We Stand for Life– Madness and Self Abuse Must be Stopped in All Ways

So there’s been more cool support on the importance of blogging and vlogging and how we go scripting ourselves into Equality through this so, yes as many of us are doing, we will be taking on this point as a Yournal as what this actually was for me in the beginning of Process wherein writing on a daily basis became the actual pillar of Self-Support –

So, there’s no other way but to stand up from that absence existent within me writing myself and declaring who I am within words and publishing it out there because there have been many ways in which I see that we are required to make our words be constant as ‘who we are’ standing up for Equality as Life

The point opened up yesterday with regards to this guy jared shooting people and media just running to see his YouTube channel, analyzing his words wherein everything he wrote has been scrutinized trying to profile ‘the killer’ – everything from books, music, how he behaved with people in school, how teachers saw him – how he had his hair, if he shaved his beard, etc – all of that makes ‘who he is’ as that entire data of himself as this particular character that is opposing the system, liking anti-flag, pondering questions upon words meaning anything at all and deliberately placing in his own words that he had premeditated the shooting –Bravo! I mean, lol what else can we expect from someone that is definitely just another person in this world in America specifically just realizing the entire lies that it’s been promoted as government that is clearly not looking at what’s best for all and thus simply relying on no other solution but inventing his own ‘currency’ and mocking the entire american system, words, and eventually attempting to kill a politician who had turned him down when he approached her for some type of political discussion – I mean, all of these points amongst many other that we don’t know in terms of how he was raised and lived within the family context or throughout his life – wherein drugs are also playing a role to his then ‘bad boy’ behaviour getting to the state of being actually mentally deranged as he is now – to see then what is it that he was probably seeking for and what communication was non-existent as a form of self support wherein he could’ve actually gotten to support himself instead of going as far as the easy way out which is play crazy and live that to an actual reality with consequences for all.

Though!! what people can’t see is how he isn’t just a ‘bad bullet’ that came out nowhere, but he represents that which we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become, he is the manifestation of all that anger and frustration and complete alienation of ourselves within a system wherein only lies are fed with no actual solution for all as Equals – where Money has become the problem of our creation where we are fighting over energy as it being not apparently ‘enough for all’ when it is in fact the greatest lie we can be ever living – as who we are as one and equal to everything that is here wouldn’t even be requiring to strive to make a living, because it is the actual self-interest of man that’s wanting to preserve specialness over an other in the most vile way possible which is through the current capitalist system wherein some MUST apparently be below others so that those on Top can get the benefit of having people bound to working for them so that those with money don’t have to worry about ‘getting their hands dirty’ – man that can even be applied for sexual positions of power-games lol -  that’s basically it, the god complex made real through money, being able to decide upon another’s life and thus creating a disparity in the entirety of this world wherein someone that actually dares to find out a little bit of perceived and available ‘truth of what is running this world’, gets to create an even more enhanced separation from what’s here as the physical, wherein he leads himself to follow his mind and goes and shoots people – and this is not something ‘new’ I mean, it’s been over a decade around wherein youngsters can access guns and shoot people in your regular school contexts and so forth.

NOW! what must be looked at which is something that No one wants to see – specially when being surrounded by the aura of mr. obama and his recent speech tonight which veered towards stirring peoples’ feelings and emotions which then created of that apparent memorial service a christian-like mass event where people kind of exorcised themselves and almost glorifying the president as ‘the savior’ that went there to say ‘such wondrous words’ lol without looking or even daring obviously to ask the obvious question: what the hell is it really that drove someone like jared to shoot people? what is it that’s going on in people’s homes, in people’s minds to get to that point? what did he see that he found himself unable to support himself within that country to actually stop and get proper feedback and support to his questions and inquiries about the system – what leads someone to get the easy way out instead of walking the actual process of self support within this current system  – I mean, it’s clear within his starting point of questioning the system, being a YouTube user, if he had have any intention of Self Support he could’ve probably gotten to Desteni but oh no, it’s easier to allow ourselves to be mind-possessed and do something stupid than actually walking a process of self honesty – this is not only related to ‘him’ but describing the usual pattern we encounter almost on a daily basis with people abusing on all Desteni and related channels wherein we also get our daily feedback of what the fuck goes on in human minds – disgusting, vile and stupid beyond imagination.

back to the arizona point – more common sense that needs to be looked at:

