Drug Trafficking, Energy Addictions and Ego: All-In-One

I’m watching this interview with an ex-drug dealer from Colombia that has written a book about his entire lifestyle and he obviously explains what is it that actually leads anyone to become a drug dealer which is the obvious difficult economical situation that’s existing and worsening every single day that we’re all facing today in this world – all over the world, not just Latin America in this context. 

Actually, before this program began, in the usual money-related news – as if money actually required yet a ‘special show’ for that but anyways –  they were talking about young people considered between 16 to 25 millions of them in latin america that aren’t working, studying and aren’t able to find a job either which is also then a similar point to what Bernard was explaining in South Africa No job guarantee for Matriculants
and how even if people study and get their title and are licensed professionals, they stand no chance to get  jobs for them and others that do have jobs have not ‘proper/up to the expectation’ jobs and that is obviously something that does affect everyone, we can’t just play blind within this. And it’s growing more and more around the world, people adding up to the queues of unemployment – not to mention how these rates are alarming people and surpassing all expectations from ‘experts’ on the matter in the US. 
And! moments prior to that, they were talking about the inflation in Mexico, I heard the amount of money a regular mother buying basic food had spent today and it’s obviously a LOT more expensive than before – some products going up to the double which is not only a ‘mexican thing’ either, but it’s actually happening around the world –  as Mike explained in that video on onions and India having to get those from Pakistan and having to pay up to the double of the usual price for it which certainly gives a kick to what we call the ‘basic basket’ or your regular food ingredients within a certain country according to the usual meals prepared by an average family – it is definitely a problem that will mostly escalate and thus create an increase in the number of people adding up to the lines of poverty – and having that exorbitant raising of prices affects Everyone Equally – no doubt about that. 
It’s quite fascinating what this ex-drug lord is explaining and how he describes his experiences from the ‘other side’ of those that are into the actual business-making within drug traffic – not the part that generates the gangs and affiliations and all that side, but simply the business-management of it.

