Realize the Matters of the Matter that Matters

So! Some feedback from the point I posted in a vlog 

“Practical-Living : As Within, So Without”

About learning practical ways to live with others and thus apply the Equality point not only in terms of walking the process of stopping ourselves from being automated drones but to actually as part of being an automated drone, start caring more about our physical reality as a point of support to focus more on what’s HERE and what we have to do and go through every that that we exist HERE which obviously creates outflows that we have to take care of related to cleaning and keeping stuff in a certain order for the single fact of this becoming a physical-practical point to take on to support ourselves equally as the process that we take on inside ourselves, the purification of ourselves as within so without  – hence the title. 

Now, lol this pushes the point of some people trying to justify their laziness or plain likes for dirt around yet within realizing the actual message of this video is seeing that the deliberate action of not giving proper care to the environment is a reflection of how each one is existing internally, meaning mostly at a mind level wherein the actual physical world is not considered which is the point I expose here and that’s been an ongoing point I’m struggling with not because of me not doing it, but the people I live with which I’ve come to realize that I will be taking an active role in re-educating people in this environment until they ‘get it’ – because that’s actually creating a point of awareness on another where it’s non-existent – thus requires constant impulsing. 
It’s rather shocking how easily they can forget shit I mean they are actually very predictable in their actions so I am going like behind them in their actions and reminding them of stuff – I’ve already placed a huge arrow next to the gas key so that they remember to close it as well as two notes that said in written word: Close the gas key- and another one before leaving the kitchen that reads ‘Gas’ and drew some flames in explosion manner underneath – yet the other day man both girls where in the kitchen, the fucking gas key open and the kitchen already smelling a LOT like gas. I mean… either they were plain distracted or stoned or distracted due to being stoned – fuck knows but anyways.
So to sum up the point it’s all about equally taking care for others in your environment, practically doing on to to others what you want them to do to you – I mean, these type of stuff must be unconditional from everyone – requires constant self will yes whenever you see yourself like not doing anything you push yourself to take care of these basic points- It’s not about really expecting to get the same point back right away as it does take time for people to be educated and ‘get it’ – and this is a point that I can extend not only to the point of practically learning how to support others while living in the same environment – but about the time that it takes on to actually stand in this process as we certainly know and see for ourselves while being in it. 

I recognize that the moment I saw the first Desteni video I registered in the forum and decided not to participate until I was sure what I was getting myself into- lol one video is not really ‘much’ of a background yet the first post I made were the FAQ translated in spanish just as a single entrance on my commitment to walk that because I definitely saw this was ‘IT’ lol –
SInce then my stance and commitment to Life has been inamovable – some ups and downs within my own process, some fears and doubts which are common to all but they all stand within the initial resolve to actually do this, to walk this. 
I’ve become this process as myself and thus to me right now seeing people that still can’t see the actual matter of what we are dealing with and still be blocked by fears and limitations and excuses seems like … ,man, there is no word really other than completely unbelievable due to the actual point we are talking about here: Life! I mean, without Life you have no belief to hold as you are dead! without Life you have no properties to hold because you are Dead! without life there is no name to protect because you are Dead! 
And when you are dead you forget about everything you ever were on Earth which proves: we are not real! this is the last chance we have, this is the time and we’re not gonna stop until this is done. 
Too bad we’re still not equating Money to Life but still in equating Money to your ‘survival for living’  – we can say without Life you need no money as you are dead,  but without Money you have no life either :S so, simple points to consider on what one can get to disregard just to protect a preprogrammed mind-system pseudo-life -shocking.
I just posted the point in facebook of us being still too trapped in our reality and that not much has been understood in terms of this reality being kept ‘in place’ by  a system that is no more, thus the cage is no more but we are all still too afraid to get out of our own self-created and imaginary perpetuated bounds and limitations as what we’ve become to actually make a stand and start taking the entirety of humanity into a new way of living that considers all equally. 
So got feedback on that point of change not being easy or fast  – so yes definitely – there’s something I’ve revisited again earlier today with regards to people walking process and thus Desteni basically representing people’s fears and dreams or nightmares lol so it’s cool for people to take time to get a hold on what actually means to walk process, to get a better understanding on it all as that’s what definitely took us in our very first days going through it all. This point was Not preprogrammed so it does take some time to let’s say embrace it by the mere fact of common sense – trying to relate it to any other ‘source’ will most likely embark anyone into a spiral. Not recommended. 
Pff 3 years ago I was still seeking for ‘the truth’, taking some acid to see ‘more’ and find the philosophical stone – ehm ehm or more like being stoned to feel more feel-low-so-fickle  I had been seeking for – real real bs I went through at that time, mostly also seeking in conspiracy theories and U.F.O’s lol – anyways, that was where I was back then completely seeking a truth outside of myself. So from there to where I am now there are several months of intense walking of definitive walking with ups and downs like anything and thus all I wanna share here is that it does take time, it does take dedication, it does take that initial commitment for life but hey , isn’t Life everything we really actually are and then claim to ‘have’?
 We cannot really disregard it as Equally existent to all – yet man, ! the extent of actual bubble packaging to protect us from seeing the reality is more resistant than anything else thus the process to break it, to realize the matters of the matter that matters so to speak – this is also from a discussion I remember happened the night before I left the farm Matters of Great Importance’ and wherein I basically understood the importance of living this life to that which matters – so here I am. 