They are crying over a 9 year old dying – yes okay the girl wanted to be a politician and was interested in social-service positions YET! man! look at what the american army does in any given moment when launching a “justified” war  on to Afghanistan in the name of Terrorism? I mean NO you won’t ever get to hear the actual truth of what goes on there as hundreds, probably thousands of kids dying in one go not by one single dude that snaps out with a gun provided and available and most likely manufactured in the same country – but with a bunch of invaders with an obvious fake purpose of attacking and killing without apparently ‘intending to kill civilians’ but then obviously doing so as it is  inevitable to not kill ‘innocent people’ when you arrive with an entire army to a country and stay there for years. Man! and they are concerned about one single dude questioning the accuracy of the system?

We obviously do NOT support at all – hear us/read us well – not any attempt or actual perpetration of any type/kind of abuse or crime towards Life – We know beforehand that governments or any other human being for that matter in this world won’t like to accept the fact that people like jared are their own spawn, our own creations through the continued acceptance and allowance of what we’ve become as the entirety of this World System which is base on Self Abuse – what else man? What can you possibly see that this world is actually benefitting anyone with?  Nothing, not at all – any apparent benefit is based on money, based on gaining people for further positions of power and control – all is run by the current energy as money that is not given equally to all which is ludicrous considering that we should all be existent as CELLS within one single body whereing ALL CELLS are Equally distributed with Energy – just as oxygen breaks down the energy required by all cells to then keep our body functioning – wow the body is really this wonderful physical system that we’re so dissociated from which is then eventually creating this entire existence as that mirror reflection of our own separation from our own body! the separation from actually realizing how our body is able to keep life as a possibility within ourselves and thus applying that Equally as the entirety of this world as a World System wherein Energy as Money is Equally Distributed to ALL – as All is Life, all i s Requiring that oxygen as breath that breaks down the energy from meals that is required to keep going alive in this world = Equal Money = Equal Energy for ALl to Live in Equality

So the food that we require to sustain our Physical bodies, we make possible for all through money – and the same for any other basic Life Requirement to have a dignified life in this world as a human being which then is extended on to other beings such as animals and plants and really taking care of the entire environment which at this stage is in the brink  of collapse due to the over-exploitation of resources for the sake of mass-production for mass-satisfaction within a society wherein needs are not reflected and analyzed to see the actual ‘necessity’ of them  but are simply accepted as ‘real’ and ‘part of who we are’ which is nothing but the entire Mind Control that we are living –

I mean people in media with this Jared case were raising eyebrows with a kid opposing and questioning the entire political and economical structure of america, questioning the currency, wanting to place his own currency while making a mockery out of the entire system, seeing no solution and then deliberately making a ‘statement’ of self-abuse and hatred extended to others – questioning mind control and/or claiming mind control projected on to the government without ever actually daring to see who is it that we are within this world as part of it, as people that have accepted and allowed the entire political, social and economical system to exist in such ways of disparity and complete disregard of life –

We Cannot shift our own point of Self Responsibility on to others and blaming others for the game we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to play – thus it’s obvious how this guy got the easy way out most likely earning himself a death penalty as if that was in any way actually going to solve anything in this world, as if that could actually ‘heal’ anything that he might’ve pointed out as being dysfunctional in this society as he’s the creation of our current society – and we could expect/see that there’s quite a great possibility of events like this or similar in nature could happen more and more as the current times that we are living in are certainly those times of facing the consequences of what we’ve become – nothing else and nothing more.

Thus the importance of Supporting Ourselves, to Live here in the physical, to stop our mind, to stop following our mind in any way whatsoever in any given moment that the least thought of harming another might come up in a physical or psychological manner – as we are seeing we ARE the creators of this reality and if one kid flirts around enough time with the thought of killing, chances and  probability shows how he’ll most likely do it which shows yet again how being Mind Possessed as following your mind is the same as being Demon-Possessed as creating and confabulating points to escape reality, to ‘shock’ and shook reality out of its own routine – as mr. president said – yes, but what else will it take in the world to start seeing the actual ‘pattern’ within this, that everything that is going on including the natural events and disasters are actually what we’ve created as ourselves as the entirety of this world is ourselves as manifested consequences of our actions and inactions . Who we are is that which we have to see and understand as our current point of Self Responsibility to actually Change within ourselves through Stopping first all of that which we can see in Self Honesty is prone to harm another, is prone to abuse any form of life in any way whatsoever, to Self-Forgive ourselves for ever allowing ourselves to harbor those thoughts of harming another/abusing life as our ‘secret mind’ and never expose it – which then compounds, gets bigger and bigger as the infamous ball of snow that’ll eventually end up harming others.

