“Drop your money! Be a Revolting-Slave!”

Let’s got to the core point of this attempt of solution as having ‘No Money’/ getting rid of Money in this world. 

Yes, this is a Zeitgeist Moving Forward movie spoiler as in the end, you get to see the ‘future-telling’ events such as dropping all the money in front of the banks and people literally withdrawing the money and thus ‘giving up’ money for ‘good’, the final ‘breaking of the piggy-savings’ as a symbol of embracing a super jetsons-like society with ‘no money’.

Now, just as simple as this – let’s take this single point:

1. Imagine all that people dropping ‘all their money in front of their banks’ for ‘good’ – now, few hours later they get hungry, they simply require food… how are they going to get it? Simply by saying ‘I want my equal resource given to me and I need it now!’ 

There is just so much based on idealism and the point of inciting for a ‘revolution’ which is getting a lot of response from virtually everyone that can see the current system is not working which is cool as a lot of points on the entire relationship of money and ourselves as individuals in this world is widely explained with certain clarifications that are required though for now let’s stick to this single poing

Okay, ‘revolution’ – anarchism – that’s what we are seeing for the past to days in Egypt and that can only result in temporary aids such as people rising up against a government, managing to ‘change the government’, president abdicates and then what? Changing someone in the presidency of a country won’t change the entire money system, the entire networks, won’t change the accumulated effect of the entire relationships build around corruption and money as power as the interrelation of how we exist as beings within this entire world running for and as energy through Money as the entire network of relationships we’ve created as and of money within the acceptance of money as an asset, money as having any type of ‘value in itself’

To shorten the point, let’s go to the core here: 

Money is NOT Evil – it’s been said many times and we’ll say it as many times as possible – the same as the drugs aren’t ‘addictive’ it’s the human that develops an addiction to it – an energetic binding-force that is developed through a process of mental-separation from everything that is here as ourselves, and thus in essence separating ourselves from our reality through Money by accepting and allowing ourselves to believe that money contains any ‘value’ in itself – and within that single acceptance, we’ve created and accepted the entire outflows as the outcome of our own self-created doom through and as the current money system.

Money in itself as counting tool is quite effective, it involves numbers and as such mathematics that can easily be equated for everyone equally. They said so as well – the problem is no that there’s not enough resources obviously, but the fact that they are not being distributed equally –

Therefore: without money then, how is it possible to keep track on anything? how silly is that really, just showing these type of images at the end of people attempting to ‘free’ themselves through dropping/getting rid of their money as if that was an actual statement of ‘true freedom’ and finally overcoming the money-dictatorship which is Not money-itself but how humans have accepted and allowed money to exist – thus once again, what’s been shown is how the actual Self Responsibility is being projected on to ‘money’ and the existence of it as it is now instead of taking it back to SELF seeing how the hell we’ve come such a long way in creating our own impending doom for such a long and extended period of time to get to where we are here at this moment. 

Therefore, revolution in such naive way is simply not going to work and you’ll only create massive disruption of people then having to become even more dependent on a system as having no ways of being accountable whereas having Equal Money implies having their equally distributed-counted part of what’s here for the sake of living in dignity. 

Money = Life

What we have to re-define/purify then is the Relationship with and as Money itself and thus ‘purify’ money through the same process we are doing currently as ourselves as individuals taking on as purifying words –  wherein there is no longer a polarity-system value placed on to words/money/things/anything – we remove the polarity, we remove any type of value which is in essence the amount of energy added to words and thus we equalize ourselves as the words – being able to use them, to become them yet not changing ‘who we are’ within that – meaning having money won’t mean that it will imply being ‘powerful’, being’ rich’ as being ‘superior’ or any other type of delusion that is simply the result of the relationship as the value system we’ve built of this reality.

Being Equal to Money as Life implies Money becomes simply a counting/administrative tool to make sure that everyone is an Equal Factor/terminal in the Equation/function. Thus the apparent dichotomies and polarities are all dissolved as there’s no need to maintain any type of lie any longer. 

This process of transforming Money has to be created by ourselves, just the same way that we once agreed upon in the current economic system – or ‘cystem’ where ‘cysts’ as the unequal growth here and there within this world as an organism/body have inevitably developed cancer as an indication of something being ‘out of balance’ and yes, money is currently an inflated ego upon life and as such it must be debunked – an abnormal accumulation of energy that could’ve been distributed to the entire organism equally. 

We’re facing the consequences of the entire accumulation of self-interest, desire for greed, wants that we’ve created to keep the same ego running as the money system – in essence: we’ve done it all to ourselves and as such we have to change ourselves if we want to have an actual solid-foundation of a change for what’s best for all in this world. 

In other words, this is  first taken as ourselves, as individuals because: If that ‘human nature’ isn’t properly sorted out through an actual Process of Self-Honesty, Self Forgiveness and practical application of the Equality Equation in all ways – attention: not only in money-related points but in all aspects of human-interaction as equalizing all relationships with all beings and the environment within the consideration of Life in Equality  – we cannot then expect to have an effective humanity that is certainly then re-educated to live and do what’s best for all, no matter how fantastic a new world may look-like.

Okay I could keep going taking on other points but let’s keep it simple for now and we’ll go moving on other several points emerging when seeing how it is that once again the ‘opposition masses’ are now being (mis)lead through yet another savior with two biblical names lol – ok that’s just something that came up in the moment – 

Suggest you take a second look at your current position and how it is easy to be once again mislead by nice pictures – criticizing the system yet simply giving it a ‘new face’ so that people can actually believe it would be a ‘real change now’ when it is attempted to be created upon the shambles of an unequal and extremely polarized society 

Visit Equal Money System website to get a grip of this reality along with what we are doing here as ourselves within walking a Self-Honesty process to get to grasp/understand and Live Life implementing a system that places everyone, every single being at the same starting point in the game. 

Then, the rules of the game will simply be based upon: Best for ALL in all ways. 

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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty in the Desteni Process to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter View all posts by Marlen

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