If you cannot ‘drive’ the ‘Matter-within’ which is the ‘Matter’ of what is ‘Important’ for ‘Everyone’, the ‘Matter of Equality’ -How can you ‘expect’ ‘Equality’ – to ‘Support-You?’

If you are not ‘willing’ to ‘give-up’, that which is ‘causing’ the ‘Problem’ in ‘Matter’, in ‘Space-Time’. In the ‘Physical-Reality’, which is an ‘Unequal Money System’. An ‘System’ that ‘do-not give’, to ‘each-one’ a ‘Support Structure’ to make the ‘most’ of ‘this Life’, in the ‘Physical’ – If one do-not take that-on, and Stop that – Why should ‘Existence’ ‘Matter’ ‘about-You’? Why should ‘Existence’ ‘Care’ ‘about-You’? Because that which you could ‘do-something-about’, you did not… ‘Matter’ to ‘you.’ It didn’t ‘Matter’. It wasn’t…“I don’t..It doesn’t ‘Matter’, I mean. I… ‘See’ if I ‘Care’. Why should-it ‘Matter’ to ‘Me’? I mean, ‘My Life’ is ‘Fine’. I’m ‘Happy’. I mean, I’ve ‘Worked Hard’ to be ‘Happy’! ” 

Really? Yes, your ‘Genetics’ fell by a ‘luck-shot’ in a ‘place’ where you have ‘Money’. You’re in a ‘Casino’. Now you’re a ‘little-picture’ walking around Here – is ‘Happy’. With a ‘Smile’. Is that ‘really’ the ‘Case’? It’s Not. ‘How’ ‘Far’ are you ‘going-to-go’ to ‘Expose’ the ‘Matter-at-Hand’? ‘How’ ‘Far’ are you ‘going-to-go’ to ‘Make-Sure? Because, unless one take this ‘Matter’ to it’s ‘Conclusion’, there is a ‘Problem’, isn’t it? 

You have ‘no-option’ but to take this ‘Matter’ to ‘Conclusion’. To ‘bring-about’ a ‘Directive Structure’ within ‘Matter’ that ‘Matters‘, for ‘Everyone’. And that put ‘Matters‘ in this Reality, in such a way, that ‘Everyone Matters‘ – Equally. That should be the ‘only-thing’ that ‘Matters‘, until it’s ‘Done’. Nothing else is ‘really’ ‘of-any-matter’, is it? Everything else that ‘takes’ one’s ‘attention-away’ from this ‘Matter’ = is ‘Deliberate Deception’. One should ‘treat-it’ as-‘such’. ‘Focused’ on a ‘Solution’, in-‘Matter’, about ‘things’ that ‘Matter’, to ‘all Parts of Life’, ‘Every Being’, ‘Here’.

Once this ‘Matter’ is taken-care-of, we will have a Reality where things ‘Matter’. That will be ‘quite nice’, isn’t it? 

So – Let’s ‘sort-out’ the ‘Matter-at-Hand’.

-Bernard Poolman 24 may 2010

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