Man know thyself as a system

A basic point to realize when existing in this world as a human being that starts questioning the entire system and seeks for ‘answers’ out there or dedicates time and effort into ‘finding truths’ of any kind outside of self is then to realize that all we require to actually know and study is ourselves, our fellow human beings to then have the basic understanding of how it is that this entire world system exists the way it does.

There can’t be anything in this world that is man-made that is not containing a part of what we’ve become in itself – all things, all systems, all people and basically everything that’s man-made reveals to ourselves what we’ve become. Thus, what we do when realizing that it is ourselves that have created this entire world as our own manifested-extension or projection of ourselves is then starting to investigate how it is that we exist as, who we are within this world/system that we are trying to ‘understand’ and ‘study’ – it doesn’t take real science or knowledge and information to see how it is that we’ve operated as our mind throughout our life and how fellow human beings operate in a similar way and thus one by one added up altogether have created this world as our reflection – this is plain common sense as we then realize cannot be ‘victims’ of any kind as everything that’s here = it’s been created by us.

Thus, knowing ourselves as who we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become is the first point, the first step into becoming an actual agent of self-change as this entire world – It’s been proven to be useless to be well versed in terms of how this reality works and having extensive amount of information if when the moment of truth comes wherein we turn back to see ourselves, we see that we are still participating in the deception and the dishonesty that we are criticizing and judging ‘out there’ in separation of ourselves as the starting point of such fucked-up creation. See the difference? In one stance we remain in that ‘pointing fingers’ stance that makes no actual change as in that position we are all eyes and ears to hear blame and critique towards others – but! when it comes to actually turning that finger towards ourselves which is the entire process that one places oneself to walk through as Self Honesty, then we see that we are capable of realizing how we’ve become what we’ve become and how it is then possible for us to change the ways that we’re currently existing as because! we start gaining more perspective on knowing ourselves and thus seeing how we exist as this mind consciousness system that projects and recreates itself within every single word, action, inaction and through that we experience as ourselves.

Therefore we realize that within taking ourselves as that point of Standing-up to no longer accept and allow ourselves to perpetuate the system that we are probably complaining about, that we are ‘angry’ at, that we are complaining about = we take self responsibility in first getting to know ourselves, how we are existent as this preprogrammed design that can be corrected and aligned with life to be able to coexist within what’s best for all as equals – and then being fully capable as part of our on self-expansion in seeing how we participate in this world re-creating the fuckup that’s become of this man-made world as a simple externalization of the mind.

We then see it’s plain common sense to work/self forgive ourselves for everything we’ve separated ourselves as, everything we’ve abused ourselves and others, all life that we’ve disregarded throughout our life to then get to that alleviated stated wherein we can then start taking on other points of self responsibility to change the world, to change the way we’ve existed thus far starting with ourselves – no rocket science required, plain self will, self honesty and the actual self-will to look at oneself completely throughout everything that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become to then, be able to be an actual accountable being that’s considered as being part of a solution for the best of all.


Knowing ourselves gives us the ability to know how the entire world system works – man is the creator of this world thus, we study the creator to see its nature to then understand the ‘nature’ of the system.

Quite a jail we’ve created for ourselves wherein only through Self Forgiveness can we start breaking free to then live in a way that’s considering all life Equally.


Thanks – breathe

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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