First quote on Zeitgeist

I realized that I definitely reacted when reading zeitgeists opening quote which is a quote from Ernst Fischer in his book ‘The Necessity of Art’ wherein he explains how art, if truthful, must reveal the ability/capacity of changing the world – and I’ve chosen this particular quote as the basis for my final thesis in art-school.


Now- I wasn’t paying much attention at the very beginning as the greek subtitles were rather distractive – but when I read ‘art and change the world’ I rewound and read that it was the very quote I had established as the foundation to my thesis


Now herein I am exploring the moment because it was very QUICK in how I reacted to this going for a moment into an actual ‘second guess’ of my reaction but in the end wanting a type of confirmation/wanting some type of recognition/ not wanting people to now think that I got my quote and assuming I got it from Zeitgeist

So in essence is a point of self interest wherein I wanted to ‘remain special’ because I had already gotten cool feedback from my teacher within taking this point and applying it as myself, in essence becoming my own ‘art work’ as the ability and capability of demonstrating the ability to change the world within changing ourselves.

Anyways, I reacted! I even shouted outloud like Nooooo!!! as if my ‘grandiose idea’ had been taking away from myself which is simply in essence an idea of the whole thing being actually ‘ground breaking’ or ‘original’ within the context of art –

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be innovative with my work as my final thesis and thus when seeing this quote at the beginning of the film thinking that it will be now ‘all over the place’ and people will assume that I got it from there

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only want to have that particular recognition as myself so that I could be ‘original’ within my work which in essence stands as a point of wanting to be special.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to identify myself as ‘my work’ and thus still giving worth and value to it as being ‘myself’ and making me ‘more’ than what I am – in essence not actually so.


Another point is how I wanted to preserve that quote as ‘my treasure’ as that fantastic quote that I hadn’t read in any other art book and thus kind of now wondering who was the one that took this sentence/idea and make it part of a movie that will be certainly watched by many

A sense of ‘wanting to be special/wanting to be important’ emerged as ‘my work’ as ‘my discovery’ – “I saw it first!” type of thing wherein I highlighted that single sentence in my reading appointments from 2 years ago – so what if I had even ‘written’ the sentence itself! lol it’s all part of preserving my ‘ego’ as the project and structure I want to give to myself within ‘innovation’ particularly –


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react energetically and rushing to exert a NOOOO! when having to look at that quote in the very beginning of the movie lol


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow the mind immediately and not being HEre as Breath and thus literally reacting over the nonsense of seeing the sentence within the opening frames of the movie –

Now – as far as the movie in itself only within this single quote, we are seeing how the total approach of the movie is veered towards ‘touching’ people that can generally identify themselves as misfits/outcasts/artists that are currently kind of only ‘raging against the machine’ yet never seeing/realizing that they are the machine itself.


Thus, the entire movie is oriented to stir people’s emotion/feeling approach which – as we’ve seen throughout the entire human history and what happens when humans are directed by feelings/emotions –  is in itself one easy way to ‘grab’ people’s attention, to yet once again be driven by creating a sense of ‘Identification’ with people that are aware there is a problem in this system, in this world – yet want to use the most ‘utopic’ ways to then daydream about a nice living society wherein no actual practical way of doing it is approached – not even saying about the consideration of Equality within the equation.


This is just the beginning – it’s easy to manipulate/mold/shape human beings when allowing that point of sentimental/identification which then leaves the actual ‘juice’ of information aside. I’ve seen this many times which is creating a sense of ‘brotherhood’ yet not really digging further into the actual ‘how’ will it happen.


So for now I had to clarify and expose myself for that point because I simply reacted in the moment lol like a child – which is how I would usually react whenever I would see someone ‘copying me’ in a way so –


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be ‘special’ and thus be ‘recognized’ for having gotten it ‘earlier’ which is irrelevant obviously – it was all a sudden ego reactions wanting to get any type of recognition or question about it – lol how foolish we are in the mind


So I stop allowing myself to identify myself with words as a way to ‘make them my own’ and thus wanting to keep them ‘only for me’ which is in essence only self interest.

THere is much to come with regards to this movie and what it is actually representing


Though, you got the first few seconds already exposed on how the ground is being prepared – images play a major role here as well so we have to see what is it that we are being walked through within the entire point by pushing each one’s button to be identified as people that want a change yet place trust into future cities with all the technology as if that was the actual solution to the problems in this world.


 We know what is required, we know how important it is to not simply ‘be a rebel movement of revolution’ triggered by these type of ‘build-up brainwashing setups (movies) so that beings feel ’empowered’ by the ideas presented in the video – which obviously it’s got common sense’ yet, I say if the point begins with money, the point must be walked then with money itself – no separation.


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