Vlog feedback and the restaurant setting

So today I decided to finally publish that love and light video in spanish which was quite lengthy simply to clarify extensively how Desteni and all we do is Not love and light and is NOT anything related to spirituality and how it is all about Self Responsibility – though as I mentioned yesterday it was quite a point to walk for me after having recorded at least 3 previous versions wherein I had to literally stop because I was simply allowing myself to divert too much and become angry – which still comes through at times in this video but I stopped the point of judging it from there because the experience in itself would arise in moments wherein I simply would breathe and bring myself back to the actual explanation of the point.

So, after some hours of having posted that video, I’ve gotten one comment supporting and some private messages with regards to such video – one specifically saying that it was a cool ‘clean-up’ I was doing with regards to Desteni and what we are all about and how it probably left many kind of ‘talking to themselves’ so to speak as to say they kind of have to inevitable accept the facts to then shake their own beliefs and ask themselves if what is being explained is actually so – fascinating exercise to do this because, it’ is the ‘bluntest’ the blunt – test meaning it is the vlog wherein I am more direct than ever, allowing myself to deliberately also create that impact to make sure that no further allegations of Desteni as ‘new age’ or ‘light and love’ or ‘ascension movement’ are made.

Within that I saw myself doubting myself which I simply took aside and stopped myself from wanting to ‘remake it’ to then kind of appear less ‘exhalted’ yet it was actually cool and required because the feedback I’ve gotten is how it is actually kind of ‘required’ to take on points like that to shake foundations of deception which is in the end very cool as that is the final-point for the video to actually possibly achieve, to allow everyone to question their beliefs and everything they’ve trusted in so far to then actually – as one said- kind of like wanting to start doing what’s best for all – man! that’s actually very cool and I thank him for that feedback as it is then seeing how vlogging and getting the points out there and the feedback I get will allow me to see ‘where I stand’ within this, specifically also vlogging in my language which will then be directed mostly to latin america and spain – so,  quite interesting as they are in essence estreremely religious points. Anyways that was it with that video, allowing me to go past any fear of ‘being seen as angry’ or being seen as ‘arrogant’ or too judgmental but I made sure to not judge but simply point out actual deceptions that exist in the name of love and light.

Ok, then it was my fathers bday today so, I just come from a dinner with my family  – that is parents sisters and their husbands and pff I really don’t like the setting of going to a restaurant, a mostly ‘fancy one’ and having people serving you and taking your dishes lol I mean I have always had these thoughts in the back of my head in terms of getting to a ‘setting’ which is a restaurant, a bar and you got people that will ‘serve you’ because one pays for food and such service etc – though I would tend to look at the guys working there and simply try to figure out their life, why they are there, what would they be doing if there was Equal Money for example – how they have to become that role of ‘serving’ to have cool tips, how they have to deal with all types of people from the drunksters that might leave them really cool tips from the arrogant ones that will treat them as slaves just because ‘they are the clients’ and thus ‘have the money’ – wherein money then creates that fictional and momentary bridge within the setting of the restaurant as ‘giving the customer the right to be served, satisfied and getting all that the customer wants and expects’ which means all and any possibility of such customer and empoloyee within that set up won’t be able to see themselves as Equals, at all – because the entire set up as the job and as the transaction based on money is indicating, one has the ‘power’ over an other due to the contract of ‘giving a service’ in this case food and drinks and whatnot.

So the point is how I tend to zone-out or ‘zone into’ the guys working there and seeing them and wanting to say to them like hey man, I know this is shit – like I imagine how they see people spending thousands of pesos in one single dinner which could be more than the equivalent to an entire month of hard work – it is something that gets on to me and for a moment I see myself retracting and just looking everything around and thus I simply made sure I was breathing I stopped the judgment as I realize that for now things are like that and I cannot stop that in that single moment and thus I mean for now even us going there is contributing for them to have a job so in that case is ‘good’ for them – though we definitely see and realize how things would change in an EMS in a simple point like a restaurant, we can see how the life of every single human being would change drastically  from birth being born into a system wherein there is no actual survival-mode, wherein on one is pushing anyone to simply ‘get educated to get a job’ and survive’ but get the opportunity to actually learn practical living skills, to learn the Value of Life as Equals – so much shit currently existing in the world would not exist then such as competition for the sake of superiority-desires, bullying as harming another would be simply harming and abusing yourself, not giving value to people according to the amount of money they have, according to the status of ‘where they come from’ and thus ‘how much money they have’ to then accordingly assess one beings life according to money – which is how things currently work now obviously.

At moment it’s as if I wanted to go and tell them: I see and understand this is shit man, I am here to work for all to stop existing in this apparent never ending loop of having to accept misery as part of human condition, of having to accept poverty as ‘something one is born into’ and having to swallow the moments and everyday’s experience of seeing those with money squandering thousands – I’ve always questioned myself: why do those kids have to work on the streets and why am I here going out with my parents to buy me stuff? Why does that woman/girl there that is around my age is having to become a prostitute because of not having money and why am I being supported and cared after by my family  – what makes us different? Nothing! only money ! and the entire context we’re born into

So, in moments like this it is when I realize that judging makes no difference – even if it’s some form of sel-pity disguised as compassion – it doesn’t make any difference –

What matters is being able to actually practically create a system wherein people are no longer bound to a job to simply get to live by – but to actually live to develop ourselves within our entire potential to better everyone’s lives equally – there’s nothing else I want to be part of because I can’t stand to see the world we’re having to swallow everyday even though when the indigestion is definitely obvious.


Thanks for reading –Equal Money System, Equal Life on Earth is the key to stop the madness, the abuse, the disregard of seeing everything and everyone as an EQUAL  as LIFE



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