Thinking Reality is Not Being HERE

The mind doesn’t want to remain Here, the mind wants to fill its existence with a feeling or emotion to generate energy that will simply keep everyone ‘safe’ within one’s own mind, one’s own experience wherein there is no space to be Here as the physical – we can’t communicate with what’s here because we’ve been so extensively deluded into our minds and I’ve been seeing that separation as the mind is what creates that sense of ‘loneliness’, a complete delusion wherein we are secluded in our own mind, wherein we exist in separation from realizing that all that is Here is HERE as ourselves, as the Life that we’ve so intricately dissociated ourselves from.


I realized this when walking out this morning and having read the Nature of the Conscious Thoughts in Sunette’s blog  Practical Desteni wherein I identified myself with such thoughts when interpreting and filtering our reality through the mind, and thus ‘thinking’ what I see instead of being able to communicate with the birds that I go seeing flying away and wondering if they know that I go to visit them before they go to sleep –


Birthing ourselves as Life from the Physical implies being able to for once and for all finally exist as everything that is HERE and we currently have no reference of what that Is yet, we realize that we have to get to be Here completely, with no mind directing and filtering our reality but allowing Self Honesty as Breath Here to be the only way to exist here, to direct ourselves here –


I’ve realized today how even when I ‘thought’ to be more ‘here’ when thinking about nature, it’s never actually being here/ living here – and I have to say that such point is something that I didn’t probably consider to its full extent before as ‘possible’, I had accepted that eternal ‘yearning for home’ as a point that would drive myself, my ‘inspiration’ and thus existing in that ingrained ‘feeling-emotional experience’ yearning to see things differently in this world, wanting to change the way I experience yet never having actually Realized that I Had to Direct Myself to be such change! to simply snap out of it through walking in Self HOnesty and Forgiving myself for fulfilling a certain anguished role within humanity, playing a ‘victim’ without ever considering my point of Self Responsibility, playing the role of the ‘tormented one’ without ever realizing that within me living that way I am supporting the world system as how we all exist as mind systems powered in different designs to generate emotions, feelings and everything else possible to keep everyone ‘trapped’ and secluded within our own minds – perfect jail that seems ‘glorious’ for many, perfect trap for anyone to accept it as real –


This is the Illusion and delusion we are here breaking up, we are here walking, stopping myself from going into these feelings because it takes one moment to breathe and realize how I am deluding myself into ‘loneliness’ experience which is mind based= we are Not an Experience – and so I will not rest until I can be HERE as Life to be able to be the birds equal and one instead of having to think and imagine and ponder about their experience – We live in such an alternate reality, in such a limited frame of mind – that needs to be expanded and this is directly linked to debunking one of my main ‘facets’ of existing as a certain design, an observer, an interpreter of reality… all of it as the filter of the mind without ever considering that I am in fact equal and one with everything that is here.

And to get HERE we literally have to shut down all systems as the separation from reality they are existing now, we have to shut down all delusions existent in the human mind, we have to shut down the entire powering-system as the money system that’s occupying our very existence not allowing us to even realize that life can be something ‘different’, something else.


Here we are, debunking our own ‘dreaming personalities’, our own yearning-designs, our own delusions created and accepted as ourselves so that we didn’t have to accept our Self Responsibility as everything and everyone that is Here is ourselves.


I walk till this is done because today I confirmed, I will not stop until Life is HERE as Everyone Equally HERE –


About Marlen

I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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