one year of having a shaved head

Right! it was one year already, so cool!

Practical points here for shaving your head:

you don’t even have to pay-a-tension about ‘how your hair looks’

you won’t ever pay-for-shame-poo

you won’t see ‘the same person’ in the mirror as that which you were before as that person with hair. This is a definitive change and most supportive I’ve seen

no more excess of water used to ‘wash your hair’, no more’ ‘drying your hair’, no more ‘cutting your hair’, no more ‘dying your hair’, no more ‘curling your hair’, no more’ combing your hair’   – I mean I didn’t use to comb it,  yet I saw how that mis-alignment of the hair also supported the self definition as a ‘crazy’ person, lol.

So! no more self-definitions according to hair, no more hair on your clothes, no more hair in the shower, no more hair tampering my face!! because that was what it was for me, just this curtain I could hide myself from – lol that can be seen in some of the pictures I’ve shared here in fb so, it’s definitely cool to not go creating more ‘personality statements’ with hair as I used to, declaring ‘I am a crazy misaligned person that doesn’t comb the hair and cuts it by herself  in a non-conventional way’ see the entire design? yes that was me, wanting to be ‘unique’, special, original, artsy etc all as a way to ‘oppose’ those that stood up for the same shit but in the other side of the realm, the ‘rosy realm’ so, same polarity, same points, same shit – all gone now

So one year of having shaved off that basic and intricate point of self definition: hair! man did I struggle in the beginning to ‘accept’ that change as myself and now it’s just who I am.

Also another cool point is how within shaving our heads we are also getting rid of the usual ‘patterns’ of male having short hair and females having ‘long’ hair that is linked to ‘femininity’ and thus I’ve seen it as a point of stopping that definition and pushing my own self-limitations to a side wherein I see myself as a human being – a female for all the actual physicality of the body but it’s interesting to realize how before one – even if not really coming my hair or do much with it – I would still use it as part of my self definition – so now it’s a more let’s call it here- neutral view, not being able to hide anymore through a curtain of hair so that’s another way of pushing myself to face the world – literally.

ok if you haven’t shaved, suggest you give yourself the opportunity to do so as a point of self commitment to your process, as a point of expanding yourself outside of simply being an image – driven by stereotypes of ‘how we must look’ – after walking the first year like this I’ve seen myself the actual bittersweet process of shaving it, first reacting to the image I saw on the mirror and then to a process of self-acceptance which is much related to an overall self-acceptance point which is part of the process I’m walking in at the physical level.

So, just do it – see for yourself. And enjoy doing it as an outflow of your statement for life.


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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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