This man turned himself in to the authorities to face his actions by his own will and spent some time there, basically 10% of his original sentence – and he explains how they actually live everyday fearing to be killed any given day, causing pain and harm to their family, how they eventually get tired of having to live this way even if money was really good – even if he was the ‘chief’ of it all and had people underneath him doing the actual ‘dirty job’ so to speak within this pyramid wherein they would get the cocain to sell for example – they are explaining how kids can be sold and paid for to play ‘messengers’ within this organizations – due to no one really seeing them as potential suspects involved in illegal activities – that then become part of drug-business, part of the mafia that then holds them within this for life as then life-threats are involved.}
“People voluntarily get themselves into drug-traffic because there is no other way to stop being poor! ” that’s what he just said – it is just as any other badly-seen business such as prostitution  –  side note on that it’s being revealed how the prime minister of Italy kept some prostitutes leaving with nice luxuries in exchange of keeping him happy while his country is now selling ways to prevent bailing-out along with portugal and spain. 
>He’s saying that “corruption is infinite” – lol 
And how authorities are the actually accomplices that enable and are perfectly aware and intricately related to these type of business – which then becomes quite obvious to see that corruption begins in government which is nothing really ‘new’ or ‘hidden’ here in México for example here the government and the war against drug-traffic which I’ve said many times it’s simply a way to not point out the obvious as this country is now a  Narcocracy. Though, he’s speaking about the US which would be rather shocking for the average american nationalist – lol – anyways moving on. 
He stood in jail turning himself in only two years when in fact he had been sentenced to stay in for 20 years but he cut his sentence up to only 2 years just by agreeing upon revealing his entire story and helping ‘get others’ within the entire network as he knew/knows how everything works –  lol how flimsy are the regulations and penitence-placements in this world. Even when he stated ‘Justice is non-negotiable’ 
Before I came home and watched the news, I went downtown and I saw there was this demonstration in the main street downtown done by students from the first university I was in studying linguistics and literature – I saw just a few of them painting some banners which read something like being against the raise of the bus-fair that augmented 1 more peso, thus lots of people are complaining yet without seeing the entire chain of points that lead to this point of bus-drivers having to raise the fair. 
It is simply a chain massacre, crimes that go diminishing the ability to live every time because with food prices rising, with bus-fair rising imagine the impact of this in a family of let’s say 5 and having no car and having to go every day to school and feed and clothes and all – man, it is clear more poverty can only be the result of this and there are no actual solutions for this at this stage. 
Returning to the interview, this guy affirms that the US government is behind all transactions that have to do with drug-money as it is virtually impossible for them to not be aware of these transactions – he explained how he had to pay 4 million dollars to the governments to pay off his liberty. And so it is obvious that we are usually only seeing one side of the moon without questioning if the ‘dark side’ is really actually so and not the one that reflects the light. 
Anyways – lol the interview was going into a more nitty-gritty-terrain and thorny mood thus they veered to how he felt within jail – he said how difficult it was to explain his 3 and 4 year old sons how he was a drug dealer and how they grew up while he was in jail and thus having to confront his family that way – he had to tell them the entire story. 
This is yet another example on how everyone is bound to money and thus how it is not pertinent to blame one or another as everyone is an accomplice of ‘weaving’ this entire system so to speak – he never physically killed anyone, nor did he consume any drugs but he would have to tacitly agree to all deals arranged within his cartel even if he ‘personally’ was against it because he knew that speaking up or disagreeing would entail his head  – that was actually worth 5 million dollars for a while – 
We can see how for example here in Mexico and the ‘War Against Drug-Trafficking’ (Guerra contra el Narcotráfico) where everyone is hating the government for it, some others are blinded by seeing it as a light vs dark – or more like light bs.dark lol – deal wherein if the government ‘wins’ the problem would be apparently solved, but really, is it?
 Obviously Not! 
It’s just another way of covering the sun with one finger, deliberately misleading everyone from seeing the actual cause of it which is obviusly Poverty as the system is design to Exist with having poor people that are then having no other choice but serve as slaves for those that do have the money and have been keeping themselves priviledged within the system by sticking pure to their simple preprogrammed design – so – fucked by design 
The extreme necessity of money that beings are pushed to  leads them to  engage into ‘criminal activities’ such as selling drugs. Drugs are then consumed, they exist for people that are so fed up with their existence that require something(someone) to make them lose their ground, to make them ‘feel better about themselves’, to keep up that energy to keep their personality up otherwise they feel shitty and worthless which then fits perfectly well with those that simply make money out of selling drugs to energy-junkies so that they can get that energy as money to then satisfy their energy-addiction as well probably with something else as buying lots of shit to enhance the same energetic body as Ego as ‘Power’ and ‘Status’ which then translates into ‘Control’ – thus we see how it’s a full (fool) circle of how everything runs because of energy – as the intake of drugs enhances the mind consciousness system, thus the ego which is the energetic body as the mind-possession as personality – and then ‘money’ in itself being the ‘precious’ that everyone wants to obtain as that ultimate illusionary state of all power-all bliss as it is portrayed in your movies and those type of stories that simply exist to implant these ideals of the american dream into the minds of everyone to keep running to get the ‘big bone’ so to speak – thus keeping everyone happily running after the bone and in that just keeping the entire machinery going. Not to mention that spreading the ‘american dream’ on to other countries is like honey to the ears of anyone believing that such dreams are possible only in first world countries – thus places like America or Europe creating their own ‘demise’ through their self-promotion as kings of the world – lol – now every immigrant is actually people that realize that these quality life conditions should be available for them no matter where they live and thus they end up moving up north in this case to live well because, the government, the system here is not supporting anyone else but the handful that got – literally – all the money here. 
So drug trafficking is yet another single part of the entire drug-addiction business which is then simply seen as an entire illegal activity yet one of the most prominent industries and economical activities that if actually legalized would be held accountable for all that which it represents within a countries’ economy which would then reveal itself as a huge part within the entire system of deception that supports self-destruction, self abuse and that eternal desire to escape reality through using drugs. 
Money, drugs, both energy that’s taken to become someone else, to keep going, to keep existing either at a mind or physical level, either at an actual sustenance or ego level – Drugs exist because we don’t want to face what we’ve become as ourselves, we don’t want to face the reality wherein there is nothing beautiful as the nature of ourselves is revealed openly for all to see. 
So, what will it take to stop all this spiderwebs of deception and money and trafficking and self-destruction? removing money as that point of power over another, removing addictions created by the mind to escape our reality, facing our reality through Self Forgiveness and realizing that no matter how much weed you smoke, how much cocain you may inhale, how much heroin you may shoot, you’ll always have to face the consequences – sadly so it’s hard to hear what is HERE at this moment, even more so if one is completely sucked into this realm – best is to stop for once and for all – to stand up and decide to live – I’ll use that line of Trainspotting: Choose Life because that’s the only choice we can ever have at this stage – choose life or die in oblivion. 
Equal Money System is the ultimate solution to Stop all of this mess we’ve created as ourselves, its the actual opportunity to redeem ourselves at all levels not only giving to another what we want for ourselves, but also learning how to co-exist loving ourselves as equals – in reality, giving ourselves as that point of unconditional self support because of realizing that in the end, such actions will inevitably be what’s best for ourselves as equals. 
Self Honesty is the Key  – that is the point that’s mostly required to face the true nature of ourselves. 
Thanks for reading.

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