed equally between the members of the group/society linked to a particular location in this world.

Work in an Equality System will enable man to value themselves as part of the cycle of life in the system and thus take the environment as part of themselves at an equal level. And thus within the understanding of man being part of one living organism, man will understand that he/she is required to take on a particular function for a period of time to support the flow and functioning of the system that is equally supporting themselves.

Work will no longer be placed upon an scale of worth according to the values systematically placed to create separation in this world, but will be valued equally within the consideration of all these types of work existing at the same level of importance and necessity to enable human life on Earth. 

Work will no longer be a human activity forced by the need of money, but as an actual self willed action to explore life, to support life and to realize what being a physical living being in this world as an ecosystem actually requires to maintain life on Earth. 

Thus work will undergo the same reforms and re-evaluation as every other human activity that is currently existing so that it can be part of the Equality Equation instead of simply being yet another activity feeding the same system that we’ve created as our own point of enslavement to a system that has perpetuated inequality for the sake of the benefit of only some at the top levels. 

Equal Labor System will place everyone at the same level of remuneration for the work done and thus value each one equally as Life and Life Support Agents in Equality.


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