Today we got to be aware of this bestiality-supportive channel on  youtube using ‘Equality for All’ as a way to manipulate their entire point of seeing ‘animals as equals’ yet in essence using this as a nice motto to abuse animals sexually – I mean pff for a moment at the beginning of the presentation of such video I was like hm cool they are up for Animal Equality then getting to actually see what it’s all about, we can see how any words can be twisted around and used to suit one’s own desires and in this case twisted deviations claiming ‘animal equality’ – fucked up to say the least and all of what these two events that I’ve written out here is indicating is nothing else but the final revelation of what and who we’ve become, I mean, really is this what Humanity is intended to be as actual living beings? No – and thus it must stop.

I am recalling just now last night’s dream wherein I was taking a dive into a big pool, I was mostly alone and if I remember well the point was that I thought I had taken the ‘short dive’ in the first instance and then going out of the pool and going upstairs to apparently now dive from the ‘highest level’ which then I saw and realized I had already done – which didn’t seem so in that moment which lead me to the thought of ‘oh, that wasn’t so bad’ lol implying that I had some fear towards diving from a ‘great height’ – I read somewhere about pools I remember and I have had dreams of pools before with lots of  people in it – but here I was alone and diving in specifically so – the only thing that comes up is that perception of that fear that was existent to great heights then realizing ‘oh I’ve already done it, it wasn’t that bad’ realizing that fears are not real, that expectations are always a mind creation which doesn’t meet the reality of what is here as the actual experience – thus the actual ability to remove one’s fears and limitations as expectations of outcomes or experiences within ourselves –

Another point within the painting process that I’ve been doing these last days – I still see the point of man how did I ever thought I could be a painter for life, I really feel the toxicity of the materials inside myself as the odors of all solvents and shit used which then leads me back to the point of questioning the entire ‘choice’ that I ever made never really looking at the actual practicality of it but going more for the ‘idea of it’

So I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to ever having made choices within my life based on the ‘idea of myself’ within such decision instead of actually looking at the practicality and physical actions that would be entailed within such decisions.

That is quite clear indeed which is then also linked to why I wanted to study art which I saw as a way to ‘study something’ wherein I could ‘escape the system’ while still being part of it – the entire joke was on me obviously, but we never get it in the beginning – and that applies to everything and anything we do to ourselves.

Now, once I cleared the point that I was holding on as a cloud over my head as the relationship point, I was able to then be more ‘here’ and less in the mind to direct myself to simply do it which I saw was also creating judgments upon the painting kind of just wanting to get it done because of the perceived limitation that I had actually allowed myself to impose to myself. Later on my sister came to visit and told me how she really liked it and how she wants to have it in her dinner area instead of the stairs which was the intended point at first, which is cool because I was really ‘sure’ for a moment that she wouldn’t like it and imagined-created this point wherein I would have to paint upon it something else that she did like – lol – that didn’t happen, it’s all a matter of self-trust within what I do and not go into unnecessary self-judgment which leads to self-doubt within what I’m doing and how I’m directing myself within the moment. So that’s another point on stopping fears and expectations within my reality experienced today.

I also got to know of a young relative being pregnant to which I saw myself boiling up in anger for a moment to realize how absurd it is to bring children at the age of 18 by a fuck-up, creating a child in that ‘mistaken way’ wherein the human beings that will become ‘parent’s are clearly not stable within their own life themselves and thus what type of education and support could an innocent child have within such ‘family constructs’ – It’s really something that must be stopped, the irresponsibility of man must stop, the following a fucked up desire to have sex without protection and consideration of consequences must stop, the fucking around with many at the time must equally stop – the desires existent within young girls to be mimicking their ‘role models’ as tv and movie ‘stars’ must stop –

Re-education is required, self support as the individual must be implemented – we cannot perpetuate the entire family construct-system within ourselves wherein actual self responsibility as the individual is abdicated – what we see in reality is our creation  any and all aspects of it – when will we ALL dare to actually see this is how things are? how far must we get to see this basic common sense implied within the Equality Principle?

Why is Equality as All as One is Not understood? Once again I ask: which part of Equality don’t we understand?

Thanks for reading.


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